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Forbidden Chapter 12

Forbidden Chapter Twelve - Darkside

 Having arrived to Arundel a half hour ago. Xiaoyu and her teammates waste no time getting to the Drab Forest. As the rush to the Drab Forest. Xiaoyu and her teammates hope not only to find the next demon. They also hope that they find a alive as well. Once the enter the forest, Xiaoyu immediately senses another descendant nearby, Both Apollyn and Angelina also senses a demon not too far. A sudden screech of pain coming from within the forest. More concern than before. The group of heroes take a moment to strategizes

Xiaoyu: It obvious from that scream someone is hurt

Angelina: A descendant being attacked by one of the Children Of Ruin I bet

Lisa: Then what in the world are we waiting for? Let's get a fucking move on

Xiaoyu: Not so fast Lisa. Who knows what kind of demons we may face? I don't it's best if all five of us show up at once. Here's the plan. Apollyn, you're going to carry both Nara and I to the demon and descendants location. Lisa and Angelina. The two of you will drag a bit behind. Just far enough not too be immediately spotted, but in range just in we need help. C'mon Apollyn, we don't have time to waste

Nara: Um I can like totally just turn into my water form. I mean I don't need Apo--

Before Nara could finish speaking. Apollyn grabs both Xiaoyu and him and runs off towards the assigned location. As Apollyn takes off with Xiaoyu and Nara in her arms. Angelina and Lisa stay close behind. Two minutes later Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara arrive to the scene. The trio immediately spots a young woman holding her arm in agony. Lying on the ground. Standing above the woman is a demon dressed as a punk rocker. Before the demon could make a move on the injured female. Xiaoyu immediately yells out to the demon

Xiaoyu: HEY BASTARD! Turn around and back away from the girl! Apollyn you can puts us down

Apollyn: Okey dokey Xiaoyu buddy

Apollyn releases both Xiaoyu and Nara from her arms. Letting them hits the ground

Xiaoyu: Ouch! Thanks a lot Apollyn. Next time do it more gentle

Apollyn: Apollyn is so sorry

Nara: As I was trying to say earlier. I could had just went into my water form. Geez!

As Xiaoyu and Nara quickly rise to their feet. They prepare to engage in battle with the newly meet enemy. The rocker demons turns towards Xiaoyu and company. Holding in his left hand. A spanish crimson & black colored guitar. As the demon stares at Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara menacingly. Despite her desired to attack the demon. Xiaoyu first yells to see if the injured descendant is alright

Xiaoyu: Hello miss. Are you badly injured?

Female Descendant: Other than my broken arms, thanks to that monster. I'm still able to move

Demon: Stay put little bitch or the next thing I break is your neck!

Xiaoyu: Don't you dare lay another finger on her asshole! Apollyn, you and I are going to go after this fucker. Nara! You go and get the girl out of harms way

Nara: Do you really think that's a good ideal? I mean, we don't even know what this demon's capable of? Let alone his fucking name?

Xiaoyu: Does his name really matters right about now? We have a descendant to save. If you're going to worry about names. Let's ask for hers first

Nara: Okey dokey! Hey lady, what's your name

Somnium: Somnium, Somnium Blueheart! Please help me

Nara: Don't worry Somnium. We're going to save you

Demon: Wanna bet?

Xiaoyu: I don't do bets. Especially with pieces of shits like you. We will save this girl one way or another. Before you say something stupid like "over my dead body". Trust me when I say that's the way we're doing it! Now guys get ready

Demon: Okay wait a second? You fuckers were seriously not going to ask me for my names? I know we're enemies, but show me some consideration. I'm not just some nameless trash assholes! That being said, let me introduce myself. The names Ethan Addison Blood-Kaiser, high ranking member of the Children Of Ruin. Now that's you know the name of your murderer. GET READY TO DIE MOTHERFUCKERS!


Xiaoyu releases a beam of light from her right hand towards Ethan. Nara's eyes changes from brown to cerulean. Nara transforms into a being made of water. As Xiaoyu's attack is about to strike Ethan. Swiftly stroking his guitar strings. Ethan creates a crimson colored sphere around his body. Protecting himself from Xiaoyu's attack. While Ethan successfully guards Xiaoyu's attack. Nara manages to get of a hold of Somnium. As Nara reverts back to his normal self. Ethan turns to both Somnium and him. Giving them a look of pure evil

Xiaoyu: Oh no you don't! Apollyn now!

Apollyn: SUGAR CUBE--

Ethan: I think it's my move, thank you very much. SOUNDS OF PANIC!

Stroking his guitar once again. Ethan creates a powerful shock wave. Hitting both Xiaoyu and Apollyn. The shock wave puts Xiaoyu and Apollyn in a state of vertigo

Nara: XIAOYU! APOLLYN! Hey my body? I can't move!

Somnium: Neither can I. We weren't like this a few seconds ago

Ethan: That's because I hit you both with my TERRIFYING GLARE! Did you honestly think I couldn't tell you we're a descendant as well? Fucking fools! The master will be so please with me. Bringing in two sacrifices at once. Now prepares to have your souls ripped out of ya

Nara: Fuck! I can't believe this is how am going out

Somnium: How do you think I feel? I don't want to die

Now facing both Nara and Somnium. As Ethan prepares to strike his guitar strings. A blast of magenta colored fire strikes him from behind. As Ethan crashes to the ground. Angelina appears before Nara and Somnium

Nara: Oh thank you so fucking much for that save Angie

Angelina: Don't mentioned it. I guess Xiaoyu's strategy was smart. Both Lisa and I was able to observe everything. Striking when the moment was right. Lisa is healing Xiaoyu and Apollyn of their vertigo. Now for me to break your paralysis

Angelina's right index finger glows in a magenta like. Angelina touches both Nara and Somnium with her finger, breaking them out of paralyzation. As Nara and Somnium rises from the ground. Ethan too gets back on his feet. Staring menacing at Angelina. Pointing his guitar in Angelina's direction. Ethan starts shouting at her

Ethan: FUCKING BITCH! Where in the hell you come from? I didn't even sense your presence nearby

Angelina: Some demon you are. I masked my presence so that I wouldn't be detected. My friends merely deceived you. Making you believe only three individuals came to kill you.

