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Forbidden Chapter 13


Arrival to the Gore Stadium! Okubi's Unexpected Opponent

As Okubi and company approach Viola Island. They immediately spot a pumpkin orange haired woman in green. The woman stares directly at Okubi with her heterochromia eyes. Staring at the mysterious woman. Okubi and the others sense she means them no trouble. Along with sensing no malice vibes from the mysterious woman. Okuki notices the woman has a familiar scent.

Jorge: Oh hey Anna. I guess the boss was expecting these demons

Anna: Indeed she was... two of them anyways

Okubi: If you have a problem with my company. We can always turn back

Eligos: Considering what's a stake Master Okubi. We can't afford to do that. However Lisa Alice and Carabia can go back with Jorge. At least the rest of our journey will be pleasant

Lisa Alice: It would be even more pleasant if you weren't here. Neither yours or anyone else objections will detour me. I fully intend to see this journey through, no exceptions!

Carabia: That goes double for me

Jorge: If Anna says the two of you are not needed. I will gladly take you back. Even by means of force

Okubi: Try it and see what becomes of you! If my comrades are not welcome than neither am I

Lisa Alice: "Comrades"? Did we just get promoted Carabia?

Carabia: Oh so funny L.A. Okubi just simply loves being difficult. Okubi will never consider us his "real" friends. We are only here out of convenience

Lisa Alice: Oh I know dear. I just needed to hear it out loud. Okubi doesn't really care about us. He just doesn't appreciate being told what he can't or can't do. Must be a trait he gets from his father

Anna: We don't have time for this. Your friends can come if they want. Just don't be surprise if the Queen has them executed upon arrival. The Queen absolutely detest uninvited guest

Okubi: Well Queen Othello better "un" detest uninvited guest. Especially since I'm the guest of honor. Long as am around. Nothing shall happen to those in my company. Now send your friend off to wherever and let's get moving

Anna: I couldn't agree more. Jorge I got it from here. The Queen shall reward you for a job well done later tonight. Now please get going now

Jorge: Thank you Lady Anna. I look forward to my reward tonight

Lisa Alice: I bet you do

Jorge: What do you mean by that?

Okubi: Exactly what she meant. Now leave before I get angry

Jorge shoots Okubi a fiery glare. Okubi response with a glare of his own. Looking into Okubi's eyes. Jorge nearly pisses himself. Sensing Okubi's desire to rip him to shreds. Once accepting that Okubi's powers are greater than his. Jorge takes his leave and paddles away. Shocked by Okubi's rudeness. Anna turns to face him

Anna: Mr. Vice! Your level of rudeness if unnecessary. Threatening a servant of the Queen's is unwise

Okubi: Oh please! Jorge long served his usefulness. His presence was beyond unnecessary. Now that it's just the five of us. Theirs something I wanted to ask you?

Anna: By all means ask your question

Okubi: You share a scent of a half demon I meet prior. By any chance are you related to James Del Soto?

Anna: That man! Unfortunately I'm his daughter! Where exactly did you meet him?

Okubi: I meet him during dinner at the King's Castle. An absolute imbecile, but loyal to the King. I never expected I would meet his daughter. Life is truly interesting

Anna: How unfortunate! I was hoping he was in the Underworld somewhere. Therefore I can hunt him down and

Lisa Alice: Bad blood between father and daughter? Oh how interesting!

Anna: It's a long story. One I won't be sharing with any of you

Okubi: Good because I didn't ask. My only interest is getting to Babylon

Anna: About that... the Queen had made a last minute change. Originally I was suppose to bring you to her Kingdom in Babylon. However a friend of the Queen's invited her to Ascariasis. Just two towns over from Babylon

Okubi: May I ask exactly for?

Anna: Oh my you really don't know?

Lisa Alice: There are a lot of things Okubi doesn't know about the Underworld. It's only a guess, but I believe we'll find the Queen at Gore Stadium!

Anna: How right you are. Queen Othello's friend invited her to the stadium. The Queen just love the entertainment over there.

Okubi:  The Gore Stadium? The name itself sounds unpleasant

Carabia: Unpleasant is an understatement. Only the most barbaric of demons compete in that stadium. Fighting each other to the death. It's a total blood feast over there.

