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Profile Hisako

Magical Samurai

Name: Hisako Miki

Age: 29 at the age of death. Resurrected one hundred and seventy five years later. Currently one and thirty four years old. Physically appearance around mid twenties

Gender: Female

Likes: Kagemori (magical blade), fighting, tea, Hina Matsuri, Setsubun, mango ice cream

Dislikes: Wickedness, unfairness, hardships, winter, lions, aggressive men

Magic Name: None. Hisako is a trained samurai with a magical blade

Magic Powers: Kagemori gives Hisako access to various magical powers

BIO: Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. During her seventh birthday. Hisako and her parents were attacked by a demon. While both her father and she escaped. The demon had devour her mother. Ever since that unfortunate day. Hisako not only sworn vengeance upon her mother's killer. Hisako had sworn someday to kill all demons.  While running an errand for her father. Hisako witness a samurai about kill a commoner. Having despised samurais almost as much as demon. As the samurai prepared to kill the commoner. Hisako had intervene on the commoner's behalf. On a regular occasion, the samurai would had slain them both. However the samurai saw something within Hisako. In exchange for sparing their lives. Hisako would become the samurai's apprentice.

 The name of her master was Sasuke Hashimoto. Regretting her decision at first. During the years training under Hashimoto. Realizing that samurais weren't as bad as their reputation. Hisako's disdain for them had faded. Training day and night alongside her master. Becoming stronger every time they fought. As the years passed, Hisako's graduation drew near. Once she had graduated, Hisako would complete her true goal. That goal being to find her mother's killer.

 On the night of her graduation, a demon had entered Hashimoto's dogo. Hisako had instantly recognized the demon. The very one that eaten her mother many years ago. Without any hesitation, Hashimoto engaged the demon in battle. Despite his best efforts. Hashimoto was slain by the demon. The demon had then turned it's attention to Hisako. Realizing no ordinary blade would slay the demon. Hisako had ran to the very back of the dojo for a certain blade. A blade that her master could never master. Running towards her destination with the demon behind her. Hisako had managed to reached the unmastered blade. The blade known as Kagemori. 

 Kagemori now in her possession. Hisako would use Kagemori to slay the demon. During her battle with her mother's killer. Hisako discovered Kagemori's magical powers. Unleashing Kagemori's powers against the demon. Hisako had finally avenged her mother. After burying her master and saying farewell to her father. Hisako began her journey as a demon slayer.

 Traveling throughout Asia, Hisako fought against many demons. Each battle being tougher than the last. None the less with Kagemori by her side, Hisako feared no demon that stood before her. Hisako continued fighting against demons for many long years. Hisako eventually became known as The Avenger of the Rising Sun. Becoming a local celebrity throughout various parts of Asia. Continuing the fight against demons. Hisako luck had eventually ran out. While traveling through the Oni Forest. Hisako had encountered a demon name Lamia.

 As the battle raged on, Hisako managed to get the upper hand. Unfortunately Lamia managed to place a curse upon Hisako. A curse that if Lamia should die, so would she. While Hisako resented her journey ending like this. Being the hero she is, Hisako had decided to sacrifice herself. Holding Kagemori in her hand, Hisako had performed seppuku. Ending both Lamia's life and hers. The villagers who witnessed Hisako's noble sacrifice. Had made the Oni Forest a personal burial ground for the fallen hero.

 Even after Hisako's death. Many had written stories of Hisako's journey throughout Asia. The most famous story being " Hisako, The Magical Samurai Of Justice" Fifty years after Hisako's death. An earthquake had caused a sink hole within Oni Forest. Arriving to the forest, a mysterious woman name Yura. Possessing a resurrection crystal called The Luxury Gem. Yura began to search for the buried hero. Upon finding Hisako's corpse. Yura placed the Luxury Gem on Hisako's crotch. The gem had instantly brought Hisako back to life. Once Yura had explained to Hisako about Asira's situation. While unsure of the mysterious woman's intentions. Hisako was beyond thrill being reunited with Kagemori. After deciding to trust Yura. Hisako and Kagemori joins the fight to save Asira


1. Hisako was created from my rejected story for Angelina. Course instead of Hisako being originally a villainess. Hisako was always a hero prior to her first death. Along with being a samurai instead of a kunoichi. The only part I kept from the original story. The usage of the Luxury Gem to resurrect Hisako

2. Hisako is a bisexual with a preference for women

3. Her beloved sword Kagemor is a based on the samurai Adachi Kagemori

4. Hisako was originally intended to be a blonde. Course once I realized I had plenty of blondes already. I decided to go with brunette instead. 

5. Minus Othello, Hisako is the most revealing female of the Forbidden series. Considering the Luxury Gem only covers her vagina. Leaving her butt exposed. 

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