Lisa along with Xiaoyu and Apollyn runs over to aid their friends. Now all six individuals staring down Ethan. The demon stares back with unimaginable malice in his eyes. As his appearances becomes more demonic. Ethan begins shouting at the top of his lungs at his adversaries

Ethan: SO IT'S GOING TO BE SIX ON ONE EH1 You fucking pathetic ass pieces of shit COWARDS! Do you fuckers really think you're the only ones with backup? While I may not have a bunch of fags waiting behind the trees like you fucks. My little Darken friend is more than enough to deal with the lot of you. I thinks it's time I introduce you all to Geneviere, The Fallen!

Standing like an annoucer introducing an act. Ethan holds his right hand to the air. Waiting for his back up to appear. After a few seconds have passed. Ethan becomes more than frustrated. Irritation within his voice. Ethan once again calls for "Geneviere" to appear

Ethan: Calling Geneviere to center stage. Come out, come out where ever you are? Bring your ass out here and help me kill these fuckers... NOW!

Standing awkwardly once again. Ethan waits patiently for Geneviere to appear. The concerned that once felt by the heroes has long past. Taking it's place, a mixture of confusion and annoyance. Lisa immediately starts to laugh

Lisa: Oh this shit is too funny. This dumbass might as well be calling a corpse to aid him. Face it demon! Not only are you outnumber. You're out fucking classed!

Apollyn: Wait a minute. I remember my mommy telling Apollyn something about this. I believe it called "having an imagery friend?"

Somnium: Don't you mean an "Imaginary Friend?"

Apollyn: What did Apollyn's say?

Somnium: Never mind. Can someone please heal my arm. It hurts like hell

Xiaoyu: Am on it

Placing her hands on Somnium's injured arm. Xiaoyu's hand glows in a bright yellow light. In a matter of seconds, Somnium's arm is completely healed

Somnium: Thanks. I feel a whole lot better

Upon successfully healing Somnium and the non appearance of Geneviere. Ethan becomes enraged, striking the ground with his guitar. Finally he stops attacking the ground with his guitar. Ethan then raises his guitar, pointing it at his enemies.

Apollyn: Oh how sad. Evil demon man really expected his imagery friend to help. Apollyn feels pity him

Lisa: Don't feel sorry for this monster Lynn. Imaginary friend or not. Ethan stands no chance against us

Nara: Now that we're all 100% This fucker is about to go down!

Angelina: It's due time someone put this degenerate out of his misery

Xiaoyu: Agreed! It's time we put of end to Ethan

Somnium: It's time I get me some payback

Ethan: DAMN YOU GENEVIERE! Useless fake demon bitch! I guess I'll just kill you fuckers myself. If you think this was going to be easy, think again! Am about to hit you fuckers with my greatest hit! No one gets hit with this number and survives. Now prepares yourselves for your fucking graves!

Ethan begins playing vigorously on his guitar. Creating a dark rainbow like energy around him. As the music gets louder, the stronger the energy builds around him. Despite the immediate danger they're in. The heroes remain calm with the exception of Somnium. Who looks on with great concern in her eyes

Somnium: Ethan is surely building up some power. If we don't stop his attack. We are all going to be killed

Xiaoyu: Fear not Somnium. Lisa and I have practice to deal with these kinds of attack. Lisa you ready to try out of new defense magic?

Lisa: Damn straight! Grab my hand girly

Xiaoyu and Lisa grabs hands, immediately creating a circle of light around them.

Somnium: Whatever you two are about to do. I hope it works

Angelina: Oh it will my dear. This type of defense can only be down by two LIGHT elementals

Nara: Don't you worry Somnium. Xiaoyu and Lisa got this

Apollyn: It's absolutely fool proof. Trust us

Somnium: I wouldn't even be alive if you guys haven't rescued me. I'll definitely have faith in you all

Xiaoyu: Okay then Lisa ready?

Lisa: Baby I was born ready. Let's do this


The circle of light that surrounded them, grows into a golden sphere of light. As the golden sphere surrounds the heroes. Ethan prepares to release his attack

Ethan: Shows over... BLAST OF DESPAIR!

From his guitar. Ethan releases a big dark rainbow colored beam towards the heroes. As the sphere is hit by Ethan's attack. Not only does the sphere take zero damages. It begins absorbing the power of Ethan's attack. Once the beam has been completely absorbed. The spheres fades with everyone inside it unharmed

Ethan: No fucking way? That was my strongest attack and yet you all survived?

Xiaoyu: That's what happens when the enemy underestimates us. Looks to me you put your all in that attack just now?

Angelina: He certainly did. Poor things now too tired to continue fighting. How Unfortunate!

Lisa: Get Lilith in check Angelina

Angelina: My apologies

Nara: Now that's this fuckers worn out. I think it's time we finish him off.  I'll gladly starts things off

Nara's eyes changes from brown to icy blue. Now able to use his ice magic. Nara unleashes a blast of ice towards Ethan. Unable to dodge Nara's attack. Ethan's lower body is frozen

Ethan: So you're going to freeze me to death? I'm a fucking demon you moron. I'll just break out of this shit

Angelina: Not fast enough unfortunately. You'll be dead before then

Somnium: Courtesy of me of course

Lisa: You want to finish him off Somnium?