Anna: Now that we know our true destination. We need to get a moving. The faster I bring you to the Queen. The faster Princess Hellin can be rescued

Eligos: Rescued?

Okubi: Exactly what happened to Hellin?

Anna: Dammit! I wasn't suppose to mentioned that. However Princess Hellin is being held in Lord Koga's Castle in Jazan. The Queen will fill you in on the other details. May I ask none of you mentioned anything I just said to her. I already been punished for my previous mess up. I sincerely don't want another one

Okubi: There is no need for you to worry. We will remain silent on that matter... right Lisa Alice?

Lisa Alice: Oh sure. There is no gain for getting little miss Pumpkin hair in trouble

Carabia: Or is it?

Eligos: The two of you won't say a word of else

Okubi: The both of you will deal with me!

Carabia: Oh how scary. As if you would dare harm Lisa Alice. Let alone little o' me!

Beyond irritated with Carabia's big mouth. Okubi grabs the demon spirit with both his hands. Trapped between Okubi's hands. Carabia attempts to squirm free but proves futile. Okubi looks down at Carabia with malice in his eyes

Okubi: How soon you forget of my Spirit Toucher ability? Don't force me to pop you like a balloon you arrogant buffoon! Anymore sass from you and I shall show you no mercy. Do I make myself clear?

Carabia: Crystal clear. Now please release me this instant!

Okubi releases Carabia as he immediately goes hiding behind Lisa Alice. Attempting to hide her annoyance by Okubi's action. Lisa Alice starts laughing hysterically

Lisa Alice: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You're quite the monster Okubi. I wonder what made you so vicious?

Eligos: As much as I wanted to enjoyed that. I only could think back when you would threaten me like that

Okubi: My apologies everyone. Can we please just get going now?

Anna: Finally! Now come on and follow me

While journeying through the Viola Forest. Okubi and company encounter several vicious creatures. While Okubi and Lisa Alice fights using their known powers. Anna's style of combat proves rather orthodox. Combating the vicious creatures. Anna fights using talismans, tarot cards, potions, and seals. After defeating the creatures and exiting Viola Forest. While finally arriving to Babylon. They still are far from their true destination. Deciding to take a quick break. Okubi and company dine at a nearby restaurant. Once they finish eating and Okubi pays for the meals. Heading over to the Hades Station, the group boards the train. On their way to Ascariasis. Everyone decides to take a light nap. An hour a twenty three minutes later. Okubi and company have enter Ascariasis

Eligos: What a wonderful nap. We're finally here everybody

Anna: Good! The Gore Stadium is only a few miles from here

Lisa Alice: Hopefully we don't encounter any trouble on the way

Okubi: Hmph! Don't hold your breathe. I just want to hurry up and get this over with. The faster I meet Othello, the faster I can rescue Hellin. Course I won't mentioned that to Othello as promised

Anna: Thank you

Lisa Alice: Whatever! I just want to get to the stadium already. I just realize how much I detest long travels

Carabia: I knew sooner or later you would start complaining. I honestly hate this traveling myself

Okubi: Well too bad! Now shut up and keep on moving

Lisa Alice: Always in such a hurry. I wonder how long before something dumb happens? Like being attacked by something unexpected?

Carabia: Considering the company we're in. Something awful is bound to happen. It's just the matter of when?

Eligos: Something awful has already happened. The two of you are still here

Carabia: Oh how wonderful. More pointless nagging from a pointless spirit


Carabia: Make me!

Okubi: Cut it out the both of you1 The next time either one of you bicker. I'm going to pop you both like boils

Eligos: But Master Oku--

Okubi: No bits just do. Seriously what did I get myself into?

Anna: Well you insisted they come. Don't get upset now that "your company" are behaving luke hooligans

Okubi: Don't you start with me Anna. As rare as it maybe. Even am capable of making mistakes. This happens to be my latest one

Anna: Well let's just hope our travel goes smoothly. We're already half way to the stadium

Continuing their travel to Gore Stadium. A half hour later, Okubi and company are merely steps away from Gore Stadium. Approaching the huge arena, Okubi and company suddenly sense something sinister. Suddenly a flash of lighting appears before them. Temporary blinded by the bright light. As the flash fades away, a mysterious woman stands before them. Taking one look at the mysterious woman. A blind man could tell she comes from money... lots of it! Her neon yellow shaped in a thundery design. The woman wears a satin red dress, showing off her cleavage. Along with a white fur coat and boots to match her dress. While the others are stunned by the woman's shocking appearance. Knowing exactly who the mysterious woman is. Anna swiftly blurts out her name

Anna: Princess Mihoshi!

