Saturday, August 2, 2014

Forbidden Chapter 3 (MAJOR UPDATE)

Hello viewers, I will like for you all to know. Chapter Three of FORBIDDEN has been completed to perfection. If you go back and read Chapter Three. You will notice some major changes. Not only has the character Angelina Mikan been written out of the story. Replaces her is the Magical Samurai, Lady Hisako. The conversation between King Onyxe and James has changed and Yura revives Lady Hisako with the Luxury Gem instead of Angelina. While I doubt anyone really cares. If anyone wishes to Angelina to still be apart of Forbidden. Leave a comment stating so. I'll also accept four or more views. Anyways chapter six will be coming soon. After of course I fix various mistakes on the previous chapters. Anyways good night and peace.

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