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Forbidden Chapter Six

Forbidden Chapter Six - Saving Ann Marie

 It's been two since Hisako had been resurrected by the power of the Luxury Gem. Upon agreeing to aid Yura and the man she serves, the King of Asira. Yura had brought Hisako back with her from Japan to Mayland. Arriving to Hope City, Yura had given Hisako a modern day map of Mayland along with a list of ways to travel. After explaining Hisako her objective once more. Yura had left the magical samurai as she began her journey back to the Royal Lands. Now on her own, Hisako began her search for both descendants to save and demons to slay. On foot, Hisako traveled from Hope City to Loo Town and now arriving to Jordy Blue. Hisako had immediately notice how verdant the town was. Hisako began moving through the meadows, even taking the time to smell some flowers. Along her way through the meadows. Several butterflies had danced around her. It was this very moment Hisako felt joy in being alive once again. The magical samurai danced with the beautiful insects for a short time. The butterflies then flew away as Hisako waved goodbye. Hisako then continued her ways towards the forest. Reaching the forest, Hisako seen even more beauty within this wondrous land. Despite the many centuries, the trees looked young and vibrant, apples, peaches, and oranges hanging from various trees, and the smell of the forest was beyond pleasant. Minus any animals, this place reminded Hisako of the Garden of Eden from holy books. Spotting a nice peach from a nearby tree. Hisako had decided it will be hers for eating. As she reaches for the fruit. A shot of water appears out of nowhere. Hisako instinctively backs away, the water takes hold of the peach. Plucking the peach off the tree, the water pulls the fruit in the opposite direction. Wanting to know where the peach she desired was being taken. Hisako goes in the direction of the water. Passing and dodging various trees and branches. What Hisako sees next nearly takes her breath away. Within the Jordy Blue forest, lies a waterfall. However it wasn't the waterfall that taken Hisako by surprise. Instead it was what was swimming in it. Holding the peach Hisako intended to eat, was a young and beautiful mermaid. While Hisako knew mermaids were real since she was seven. Never throughout her days as a samurai, had she ever seen one. As the mermaid bit into the peach. Hisako stared at the beautiful woman with her luxurious lavender hair with light pink ends, chiffon skin, and light green eyes. Hisako continued to stare in amazement until the mermaid turned to her direction. Upon spotting Hisako, the mermaid immediately dived under water. Afraid what the mermaid would do next. Hisako began to yell out...

Hisako: Don't be scared. I was just passing by and happened to find this place. I mean you no harm. Please don't be afraid. I just never seen a real life mermaid before. I promise I won't hurt you. Please come out

Hisako waits patiently for a few minutes. After sensing no danger from the strange woman. The mermaid reemerges from the depths of the pond. The mermaid looks directly and says to her..

Mermaid: I wasn't scared Miss. I was actually planning to blast you away with my water magic

Hisako: Glad you didn't do that. I would hate to have to do battle with such a beautiful lady. By the way, what's your name? My name is Hisako Miki

The mermaid taken back by Hisako's rather masculine mannerisms. None the less appreciated her kindness. The mermaid immediately response to Hisako's question

Ann Marie: My name is Ann Marie. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm the lone mermaid of the Jordy Forest

Hisako: It's a rather lovely place to live in. Don't you get lonely though, being here by yourself?

Ann Marie: I enjoy my own company most of the time. Besides I go out when I need to. Only a couple of miles from the forest is Sapres. Lots of markets over there and my parents live there too. So when I feel the odd need to be surrounded by others. I just take my ass out the forest into Sapres.

Hisako: You can walk?

Ann Marie: Of course I can. I know most mermaids can't, but I'm a special case. I'm a descendants of the Great Sages that fought that evil demon many centuries ago

Hisako: Mastema I believe is that demon's name

Ann Marie: Yeah I guess. Hey since I have company, perhaps I should change into my "human" form. Although the only difference from my current form is just a pair of legs instead of a tail. Still beautiful either way, don't you agree?

Hisako did not respond and instead blushes. Ann Marie notices Hisako's odd expression and is content with that alone. A blue light glows around Ann Marie's tail as they begin to take change. Only seconds later Ann Marie's tail turns into two legs. Stepping out of her pond, Hisako is able to see the young woman in her natural beauty. Blushing ever more than before. Hisako quickly turns away. After a few minutes, Ann Marie orders Hisako to turn around. Hesitant at first, but does as told. Hisako is immediately relieved to see Ann Marie's breast and buttocks covered in colorful leaves

Ann Marie: So I guess you're on some kind of journey?

