Thursday, April 20, 2017

Profile Celia Reigns


Name: Celia Reigns

Alias: Celia Rain, Psychotic Silver

Age: 105 years old

D.O.B.: June 32

Height: 5'7

Weight: 128 pounds

Likes: Killing, Pumpkin Stracciatella Gelato 

Dislikes: Yura, spiders

Magic Name: Negation + other miscellaneous magical abilities 

Abilities: Celia can manipulate negative energy. Celia can also neutralize various attacks from enemies. Also due to being a Beyonder. Celia possesses nearly God like strength and durability. Making her nearly immortal in a sense. Celia can also summon a dragon and is a skilled fighter

BIO: Prior to becoming one of the most dangerous women throughout Asira. Celia Reigns was once a normal girl. Raised solely by her mother Sophia. Celia lived a relatively peaceful life in Arundel. Sadly Celia's peaceful life was drawing to an end. After having finished school for the day. Celia went to meet her mom at the Arundel Bank. Unaware that the bank and everyone inside it. Were being attacked by a group of dark sages. Upon arriving to the bank's location. Celia saw several police cars and ambulance trucks parked outside. Knowing that her mother was inside the bank. Celia immediately began to worry about her mother's safety. Once the evil sages were taken down. People began exiting from the bank. Celia watched as the EMT's brought out several dead civilians. One of them being her mother. Shortly after grieving her mother's lost. Celia was placed in an orphanage.

Unhappy with her new life. Celia tried her best to adjust living in the orphanage. However countless nightmares and daily panic attacks. Along with murderous thoughts running through her head. Celia eventually decided she needed to run away. While living life on the run. Celia encounter a woman name Yura. Celia's life was about to be changed once again. Unlike in the past where tragedy changed her life. Instead Celia would become the tragedy. A week later after her encounter with Yura. Celia had become a bloodthirsty killer like her mentor. Celia was then tasked with killing everyone in her former orphanage. Successfully carrying out her murderous mission. Celia and Yura decided to become professional killers. Killing people for both profit and pleasure. Celia enjoyed her new life alongside Yura. Not only did she enjoy killing. No longer did Celia feel alone. Living in such a pitiful world.

Celia continued her life of killing alongside Yura. Inflicting pain and suffering wherever they went. One night Celia and Yura had targeted a random sage to be their next victim. While Celia and Yura managed to kill the Sage. However before the Sage had died. The Sage had placed a Depression Curse upon Yura. Ever since that very night. Things would never be the same between Celia and her Mentor. Weeks passed as Celia began noticing a changed within Yura's behavior. No longer was Yura the bloodthirsty killer she loved. Realizing this Celia decided she was going to kill her. Engaging her Mentor in combat. Despite Celia's best efforts to kill Yura. Celia failed to defeat and kill her. Laying on the ground with a bloody nose and several broken bones. Certain Yura was going to kill her. Celia was angrily shocked. Upon realizing Yura had no intentions of killing her. Instead Yura simply told her to never seek her out. Yura then walked away from her.

Years later since being abandoned by her Mentor. Celia continued living life as a hired killer. Eventually she would then meet a man by the name Iron Zabel. Who had managed to escape from jail. After being placed their by his former allies. Now currently leading his own cult called Sons of Balam. Celia learned of Iron Zabel's ambitions of becoming a God. Celia decided to join Iron Zabel in his ambitions. In order to eventually betray him and become a Goddess. Iron Zabel then had killed Celia. In order to resurrect her as a Beyonder like himself. Now under the employment of Iron Zabel. Celia follows her Master's Orders. Until the time comes to kill him


1. Celia first meet Yura when she was fourteen

2. Celia wasn't initially a planned character. Until I began working on Yura's backstory

3. Celia's character was inspired by Christie from Dead or Alive series

4. Besides English, Celia speaks fluent Italian

5. While Celia's official surname is "Reigns". In the past I had used "Rain" as her last name instead. Both are acceptable surnames for the character

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