Somnium: If you don't mind. This is my payback for nearly being killed by him.

Xiaoyu: By all means Somnium. Send your would be killer back to the Underworld

Somnium creates a bow and arrow out of blue and white energy. Pointing her arrow directly at Ethan, Somnium prepares to strike

Somnium: This attack is not only for me, but for all the innocent lives you have taken. Now it's you who will die. JUDGMENT ARROW!

Somnium unleashes her attacks towards Ethan. As the blue and white energy arrow heads towards Ethan. The demon struggles to break free of the ice. Using the remainder of his strength, As Ethan manages to break free, Judgment Arrow hits it's mark. The energy arrows strikes Ethan in his chest. Ethan;s body immediately begins burning in a whitish blue blaze


Nara: Wicked cool attack

Xiaoyu: With a equally cool finish. Burn baby burn

As the whitish blue flames burns away Ethan's body. The demon falls to the ground defeated and dead. Due to the astonishing teamwork of the heroes. Another member of the Children Of Ruin has been defeated.

Xiaoyu: Another one bites the dust.

Apollyn: Hooray teamwork

Angelina: Now that's over with. Where do we go next?

Nara: I don't know about you ladies. I can definitely go for something to eat

Sonmium: Me too. I was on my way to Yeager Village before I was attacked. The have some of the tastiest bread pudding I ever eaten

Lisa: Bread pudding sounds delicious right about now. That with some cranberry juice, talk about delicious

Apollyn: Apollyn much prefers a strawberry cheesecake sundae

Somnium: I believe the dessert bar in Yeager Village has that as well

Apollyn: Oh goody!

Xiaoyu; Then Yeager Village it is. Lead the way Somnium

As the heroes follow Somnium to Yeager Village. A fog begins to form around them

Xiaoyu: What in the world?

Lisa: A fog building up around here? It hasn't even rain around here

Nara: Maybe from me going into my water form earlier?

Angelina: This fog is no fault of yours Nara. Something else is at work here

Apollyn: Do you think Geneviere created this fog?

Lisa: Didn't we go through this already? Geneviere was just Ethan talking bullshit. She doesn't really exist

Angelina: Well a Geneviere did indeed many centuries ago. I guess even angels don't know everything. During the Medieval Age. A Holy Knight by the name Geneviere Claudin. A noble protector of the Weiss Kingdom. Geneviere dedicated her life to protect the innocent from demons. After failing to save a young from a demon. Geneviere had decided to hunt down said demon. Geneviere followed the demon into the Underworld. Never to be seen again. That's the short version anyways

Somnium: Thanks for the speedy history course, but what about this fog?

Lisa: It's becoming thicker. Making it even harder to see what's around us

As the fogs begins to thicken. The group senses an ominous presence close by

Lisa: Someone else is definitely here

Xiaoyu: Something evil

Angelina: I knew this fog didn't happened out of nowhere

Nara: Didn't King Onyxe say there will only be one demon in Arundel? Some precog he proved to be. Shit! We just got finish battling Ethan

Angelina: King Onyxe didn't give us false information Nara. Onyxe must had only saw Ethan in his vision. Meaning whatever new evil is here with us, is not a demon

Lisa: Just fucking great! Not only did we have to fight a demon. We now gotta battle some unknown evil entity. Asira, you only know how angry I;m right now

Apollyn: Now Apollyn won't get to eat her desired strawberry cheesecake sundae

Somnium: I barely able to see a thing in this fog

Xiaoyu: Everyone hurry and grab each other's hands

Nara: That's will be easy for us, but Somnium is a bit further away

Xiaoyu: Somnium! Hurry up and walk back to us

Somnium: I can't see you guys anymore

While Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, Angelina, and Lisa successfully grab hands. Somnium is unable to find her way. Due to the thickness of the fog. As the team prepares for happens next. They suddenly hear the sound of a head being cut off. Xiaoyu, Nara, and Apollyn immediately become filled with worry. Angelina and Lisa immediately senses that Somnium is no longer alive. As the fog rapidly starts to clear. The team witnesses a horrifying sight. As tears run down Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara's eye. Somnium's headless body lies on the ground. Surrounded by a pool of her blood. Holding Somnium's head is a tall figure. Dressed in black and zaffre armor. Within the armor being's other hand, they hold a sword stained with blood. As the group looks on with terror in their eyes. Nara finally screams out to the armor figure. Never has his teammates heard such anger in Nara's voice

Nara: YOU FUCKING MONSTER! I'll fucking kill you!

Angelina: Nara please calm yourself. Don't do anything irrational

Lisa: She's right. The individual is nothing we ever faced

Nara: The hell with that! That thing killed Somnium! I'm going to FUCKING KILL IT!

Before anyone could stop Nara. Nara turns both into ice, charging towards the armor figure

Xiaoyu: Nara! Dammit, Apollyn cover me

Angelina: Not you too Xiaoyu!

Xiaoyu and Apollyn running behind Nara. As the trio prepare to attack, the armor figure raises it sword

Lisa: Guys be careful! The armor figure is about to strike

Xiaoyu: Don't worry about us. Nara, Apollyn you guys ready

Apollyn: Apollyn is ready

Nara: Let's do it

Xiaoyu: Three Way Ambush

As Nara charges straight towards the armor being. Xiaoyu goes to the left as Apollyn to the right. Xiaoyu first unleashes a blast of light towards the armor being. Raising it's sword, the armor being deflects Xiaoyu's attack. Apollyn then performs her SUGAR CUBE RAINFALL! Giant cube shape sugars starts fall from the sky, coming down towards the armor figure. Quickly with it's sword, the armor figure cuts away at the sugar cubes. While dealing with Apollyn's attack. The armor figure fails to notice Nara approaching. Nara raises his right hand, striking the armor figure directly in the face. The impact of Nara's attack sends the armor figure crashing to the ground. Upon hitting the ground, the armor figure's helmet falls off. As the face of their enemy is revealed. Angelina immediately becomes taken by shock


Lisa: A darken! How unexpected... how unfortunate

Xiaoyu: So exactly who is this woman?