Hisako: Not so much a journey, but a mission. One given to me by the King himself?

Ann Marie: You are a servant of King Onyxe?

Ann Marie's expression completely changes as she becomes concern of Hisako's presence within her domain. Hisako senses this and immediately begins to speak

Hisako: Ann Marie please do not be afraid of me. You have caused no trouble nor harm to me. Why would a noble samurai such as myself even think about harming you?

Ann Marie: Am sorry, but I don't trust anyone who has dealing with that demon. I mean he seems like a nice for a demon. One of Asira's better King according to my parents. It's just that... it's just that demons really scare me. Can I ask you why did he sent you here?

Seeing how shaken Ann Marie is. Hisako decides to leave out the part of her resurrection and tells the descendant only what she needs to know

Hisako: I was recruited by the King not too long ago. From one of his agents and my fellow ally. I was told to seek out various descendants and take them to a safe haven. Presuming by your clueless expression. You must not know what's been happening to other descendants like yourself. A group of demons called The Children Of Ruin. They are going around and killing the descendants of The Great Sages. Such as yourself. My job is to either find people like you or one of the Children Of Ruin. Depending on which I find first. I either take them to a safe place or kill them. Since I found a descendants first. I will be taking you to your parents. Unfortunately it seems one of them has found you too

Ann Marie: What?

Ignoring Ann Marie, Hisako unsheathes her sword, Kagemori. Upon pulling out her trusted blade, Hisako swiftly swing her blade behind her. Hisako misses at her target managed to dodge her attack. Instead of pursuing her target. Hisako immediately moves to Ann Marie. Now with Ann Marie near her. Hisako is able to defend both Ann Marie and herself.

Ann Marie: Hisako am scared. What's going on?

Hisako: Like a said before, you're being hunted. One of your hunters have just arrived here. It's a good thing I got here when I did. Had I not pursued that peach. I would had never found you and you would had became another sacrifice

???: She still be will become another sacrifice

Hisako: Enough talk, show yourself demon

Raising her blade before her, Hisako is fully prepared for battle.Stepping out behind one of the trees. Appears a tall man. Mostly bald with on a small piece of white hair in the middle, white hair all around his face with a long goatee, zombie gray skin, dressed in a suit, and well toned. Staring at both women with his demonic red eyes. Surrounding him is are three cotton candy size gray clouds. While Ann Marie remains behind Hisako, shaking in fear. Hisako stares right into the demon's eyes. Staring at him with malice in her eyes

Hisako: Before I slay your demon. State your name. One thing about me, I don't kill nameless things

Vlad: My name is Vlad young warrior

Ann Marie: For a demon, he has a very sexy voice to him

Hisako: I hope you remember how sexy he is when he's ripping out your intestines

Ann Marie: I'll stop talking now

Vlad: So I presume you're the one who killed  A.J.?

Confused at first, but Hisako then remembers what Yura had told her during their trip back to Mayland. That one of Onyxe's loyal servants James had killed a demon name A.J. while rescuing a descendant. Hisako decides to tell Vlad the truth knowing it will be no consequence to her. Besides even with the truth, Hisako had no intention of letting Vlad live.

Hisako: No I will not take the blame of her death. The one who murder A.J. was another servant of the King. That servant name James Montana

Vlad: So the King does know about us. It's traitors like him that brings shame to true demons like myself. Once we release Mastema. I will personally see to it King Onyxe pays

Hisako: Big talk for a dead man. Not only will you not be able to make the king pay for anything. You will not be leaving this forest with your life

Vlad: Silly samurai, you dare stand against me? If you know what's best for you. I suggest you scurry off and leave the girl to me. Enjoy the little time you have left before the great one is release. Cleansing this world of all it's filth, including you. Now if you decide to stay and fight. Well, it will prove to a decision you will regret. I will annihilate you. Bringing upon you pain unknown to this world. I will make you wish you were never born. So stay and fight, but it will be your last

Hisako: (YAWN!) All that talking of yours is doing nothing but putting me to sleep. In case you didn't know. I like men of action, not words. Now before I deal with you. I need to make sure no harm comes to Ann Marie. I know your type. As soon as I start beating the living shit out of you. You'll target Ann Marie just to throw me off my game. So that being said...

