Saturday, November 8, 2014

Profile Brutality


Name: Brutality formerly Dela Regan

Age: 83. Thirty four when she became a demon

Gender: Female

Likes: Killing

Dislikes: Failure

Magic Name: Nox Summoning Art

Powers: Like any other demon, Brutality posses inhuman strength, durability, reflexes, speed, sense, and regenerating abilities. Using her summoning magic, Brutality can summon the following beings into battle

1. Nox Edimmu: A balloon like clown creature and Brutality's main summoning. Nox Edimmu has an array of abilities. From creating thick fogs to sucking out souls. Despite his fearsome appearance, Nox Edimmu is a kind nature summoning

2. Npx Victoria: Also known as simply "Victoria". Nox Victoria is a scantly clad lilin like creature. Used to seduce male enemies and attacks with violet colored energy balls. Don't let this creatures sexy appearance fool you. Nox Victoria is a creature not to be trifle with.

3. Nox Gagana: A deadly winged creature summons by Brutality. Attacking with his sharp steel claws. Gagana can rip his enemies apart

4. Nox Cosmin: Half human half fish creature Brutality can summon. A handsome creature with fish features. Nox Cosmin uses a rungu in combat. Brutality only summons Nox Cosmin when around water

5. Nox Cicada: A huge bug creature Brutality can summons. The laziest and weakest of Brutality's summong. Nox Cicada absolutely dreads being summon into battle. Using it's melodic voice. Nox Cicada can put enemies to sleep.


BIO: Before Brutality became the demon she is today. Brutality was once a human summoner name Dela Regan. Losing her parents at a young age. Both Dela and her sister Marisa were placed in foster homes. Despite being sister, Dela and Marisa did not get along. Marisa would often play pranks on her older sister. Causing the two sisters to constantly clash. Upon reaching their teenage years. Marisa was adopted by the Clarks, while Dela went off to Nox Summoning Academy. During her time in the academy. Dela quickly proved to be one of the school's most gifted summoners. After graduating Nox Summoning Academy. Instead of joining a guide as many expected. Dela had decided to become a nurse.

Working as a nurse for almost four years. Dela had remain single until one day. Hanging out a the local bar after work. Dela meet her future husband Jonathan Cardozo. Dela and Jonathan dated for severals month, before getting married. Life was fantastic for Mrs. Cardozo. Working a job she loved very much, good friends, beloved summoning(s), and most of all, a husband she loved with all her heart. Unfortunately Dela's beautiful life was coming to an end.

Returning home late one night. Not only did Dela catch Jonathan in bed with another woman. That very woman was her sister, Marisa. Her soul filled with malice. Dela had summoned Nox Edimmu to look into Marisa's soul. Realizing that Marisa was just as shocked as she was. Dela had then summoned Nox Gagana. As Nox Gagana flew Marisa off somewhere. Dela was ready to unleash her fury on her cheating husband. Absent of mercy, Dela had murdered Jonathan in the most brutal way imaginable. Only after having killed Jonathan. Dela had realized what she had done. Dela had tried to run out of town, but was caught by the authority.

Upon being sent to jail. Many had decided Dela should be given the death penalty. Fortunately for Dela, the then King of Mayland, King Alfred. Having known of Dela's great summoning abilities. Had decided to spare Dela's life. In exchange, Dela would become one of the King's assassins. Having become completely numb by her life experience. For every life Dela had taken. The darkness inside of her grew stronger. One day after completing her latest assignment. Dela and her teammates were confronted by a demon. A demon by the name Burlesque.

While the rest of her teammates were ready to fight Burlesque. Dela suddenly felt the desire to kill her teammates. A desire which Burlesque had cast upon her. As her teammates prepared to strike. Dela had summoned Nox Edimmu and order him to kill her teammates. After successfully murdering her comrades. Burlesque had open a portal to the Underworld. Dela following Burlesque into the Underworld.

Breathing the sinister air of the demonic world. Dela felt herself being transformed into something  unknown. The air of the Underworld had changed Dela's DNA. Turning her from a human into a demon. Once her transformation was complete. Burlesque had rename her Brutality! Serving as Burlesque right hand woman for the next twelve years. Each passing years Brutality's hate grew for her boss. However before Brutality could kill Burlesque herself.  Burlesque was killed in battle against an unknown demon. With her former boss now dead. Brutality decided to become a freelance assassin.

Thirty seven years later, Brutality meet a demon name Janiel. Uneasy by the mysterious demon's presence. Brutality had thought of killing Janiel. However after Janiel revealed his plans to her. Instead of attacking Janiel, Brutality joined him. Now a member of the Children Of Ruin. Brutality hunts descendants throughout Asira and sacrifices them. The goal being to free Mastema from Forbidden. Brutality will soon relearn life doesn't always go as planned.

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