Angelina: Ethan was telling the truth. That woman on the ground is the Geneviere Claudin!

Apollyn: How you be sure Angie? Wasn't this Geneviere person alive way before your time?

Angelina: I share memories with my other self Apollyn. The woman who murdered Somnium is Geneviere

Xiaoyu: Well there's nothing holy about this bitch

Nara: Who gives a fuck about who she is? I just want to beat her to death!

Angelina: So the stories were true. Geneviere went to the Underworld and became a darken. Not even a servant of justice can fend off the Underworld's corruption

Xiaoyu: It's really a good thing I didn't go with Okubi after all

Angelina: Back in her era, Geneviere was quite the fighter. Now as a darken, I expect her to be even stronger

Lisa: Even with her strength. The five of us should be enough to stop her

Nara: No! Just stay the fuck back! I want to fight this bitch by myself. I'm going to make her regret ever leaving the Underworld

Xiaoyu: Nara I understand you're angry

Nara: Angry? Xiaoyu am way fucking past angry! I'm FUCKING FURIOUS! These bastards go around, killing individuals like myself. Only because we are the descendants of the Great Sages. It isn't right and I had all I can take. Somnium didn't deserve to die. I swear on my name, I will avenge her death! Starting by killing that bitch! Then I will go and kill off the rest of The Children Of Ruin. Now stay out of my way or else!

Before anyone could stop Nara. The angry sage starts charging towards Geneviere. Swiftly rising from the ground. Holding her sword in her right hand. Geneviere summons a shield to her left. As Nara prepares to strike, Geneviere prepares a attack of her own.


Nara unleashes multiple ice shards from his hands towards Geneviere. As the attack comes towards her, Geneviere prepares to counter


Moving at in inhuman speed. Geneviere dodges each and every one of Nara's ice shards. Nara stunned by Geneviere's speed. The unholy warrior now stands before him

Nara: Impossible!

Xiaoyu: Nara no!

Due to shock, Nara is unable to move. Geneviere lifts her sword into the air. Preparing to delivery a fatal slash to Nara. As Geneviere goes to strike Nara. Lisa quickly yells out "MIGHTY LOVE" Creating a heart shaped shield over Nara. While Geneviere attack fails to kill Nara. The impact of her attack breaks Lisa's shield. Causing a blowback effect on Nara, sending him to the ground.

Angelina: Her strength alone broke your defense

Apollyn: At least Nara is still alive

Lisa: Looks like it's time I summon "PEACEMAKER!"

Lisa summons her beloved sword, Peacemaker into her hand. Sprouting her angel wings from her back. Lisa flies towards Geneviere. As Geneviere goes to strike Nara. Lisa intercepts her attack with Peacemaker

Lisa: I'll be your opponent now bitch

Geneviere: Pretender! You are no angel! Nothing more than a heathen harpy

Lisa: Bitch you dare call me a harpy! Now am really mad

As Lisa and Geneviere go head to head. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Angelina joins the battle



Angelina: BULLSEYE!

Using her spell "Bullseye". Angelina ensures both Xiaoyu and Apollyn's attacks hit their mark. As her comrades attack approaches. Lisa swiftly moves out the way. Allowing Geneviere to get hit by Light Pulse & Chocolate Bomb. Grabbing Nara off the ground and flying away. Both Lisa and Nara avoid the explosion cause by Xiaoyu and Apollyn's attacks

Xiaoyu: Direct hit baby! Thanks for the precision spell Angie

Angelina: Don't thank me yet. Geneviere is still far from defeating

As the smoke clears around Geneviere. The armor warrior emerges barely harmed. Pointing her sword towards her enemies. Geneviere begins to speak

Geneviere: Heathens! Do you truly believe you can defeat me? I'm Geneviere Claudin, the Unholy Knight. It's time I do away with you heretics!

Using her Unholy Agility technique. Geneviere flashes from one target to the next. Attacking each of the heroes with a powerful strike. Xiaoyu and Nara are sent rolling in one direction. While Lisa, Apollyn, and Angelina to another. The three women quickly rise to their feet. Unaware of Geneviere's true intentions

Lisa: It's going to take more than that to defeat us

Apollyn: Especially since we two are demons and Lisa's an angel

Geneviere: Fools! I know exactly what you're capable of. That's why I shall end the three of you now. EYE OF MEDUSA!

Geneviere's left eyes glows in a golden light. Unaware Geneviere posses such an ability. Lisa, Apollyn, and Angelina look into Geneviere's eye. Both Xiaoyu and Nara look on with horror. Watching their friends turn into stone

Xiaoyu: APOLLYN!


Geneviere: Three down and two to go. 

Anger by her friends turned to stone. Xiaoyu's right hand glows in a intense light. Xiaoyu then starts charging towards Geneviere

Xiaoyu: YOU BITCH! I'll make you pay for what you done

Nara: Xiaoyu don't!

Ignoring her friends cry. Xiaoyu heads towards Geneviere, ready to attack. Once she's in range, Xiaoyu prepares to strike

Xiaoyu: Die you bitch! SUNSHINE PUNCH!