Faster than the blink of an eye, Hisako swing Kagemori at Ann Marie. Shocking both Vlad and Ann Marie. What appeared to be a fatal attack was actually to protect Ann Marie. Surrounded by light yellow orbs, the orbs releases soothing energy. Making Ann Marie feeling both safe and calm in a dangerous situation

Vlad: What kind of orthodox technique was that?

Hisako: It's called Guardian Orbs The orbs surrounding her will protect Ann Marie from any harmful attack you may throw at her

Vlad: There are only five orbs surrounding her. I speculate if am able to break all five orbs. The dirty descendant will be at my mercy

Hisako: Maybe and maybe not. Either way that won't be happening. Now Ann Marie, jump into the water and swim as far down as possible

Ann Marie: What about you Hisako?

Hisako: Once I know you're safe. I can unleash Kagemori's power without restraint. Don't make me repeat myself and go

Not wishing to be a burden to Hisako. Ann Marie runs towards the water. Ann Marie leaps into the air, her legs turning back into a tail. Making a big splash, Ann Marie begins swimming down into the water

Vlad: She won't get far. Now to make you pay. Demonic Cloud Activate!

The clouds floating around Vlad begin to glow with power. Two of the clouds changing colors. One becoming iguana green and the other a dark gray. Along with the change of his clouds, Vlad appearance becomes more demonic. His demonic aura burning away at his shirt. Revealing his biceps and six pack. His teeth forming out of his mouth and a big horn sticks out from his forehead. Despite the menacing being standing before her. Hisako remains calm as she hold tightly to her trusted blade

Vlad: Any last words before you die?

Hisako: Magical Wind

With a simple swing of Kagemori, a light lavender wind with golden stars forms. The twister shaped attack rapidly moves towards it's target. Unfazed by Hisako's attack as Vlad prepares to counter

Vlad: Now Weather Cloud absorb that pathetic twister

The dark gray cloud leaps before it's master. The dark gray cloud creates a mouth shaped who as it sucks in Hisako's attack

Hisako: How can that be? That cloud of his sucked in one of most powerful attacks. Damn demon

Vlad: Now Smoke Cloud fills this forest with pills of smoke

Doing as directed, the light gray clouds releases heavy amount of smoke into the air. The thick smoke covers the forest, making everything once visible impossible to see

Vlad: Now with this smoke surrounded us. Finishing you off will be easy

Moving at inhuman speed. Vlad stands directly behind Hisako. As Vlad goes for a finishing blow. To the demon's surprise. Not only did he fail to finish the samurai off. Vlad has also taken a deep slash to his chest area. Vlad cries out in pain as he jumps back. Holding his wound with his left palm, soaking in blood. Vlad looks across from him, staring into the eyes of his opponent. Hisako stares back at the demon with a killer intent.

Vlad: How did you manage to escape my wrath within all this smoke? No way you could had seen me appear behind you

Hisako: I been slaying your kind for years. Did you truly believe such a childish trick would stop me? What the eyes cannot see, the ears can here. Also it's help I can sense your presence perfectly. I guess you're one of those demons who don't know how to mask their aura. Too bad

Vlad: Annoying woman, I'll kill you. Now Poison Cloud come forth. The iguana green cloud appears before it's master

Vlad: Now Cobra Kiss!

The poison cloud forms a hole within itself. Releasing a giant brownish green ball towards Hisako. Quickly, Hisako swings Kagemori and yells out " Butterfly Slash! " Kagemori glows in a yellow light as it cuts away Vlad's attack

Hisako: Is that all you got?

Vlad: You're so funny. Let's see how you handle this. Multiple Cobra Kisses!

