Friday, August 22, 2014

Profile: Angelina Mifune


Name: Angelina Mifune. Formally Momo Mifune

Age: 123

Gender: Female

Likes: Gingerbread men, Cappuccino, Comic Books, Killing, Electro Music, Stuffed Animals, Zyra Blade

Dislikes: Children, Her Parents, Purity, Okubi

Magic Name: None. Angelina gain her powers after killing Lilith

Magic Powers: Demonic based powers such as use of fire, summoning serpents, throwing balls of acid, possession, and various other spells

BIO: Formally known as Momo Mifune. This heartless Japanese woman calls herself, Angelina. Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. Momo lived a mundane and lonely life. Ever since Momo was old enough to attend school. Momo never befriend a single person nor throughout her school days. Like the students, her teachers avoided Momo as much as possible. Not only was Momo treated like an outcast by people. Her own parents didn't like her much. Only doing what they have to and nothing more. As Momo continued going from one grade to the next. People continued to avoid Momo like a plague. Despite how hurt she was inside. Momo continued to be the best student and person she could be. After graduating High School. Momo decided she wanted to leave Japan for good. Reading through the local newspapers, Momo came across and interesting job ad. The job ad being about becoming an Exorcist in Mayland.

 Not only would Momo be able to leave Japan sooner than later. She will also have a good paying job waiting for her. Without even telling her parents. Momo grabbed her belongings and left to Mayland. Arriving to Mayland, Momo was hired by the Exorcist Corp and began her training. Momo was taught the mannerisms of an exorcist and purity spells to combat evil spirits and lift curses. After graduating two years later, Momo was assigned with a group of top Exorcists. The group leader was William Atchison and the members were Stephen Atchison, the son of William, Robert Wright, Karen Wu, and herself. The five of them traveled throughout various places within Mayland. Battling evil spirits and lifting curses. Never has Momo been so happy. Not only did she love her job, she had friends as well. Life as an exorcist continued to be splendid until one unfortunate night. Upon being called to actor Thomas Rider's house in Ulovyn.

 Momo and her friends traveled their by ship. Arriving to the actor's mansion. Mr. Thomas was under the Lost Of Talent curse. The placer of this curse unknown, but none the less affected the actor dearly. It took Momo and her friends great efforts in order to lift the curse off Mr. Rider. None the less, the exorcist were successful. After being paid for their services and ready to leave. Mr. Rider taking a fancy to Momo, gave her an unusual gift. A golden knife with amethyst crystal mix within the blade. Not too fond of such objects, but none the less accepted it with gratitude. On their way back to HQ, an unwanted guest arrived on the ship. That guest was no other than the Demon Lord, Lilith. It was then the exorcist realized it was Lilith who had cursed Thomas. The demon had came for the exorcists, seeking revenge. While the other exorcist were ready to combat the demon. Momo was instantly taken by fear. It was one thing to square off against evil spirits, but facing a demon like Lilith was beyond the call of duty. Not even caring they were her friends, Momo had ran to hiding. Disregarding Momo's cowardice, the exorcist were ready to fight. Despite the exorcist best efforts. William, Stephen, Karen, and Robert was brutally killed by Lilith. After killing the ship's captain, Lilith went after Momo. Finding Momo below deck, Lilith giggle as she began walking towards her. As Lilith gotten closer with each step. Momo endlessly began begging for her life. Not realizing a demon like does not care how much she begs. Once Lilith was standing above Momo, watching the young woman crying for her life. Lilith wrapped her right hand around Momo's neck.

 Began slowly sucking away at her life force. Realizing her begging did nothing and she was slowly going to die. Out of desperation to live, Momo had reached inside her right hand pocket. Lilith continued draining Momo's life force, unaware that Momo had pulled out a knife. Using the last of her fleeting strength, Momo stabs Lilith in her gut. The demon releases Momo instantly and drops to the ground. Injured and confused. Lilith knows no ordinary knife could do such damaged. It was then Lilith had realized the knife Momo had used. The dreaded Zyra Blade the blade created by the late Igor Mansfield. The Zyra Blade was created by the dark sage Igor ten centuries ago. Igor had intended to use the knife on a demon in order to obtain it's powers. Unfortunately Igor was assassinated before his plan took action. However the blade remains missing throughout those many years.As Lilith breathe her last breath, she said to Momo with great malice "I will surely die here, but make no mistake. While you will survive this very night. The person you once were will slowly, but surely die". As Lilith lay dead on the floor. The demon's life force had instantly jumped out of her body and into Momo's. Momo felt her body and soul being swallowed by evil. After a few minutes had passed, Momo felt like her old self. Surviving the deadly encounter, Momo knew she couldn't go back to the Exorcist Corp. Using her new found magic.

 Momo had made Lilith's corp look like her and teleported off the ship. The next day, Momo had turned her black hair to light yellow. Minor alterations to her appearance, and changed her first name to Angelina. Now with her new identity, Angelina could live her life without worrying about the Exorcist Corps. Angelina first began using her powers for good. Helping people who acquired someone of magical talents. Over time Angelina began feeling less positive emotions and more negative. Not realizing the more she used the demonic powers gained from killing Lilith. The less human she was and the more demon she became. Eventually the evil within had rid Angelina nearly all her old emotions. Replacing them with sinister thoughts and hate for all things pure. Angelina stopped serving the good and became a servant of evil. Using her powers for her own satisfaction. Killing anyone who stood in her way or simple annoyed her. Taking various jobs from stealing valuable jewels to assassination. Whoever stood in Angelina's way did not survive. Angelina was unbeatable until she encounter a half demon. The half demon name Okubi Nox had encountered Angelina during one of his treasure hunts. Despite her best efforts, Okubi defeated her. As Okubi was ready to finish her off. Angelina had teleported away. Ever since that encounter, Angelina sworn vengeance. After training herself for her rematch against Okubi. Angelina had decided to seek the half demon out. Hoping this time to kill him like so many others.

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