Xiaoyu's right hand as hot as the sun. She swings her fist towards Geneviere's head. Geneviere lifts her shield, blocking Xiaoyu's punch. While Xiaoyu's manages to destroy Geneviere's shield. Xiaoyu leaves herself open to Geneviere's next attack. Using her sword, Geneviere stabs Xiaoyu in her gut. Nara witnesses Xiaoyu being stabbed. Nara immediately starts running towards her. Geneviere lifts Xiaoyu by her neck, throwing her to Nara. Nara manages to catch Xiaoyu, both falling to the ground. His injured comrades tightly in his arm. Nara immediately checks to see the condition of Xiaoyu's wound. Tears quickly start running down his eyes. As he looks how badly Xiaoyu has been injured. Despite the great pain she's in. Xiaoyu begins speaking to Nara

Xiaoyu: Nara please don't cry. I knew my luck was bound to run out eventually. I just wish... I just wish I had done things differently

Nara: What about your healing magic?

Xiaoyu: If am left alone long enough. My magic will be able to heal me. Unfortunately Geneviere will finish me off before then. Am just happy we forgiven one another. I couldn't bare the thought of dying. Knowing you and I were still on bad terms. I really enjoyed journeying alongside you Nara. Heck I even believed I was catching feelings for you. Anyways I want you to get out of here. Run as fast as you can. Maybe just maybe, you'll be able to find some help. As for the girls and I. This is the end of the road. Times like this I really wish Okubi was here. Geneviere wouldn't stand a chance against him. I just pray he has better luck than we had. It sucks knowing I won't be able to see my friend again. Anyways thanks for everything Nara. From the very bottom of my heart I appreciate you. Just do me one favor before I go. Survive! If you do nothing else. Please survive for yourself... for me

Accepting her fate, Xiaoyu closes her eyes.

Nara: No please Xiaoyu! Don't give up! I can't lose you too. I care about you too much. I... I fill so much hatred! 

Xiaoyu: Nara?

Nara: Xiaoyu somethings wrong with me. I feel... I feel myself being consumed by hatred! I gotta get away from you. I gotta--

Before Nara could finish speaking. Geneviere unleashes a beam of crimson energy at Xiaoyu and him

Geneviere: And that's the end of---

Suddenly sensing her remaining targets are still alive. As the smokes clears, a being in black appears. Changed by his inner darkness. Nara's appearance has completely changed. His hair and skin gray as a zombie. Clothing is all black, and his eyes now glowing crimson red. Nara stares at Geneviere with his menacing eyes. Filled with the desire to annihilate her. In spite of her enemies intimidating appearance. Geneviere still intends to finish him off.

Nara: Time for annihilation! 

Geneviere: Agreed! I will finish you off then kill the girl

Nara: You don't understand. I'm going to completely destroy you! The death I shall bring upon you. It will last you throughout eternity!

Geneviere: Heathen! Do you truly believe you can kill me? I shall gladly show you the arrogance of your ways

Nara: Me arrogant? Bitch you have no idea the hell you're about to face!

Geneviere: The time for talk is over! Prepare to die!

Nara: Unfortunately this is not my funeral

Geneviere: I'll make the first move! BARBARIAN CHARGE!

Surrounded in a zaffre color miasma. Geneviere charges towards Nara at a insane speed. As Geneviere approaches, Nara prepares a counter attack

Nara: Come forth Lionheart!

Summoning his armor night Lionheart into battle. As Geneviere comes to strike Nara. Lionheart blocks Geneviere's attack with his giant shield.

Geneviere: A summoning! How unexpected. I thought you were some lowly WATER elemental

Nara: My powers are beyond your puny imagination. Not only am I able to use all of my other self's abilities at once. I posses others powers as well. Powers that I will use to annihilate you!

Geneviere: You don't frighten me! I'll destroy your silly summoning and you with it! Now feel the wrath of my Blaze Strike!

Nara: Lionheart use DOMINATE!

Setting her sword ablaze. Geneviere prepares to strike down Lionheart. Using his attack Dominate. Lionheart easily overpowers Geneviere, sending her flying to the ground. The impact of the fall causes Geneviere to release her weapon. Having separated Geneviere from her weapon. Nara plans his next move. As Geneviere lays on the ground in pain. The armor warrior begins speaking to her enemy

Geneviere: For a heathen, you're much stronger than I expect. None the less I will prevail

Nara: This fight was over before it begun. You're simply too stupid to realize it. Lionheart prepare the lamb for her sacrifice

Enraged by Nara's words. Geneviere quickly attempts to grab her swords. As Geneviere is about to obtain her weapon. Lionheart appears before her. Instructed by his master, Lionheart stabs Geneviere's hand. Caused by the pain inflicted on her. Geneviere releases an earth shattering scream. Unable to use her sword. Geneviere prepares to use her EYE OF MEDUSA technique on Lionheart. However before she makes her move. Geneviere hears the voice of Nara in her head

Nara: "That won't work. I won't allow it!"

Geneviere: "But how?"

Nara: "Not very bright I see. As I said earlier, I have access to multiple abilities. All which you brought out by making my other self angry. It is now time I finished you off for good! Lionheart grab her"

Doing as his master order. Lionheart lifts Geneviere by her head. Struggling to break free of Lionheart's iron grip. Geneviere's efforts prove to be in vain. As Lionheart has complete hold of her. Nara begins laughing menacingly. Knowing that Geneviere is at his complete. Unfortunately what Nara has planned for Geneviere. It will be anything, but merciful. Nara walks in a cocky manner towards Geneviere. Once the two are face to face. Nara begins to speak

Nara: Now that I have you where I want you. I wonder what I should do with you? Have Lionheart strip you naked? Adding further humiliation before your inevitable death? Am just joking mostly. I won't need to remove your armor to violate you! Now any last words before your ultimate violation?