The poison clouds then grows in size and creates a bigger hole. The iguana green cloud then begins shooting out multiple balls of poison. Hisako continues to use "Butterfly Slash" to cut away the poisonous balls. While Hisako defends against the onslaught of poisonous energy balls. Vlad prepares his next move

Vlad: Now Weather Cloud fly above the girls head and prepare to strike

The dark gray goes into the air, moving towards the direction of Hisako. Despite dealing with the multiple poisonous balls, Hisako does not fail to notice the Weather Cloud floating above her. As the dark gray cloud begins to expand, preparing for a devastating attack. Hisako knows what's coming, but little chance of stopping it


As expected, the dark gray cloud unleashes a blast of thunder towards Hisako. The poisonous balls cease, giving Hisako only enough time to move out of direct contact of the blast. Unfortunately the impact sends Hisako crashing into the nearest tree. Despite the great pain Hisako felt upon crashing into the tree. The beautiful warrior remains her grip on Kagemori. Using Kagemori to steady herself, Hisako struggles to get back to her feet. Seeing the opportunity to inflict more pain onto Hisako. Vlad orders the Weather Cloud to fly over Hisako. Hisako places Kagemori above her in hope of protection

Vlad: I could easily order another thunder strike upon you and end you. However I want you to suffer just a little more for me. Painful Rain!

As commanded, the Weather Cloud releases heavy balls of water down towards Hisako. While Kagemori defends against many of the balls of water. The one that manages to hit Hisako causes her great pain. Despite the pain the heavy balls of water causes her. Hisako refuses to scream in agony, giving Vlad any unnecessary satisfaction. Realizing Hisako won't give into her pain. Vlad prepares to finish her off.

Vlad: Now my clouds. Form together and smother her

As the Poison Cloud and Smoke Cloud goes to join with the Weather Cloud. Out of nowhere, a ball out water strikes Vlad from behind. While the damage was minimal, it caused Vlad to stumble. The demon turns around as his intended target appears before him

Hisako: Ann Marie no

Vlad: So you aren't as much of a coward as I thought you were. Still I have to get rid of those orbs around you. Then I can have some fun with you before you are sacrificed!

Ann Marie: Well I may not have the powers to defeat you. I just have to stop you enough so I can help Hisako

Vlad: Hmph! Worried about the samurai? It's your life am really after. Once I kill you, she won't matter. Course due to her interference. Neither one of you will be allowed to live. Now that you're out in the open. It's time I completed my mission. Now my clouds, appear before me

At an instant, all three Demonic Clouds appear in front of Vlad

Vlad: Now form together!

The clouds form together, creating a huge crimson red cloud before him. Vlad stares sinisterly at Ann Marie with a smile on his face

Vlad: This attack here should not only destroy all fives of those pesky orbs. It's should also leave you wounded just enough for some good o' torment. Now my Devil Cloud unleash Death Ray!

The crimson red cloud creates a hole within itself. The cloud begins creating a bright red energy as it preparing to strike. The Guardian Orbs dancing around her. Ann Marie runs towards Vlad

Vlad: What is running towards me going to do? You are easily the most dumbest descendant I have killed. At least they tried to defend themselves against me. Not running towards their death. Well as long as you die, that's all that matters. NOW UNLEASH YOUR FURY MY PRECIOUS CLOUD!

As ordered, the Devil Cloud strikes Ann Marie with Death Ray. The giant energy ray clears through the surrounding smoke, hitting Ann Marie directly. The power of Vlad attack was indeed powerful. Powerful enough only to destroy four out of the five Guardian Orbs. The one that still circled Ann Marie not only protected her from the devastating attack. Ann Marie was now directly in front of Vlad. Taken by surprise, Vlad was momentally immobilized. This gave Ann Marie enough time to grab ahold of Vlad's head, pulling him down to her face. Before Vlad could react, Ann Marie began tongue kissing her assassin. Hisako looked on in shock of Ann Marie's action. Not yet understanding why would she kiss her killer, much less a demon. Ann Marie cease kissing Vlad and made her ways towards Hisako. Hisako watch Ann Marie running towards her, but with no reaction from Vlad. Once Ann Marie gotten near her. Hisako immediately asked the young sage what she had done.

Hisako: What did you do to him? You were french kissing him and now the bastard doesn't move?