Unable to cause Nara any real harm. Geneviere spits into Nara's eye. As he wipes the spit off his face. Nara begins laughing menacingly once more

Nara: Ha ha ha ha ha.... ha ha ha fucking HA! Stupid bitch I said any last words. Not the last fucking spit. Anyways this is the end of your road. May you suffer for all of eternity. Now with all your might Lionheart. Toss this bitch high into the air

Once again doing as his master order. Lionheart tosses Geneviere several feet into the air. With Geneviere suspended in the air. Nara prepares to unleash his ultimate attack. Using his magic, Nara changes the air around Geneviere to absolute zero. As Geneviere body begins to freeze, Nara summons a whirlpool to surrounded her. Completely frozen and trapped within the whirlpool. Nara is now ready to finish Geneviere off

Nara: This is you end! ARCTIC ARMAGEDDON!

Unleashing his devastating attack upon Geneviere. The whirlpool begins ripping away at Geneviere like a blender. Spinning faster and faster, the whirlpool continues to cut away at Geneviere. Once Nara sense nothing of Geneviere remains. He ceases the uses of his whirlpool. As the temperature changes back to normal. Still remaining as his darker self. Defeating Geneviere did not sate Nara's desire for chaos. Luckily before Nara could do anything of sinister nature. Xiaoyu appears from behind him mostly healed. Wrapping herself behind Nara, Xiaoyu emits a healing lights. Not only is her light healing her wound. Xiaoyu's magic also fights away the evil within Nara. Slowly reverting to his normal self. Nara doses off to sleep. Two and a half hours later. Nara wakes up from his nap. Finding himself laying inside a hut. Before he could call out for anyone. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Angelina, and Lisa walk inside the hut

Lisa: Looks like our dark prince has awoken

Xiaoyu: Lisa what did I say to you earlier?

Lisa: Okay okay! I was only kidding... mostly

Nara: What's going on? Weren't the three of you turned to stone?

Angelina: Did you want us to stay that way?

Nara: No no! That's not what I meant. I just thought when... what was I thinking again? I can't seem to remember much right now? Where are we anyways?

Apollyn: Yeager Village silly

Xiaoyu: When you killed Geneviere. Not only did you give me time to heal. The girls were free of their stone curse. While I'm grateful you had saved us. I must admit am somewhat afraid of you. I never knew you posses such dark powers

Angelina: About those dark powers. Based on what Xiaoyu described. It seems to me we have a darken amongst the group. The odd thing about that. I don't believe you ever been to the Underworld

Lisa: Unless Nara has been holding secrets from us?

Nara: No secrets... well I meant to treat it like one. When I was six years old. A demon had kidnapped me. It had intended to eat me. Luckily a half demon from the Underworld had rescued me. After battling and killing my kidnapper. The half demon returned home to my family. When the demon spoke to my parents. Both my mother and father started to cry. None the less they were just happy to have their son back. Unfortunately since that very day. My parents only taught me how to use four elemental spells. While the rest of my siblings learned eight. Despite how fortunate I was on that very day. Being taken to the Underworld had changed me. While I escaped with my life my soul was tainted

Xiaoyu: What about your essence? If your soul was truly tainted. None of the Children Of Ruin would target you. Yet both Brutality and Ethan had made attempts on your life

Angelina: I believe I can answer that question. Since it's very similar what am going through. While like all young sages. Nara posses a strong and mostly pure essence. Due to being taken to the Underworld. Nara's soul is also taken. However Nara's magic must be even stronger than most. In spite of the age he was when kidnapped. Instead of becoming a darken. Nara's magic had made the darken self a magical ability. Meaning Nara actually posses five elemental spells. Ice, Water, Telepathy, Summoning Lionheart, and turning into a Darken. Since becoming a darken is a magical aspect of Nara. Nara is able to become a Darken while maintaining his pure essence

Apollyn: But didn't Nara kill Geneviere? If Apollyn remembers correctly. If a sage kills someone good or evil. Their essence becomes tainted. Meaning they no longer posses a pure essence

Xiaoyu: I remember that being the case as well

Angelina: That's an easy one. Nara did not kill Geneviere as his self, but as a darken. Darken are already evil beings. Thus the act of killing is nothing to them.

Xiaoyu: Well that's good to know... I think. Either way we're glad to have you back

Nara: Am just you girls are okay too. However after what happen today. Do any of you trust me enough to keep me around? I mean you said yourself Xiao you're somewhat afraid of me. I couldn't forgive myself if I ever hurt one of you

Xiaoyu: Nara don't be an idiot! While I said am somewhat scared of you. I meant more like "Whoa! You got some scary abilities. I better be careful" and not "OMG! Am totally fearing for my life" Besides was it me who reverted back to normal?

Nara: And put me to sleep?

Xiaoyu: Side effects my dear. Besides everything worked out. We all are still alive

Nara: All but Somnium. I can't remember anything upon becoming my darker self. However I remember just about everything prior to that. Including when Somnium was beheaded. By the way did anyone bother to bury Somnium?

Lisa: OMA! Do you think we are some heartless harpies? I personally carried Somnium's body to Yeager Village. We told the locals what had happened and they buried Somnium. It was a beautiful funeral for a beautiful woman. So many of the villagers mourn her passing

Nara: Hey wait a second? Aren't you an angel? Couldn't you just bring Somnium back to life?

Upon hearing Nara's words. Lisa holds her head down in shame. The other girls faces becoming equally depressed. Still holding her head down, Lisa starts to speak

Lisa: Nara... while I am an angel. I unfortunately do not posses that skill. Each angel in Heaven posses a variety of skills. Some are healers, some are skilled warriors, mediators, summoners, and even can resurrect the dead. While I can heal even the most critically damaged person. However once somebody is dead... I can't do nothing for them

Nara: Not even if you asked Asira? I mean he is God after all?

Xiaoyu: Nara now isn't the time for these kind of question

Nara: Why not Xiao? I mean what good is having an angel around. If they can't bring back somebody who died?

Apollyn: Nara!

Lisa: No! The man has ever right to be angry with me

Nara: No I don't! I'm just shooting the messenger here. My anger isn't with you Lisa. My anger is towards all the fucking bullshit when been dealing with. No matter how hard we try. More and more innocent sages are killed. More bullshit after bullshit. I just can't... I just can't keep doing all this

Apollyn: Oh Nara don't cry

Nara: I'm not going to cry Lynn. I'm just beyond pissed off! Somnium nor the other descendants deserved to die. If only we could had gotten to the Children Of Ruin first. If only those fuckers were hunted down like prey. Instead innocent sages are being killed. Just so a bunch of shitty ass bastard demons can resurrect an even bigger shitty ass bastard demon!

As tears start running down Nara's eyes. Xiaoyu immediately moves towards him. Kneeling to the ground next to him. Xiaoyu puts her hand on Nara's face, wiping away his tears. While wiping Nara's tears away, Xiaoyu also begins to cry

Xiaoyu: None of this has been fair Nara. It's the reason why we all are fighting. To correct a terrible wrong. Well most of us anyways. I started this journey only wanting revenge for my dead friend. Only after traveling so long. Fighting against the Children Of Ruin. It was that moment I had realized. Avenging my fallen comrade was no longer a priority. My priority became fighting to save our world. I don't want Mastema to ever be release. For I fear that if that were to happen. We would not be able to stop him. The thought of losing my family and friends. The fear of the destruction Mastema would release.  All those things is what keeps me moving forward. As sad as I may get. I remind myself how sadder it would be, if the Children Of Ruin's succeed in their ambitions. That very reason alone should motivate you. Motivate you in fighting to save our world. Because believe me when I tell you this. It's the only thing that keeps me going. The hope that despite the innocent lives lost, the many demons we face, and how many times we nearly died. Somehow we will come out victorious. That is why we fight Nara. We fight to protect our world. We fight so that evil may never truly win.

Lisa: *Sniff* That was a beautiful speech Xiaoyu. So beautiful it was inspirational. I too fight so that evil never truly wins. It's the very reason I risked my existence coming here. I could no longer simply stand by, watching the Children Of Ruin sacrificing innocents. Even if I cease to exist. I will die knowing I may the right choice. Like the rest of you, I too want to protect this world and it's inhabitants. That's my job as a angel after all.

Apollyn: Apollyn too wants to protect the non demons

Nara: Here I thought you only care for our desserts

Apollyn: Oh that's not true. It's not only about the desserts, but the beings who make them. Throughout Apollyn's travel of this world. Apollyn made many friends while eating yummy sweets. Wonderful people who Apollyn wants to keep alive. Because I genuinely appreciate your kind. Not only because of your yummy desserts, but *sniffs* for your kindness

Xiaoyu: Oh Apollyn please don't cry

Apollyn: But it's true. All my life I been made fun of by my fellow demons. Even my own siblings at time. Only because Apollyn was different. Only when I began adventuring this world. It was then I had experience kindness. Apollyn will never forget the lemon meringue pie Mr. Zanobi gave me. Back when Apollyn had no concept of money. I spotted a elderly man selling pie. As I saw people enjoying their desserts. Apollyn had felt really sad. Knowing I didn't have the money to buy a slice. Least when Apollyn expected it. Mr. Zanobi walked over to me and handed me a slice. Apollyn never been so happier. It was then Apollyn decided to continue venturing through this world. Not only to eat endless desserts, but to meet people as kind as Mr. Zanobi. That's why Apollyn will fight to the very end. In order to save all the kind people of this world