Ann Marie: That was my Daydreamer technique. Any man or woman I kiss is immediately placed into an illusion created by their mind. As long as no pain is inflicted upon him. Vlad will remain that way forever

Hisako: It bet whatever he's daydreaming about is much too good for him. Anyways let me just heal myself and I'll finish him

Ann Marie: Don't worry about healing yourself. I can heal you and definitely much faster

Ann Marie places both her hand onto Hisako's breast. Before Hisako could react to the bizarre placing of Ann Marie's hand. A healing energy run through the entirety of Hisako's body. In a matter of seconds, twenty to be exact. Hisako is back to feeling 100%. The magical samurai immediately rises to her feet, ready to finish what she started

Ann Marie: I guess you're going to knock Vlad out of his daydream. Allowing him a fighting chance?

Hisako: Ann my dear. While I do believe in honor. I only give to those that earned it. While I'm still learning to accept demons. There is nothing honorable about Vlad. He does not deserve a chance to fight back. I prepared the perfect technique for his demise. Now stand back and watch me execute this dreaded demon

A smile crosses Ann Marie's face as she steps aside. Hisako grips Kagemori as the blade glows in a chartreuse light. As Kagemori continues to glow. Hisako runs towards Vlad. Once Hisako gotten close enough, she leaps into the air

Hisako: I hope you had a lovely daydream bastard. Because this attack here will not only end your dreams. It will end your very existence. Now my beloved Kagemori... GORYO!

As Hisako swings Kagemori down towards Vlad. Ann Marie nearly pisses herself as a sinister spirit appears from behind Hisako. Hisako strikes Vlad, the impact causes an explosion of dark orchid energy. After the explosion is over, Ann Marie comes from behind the tree she was hiding. Her vision cleared, Ann Marie sees Hisako, but no sign of Vlad. Ann Marie immediately runs to see what happened

Ann Marie: That was some attack. I didn't know you possessed such power

Hisako: That power you witness was from both Kagemori and I.

Ann Marie: So what happened to Vlad

Instead of responding, Hisako simply points to the ground. Ann Marie looks down and sees a pile of ashes

Ann Marie: WOW!

Hisako: I wouldn't call what Goryo does to my enemy so much as "Wow", but rather "Horrifying". Regardless Vlad has been eliminated

Ann Marie: You saved me!

Tears of joy running down her eyes. Ann Marie kisses Hisako on her lips and hugs her. Hisako hugs the sage back with equal happiness. After nearly a minute, the two ladies let go of one another. Hisako then begins to speak

Hisako: Now that settle. Let's get going to Sapres. I will take you to your parents and let them know what happened here. Course I hope they are okay. Considering they are descendants like you

Ann Marie: While only my mother is a descendant. My father is a chef. Besides now that you mentioned it. I seem to recall something my mother said to me a week ago. If memories serves. It was about this very thing

Hisako: So you knew about the killings of the descendants?

Ann Marie: I forgot at first, but now thinking back. I remember my mother warned me about this. Talking about I should stay with them til things calmed down. From what she told me only the younger descendants were being killed

Hisako: Yura never mentioned that. I wonder does she know let alone the King?

Ann Marie: Just my opinion here. However instead of taking me back to Sapres. Perhaps I should accompany you to the Royal Lands. Not only did I always wanted to meet him for myself. Despite of my fears. Perhaps you need to speak with him about the situation more. Maybe even clue him in on the fact only younger descendants are being hunted down and killed.

Hisako takes a moment to think about the best course of action. Quickly deciding on Ann Marie's idea. Hisako gives a response

Hisako: Fine. I will do just that. Not only having someone to travel along the way, but because you know this place better than I do. Course we will still stop to go see your parents, but I promise I make sure you won't be stuck with them. It will be beneficial for you to meet the King. "I really hope Yura is not wrong about King Onyxe. I won't know to truly trust him until I meet him". Now that that's settle. Let's get moving

Ann Marie: That's great and all but...

Hisako: But what?

Ann Marie: My beautiful forest is ruined. I need to fix it up before we get going. Clear the rest of this smoke and regrow the trees and fruits. Fret not for it will only take me a few moments

Hisako: You think after you fix the forest. We can take a swim together in the pond?

Ann Marie: I bet you would love that? I know I would ha ha

Upon her return to the living world. Hisako never imagined she would so many new things. Traveling into a new country, making a new friend, and best of all, fighting again with Kagemori. More then determine to enjoy her new chance at life. Hisako promises she will put to the ambitions of the Children Of Ruin. Stopping the demon from unleashing Mastema back into Asira

To Be Continue

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