Angelina: All your guys reasons for fighting. They are truly noble. Unfortunately my reasons don't align with any of you. I'm not fighting because am such a good person. Nor is it because I genuinely care about protecting this world. Since birth I despise this world and it's existence. I didn't have loving parents or any friends. Growing up in Japan was the worst years of my life. Everyone around either pretended I didn't exist or despise acknowledging me. I absolutely hated existing in this world. If my existence was so burdensome. Why didn't my parents just abort me? Instead they choose to let me suffer. Suffer years of loneliness that turned into bitterness. My existence continue to be a miserable one. Until I had graduated high school. Moving from Japan to Mayland, I gotten a job as an Exorcist. Only then did I start meeting who enjoyed having me around. Life was finally starting to become good. No longer I felt like an outsider. People not only acknowledge me, but were happy to have me around. For the first time in my life. I was truly happy to be alive. No more was I merely existing. Everything was good until that very night. On our way back from helping our client Thomas Rider. My comrades and I were attacked by her! On that very night I began to understand why. Why nobody back home wanted me around. It was because I was a coward! When Lilith had attacked my comrades. Instead of me fighting alongside them. I ran away and went into hiding. I had abandon the only people who ever gave a damn about me. After Lilith killed my teammates. That demon had came after me. Once Lilith had found me. Lilith began sucking out my life force. All my life I had welcome the thought of death. However on that very night something change. No longer did I wanted to die. Instead I wanted to live more than anything. As Lilith was draining the life out of me. I knew then it was either me or her. Once I remember the knife I received from Thomas. Not knowing the knife's true capabilities. I pulled the knife out my pocket. Stabbing Lilith in the stomach. Lilith had instantly releases her grip, tending her own wound. When Lilith realize the weapon I used on her. Only then did Lilith cried out in despair. Unlike me back then, Lilith knew the knife's true nature. The Demon Soul Extraction Blade or better known as The Zyra Blade! As I watched Lilith die a slow and painful death. Before Lilith completely died. All of her powers and life had entered into me. Surviving that dreadful night. My life as I known it had officially ended. Knowing what I had done. I couldn't face returning to the corps. Using my new found powers. I had altered my appearance and started a new life. Now known as Angelina Mifune. I immediately gotten a job as a hero sage. Going on various missions. From rescuing kittens in trees to battling dark sages. After each use of my powers. I slowly felt myself losing my humanity. Once my humanity had completely faded away. No longer was I Angelina the hero, but Angelina the demon! A being without morals or compassion. I went around Mayland, killing many innocent lives. All because I desired it. Only when I first targeted Okubi and was defeated by him. That's when I became obsessed with destroying him. After preparing myself for our next encounter. I tracked Okubi down with the intentions of killing him. Fortunately during my second attempt to kill Okubi. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn were there with him. After being defeated for the second time. I had planned on killing the three of you the following day. Then another fortunate event happen. Upon chasing after Brutality who stolen my Zyra Blade. I had encountered not only you three, but Nara as well. After our battle with Brutality and Boruta. The five of us were put to sleep by King Onyxe. Upon being taken to the King's castle. Onyxe had not only repaired my shattered mind. He nearly revived my lost conscious. Unfortunately due to having Lilith's blood and soul within me. I can never be truly rid of my evil self. Receiving yet another chance in life. The reason I fight isn't for love or justice, but redemption. I Not only have I committed many atrocities. I abandon the only people who were good to me. Now I fight not only to help you guys, but with the hope if I should die. I may be able to join my fallen comrades in the Spirit Realms. Hoping that they will forgive me for abandoning them. That is the reason I fight. Nothing more and nothing less

Xiaoyu: Thank you for sharing your true feelings with us Angelina. I can't say for sure, but I believe in my heart. Your decease comrades have already forgiven you. Regardless of how things started off between us. It makes me happy that I can call you a friend

Apollyn: The same goes for Apollyn too! I love you Angie

Angelina: Aw thanks Apollyn. I love you too

Lisa: Angelina there's one thing you should never forget. It's never too late for redemption. Believe me when I say this. You're definitely on your way of achieving your goal. Like everyone else here. I too am happy to have you around

Angelina: Thank you so very much Lisa

Nara: Despite our history. We make for a perfect team. As long as we all stick together. We will come out on top. There is no evil strong enough. That can triumph over the power of friendship. So let's us not fear for the worst. Instead let's fight so our hopes and dreams come true

Xiaoyu: Sounds like a plan Nara. That was quite the pep talk by the way

Nara: *Blushes* I learned from the best

Lisa: Now that we had this talk folks. Let's go grab something to eat

Apollyn: Afterwards we can go visit Somnium's grave. Apollyn wants to add more pretty flowers

Angelina: That's sounds like a plan

Xiaoyu: Okay so let's us get out so Nara can get dress

Nara: Hold up for a sec! If the rest of you ladies don't mind. May I speak to Xiaoyu in private?

Lisa: Um I don't see why not

Apollyn: Only if you share you secret with Apollyn later

Angelina: Oh it won't be a secret forever Lynn. Anyways that won't be a problem. We're heading off to the Yeager Bar. Hurry and meet us there

Lisa, Apollyn, and Angelina exit the hut. Leaving behind Nara and Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: So what is it you wanted to ask me Nara?

Nara: Ever since I been traveling with you. Even when you hated my guts. I had... oh how do I say this? Feelings for you? When I thought you were going to die. I remember you saying you had feelings for me. I was just wondering well hoping actually. That you genuinely do care for me? Or were you just simply being nice?

Once Nara finishes speaking his truth. Both Xiaoyu and he become silent as death. After a few seconds have passed. Xiaoyu leans over to Nara, placing her lips upon his. Without further hesitation from both parties. Xioayu and Nara start passionately kissing one another


Locating her next target in Mirage Town. The Children Of Ruin member Brutality engages in battle with descendant Peter Alnair. Unfortunately for Brutality, Peter was not alone. Not only was Peter a dark sage. The very opposite of a regular sage. Dark sages are much more cutthroat and will not hesitate to kill their enemies. Peter was the leader of the guild Sinister Stars. Finding herself not only faced against Peter. Alongside Peter were his comrades Allysa Celaeno, Matthew Gianfar, Tanya Kraz, and Lucille Cursa. While battling against the Sinister Stars, Brutality founds herself vastly outmatched and outnumbered. Far too late to retreat from battle, Brutality along with her summonings fought their best. Unfortunately once Brutality was caught in Tanya's spell Spiral Web. While Peter, Allysa, and Lucille fought off her summonings. Matthew had struck the defenseless Brutality with Dragon Canon. Despite suffering massive damage from Matthew's attack. Brutality's body slowly began to heal itself. Unfortunately the Sinister Stars had no intentions of allowing Brutality to heal. Knowing there was nothing she could do to stop them. Brutality closed her eyes and accepted her fate. Fortunately just before any of the Sinister Stars could finish her off. A mysterious pink portal had opened beneath Brutality. Teleporting her away from certain death. Teleported out of Mirage Town. Brutality had found herself laying in bed. Barely conscious due to her battle wounds. Brutality feels herself slowly falling to sleep. Standing over her injured body is a woman alongside a fairy like creature. While her memories are very blurry. Brutality knows for certain this woman is her kin. Unable to resist the need for sleep any longer. Brutality's view immediately turns black

Unknown Woman: I finally found you Dela. Welcome back home big sis


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