Mihoshi: What a pleasant surprise. Servant girl completed a task without any fuck ups. Mother will be please

Okubi: Princess Mihoshi? Here I thought Hellin was Othello's only child

Anna: The Queen has three children. Course she only acknowledges her daughters

Mihoshi: Still telling strangers things you aren't suppose to? I bet you already told them what happened to Hellin?

Anna: *Gasp*

Okubi: What exactly did happen to Hellin?

Mihoshi: Do you take me for an idiot?

Okubi: Was I not suppose too?

Anna: Okubi! That's the Princess you're talking too

Okubi: You say that as if I give a damn! I only treat people how they treat others

Mihoshi: So you're Okubi? I didn't imagine you to be so short or feminine looking. Your presence is so fucking annoying

Okubi: The feeling is mutual. Now step aside. I didn't come here to waste time with you. I'm here to speak to your mother. The woman that's actually in charge of Babylon

Lisa Alice: I'm going to meet the Queen. Can't wait to tell my friends back at home... if I had any

Mihoshi: Who the fuck are you?

Lisa Alice: The names Lisa Alice of Rot City. Over there is my associate Carabia

Carabia: To be in the presence of royalty. To be honest am not all that impressed

Mihoshi: HOW FUCKING DARE YOY! Anna what did we tell you about uninvited guest?

Anna: Princess Mihoshi this isn't my fault. See what happened--

Okubi: They are traveling with me! As I told your spineless servant. If my company isn't welcome than neither am I. Trust me when I see your mother, I will tell her that as well

Mihoshi: Ha... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You're a real piece of work kid. You absolutely have no idea what's in stored for you. I can't to see you inside the arena

Anna: The arena? You can't mean Okubi is going to compete in Gore Stadium

Mihoshi: Oh but he will Anna. Unless of course he doesn't want to see the Queen

Eligos: Hey wait a minute! King Onyxe didn't mention any of this?

Mihoshi: King Onyxe? Who gives a fuck about him? My mother is the one calling the shots. King Onyxe was simply a messager. Once Okubi arrived to the Underworld. Everything he does is accordance to my mother's plans. Now the he's here in Ascariasis. It's time we gets things started... Okubi's Execution!

Upon hearing Mihoshi announcing Okubi's execution. Eligos, Lisa Alice, Carabia, and Anna become overcome with terror. Okubi on the other hand wears a expression of annoyance. The expression one has when they been tricked. Fighting her desire to not scream in terror. Anna forces herself to look Mihoshi directly in her crystal blue eyes.

Anna: Princess Mihoshi.... your mother... the Queen mentioned nothing about an execution. I mean what could Okubi had done to be deserving of one. I thought we needed him to rescue your sister?

Lisa Alice: As much as I hate to say this. It was bound to happen. After all it's an open secret. Okubi murdering his mother Ophelia. A demon murdering his own without just cause

Eligos: Or a cause the Underworld won't accept! This is absolutely fucking ludicrous! Okubi did not... it wasn't what you think. He didn't murder Ophelia with evil intentions. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!

Okubi: Don't waste your breath Eligos. Even if I told the Counsels of the Underworld the truth. They would still deem my action a betrayal... just as I have. A demon killing another demon with no just cause is murder! Nothing I can do or say will change their minds. My mistake was ever returning back to this forsaken world. Now I must pay the price for my crime

Anna: Your murder your own mother? You're no different from my father. Both of you are horrible half demons

Mihoshi: Bitch! Aren't you a half demon part lizard or some shit like that? Anyways Okubi is going to be executed and that's that. Now if you will little man. Go around the stadium and enter through the gray door. It's quite the walk down the stairs but you will manage

Lisa Alice: Hey what about us?

Mihoshi: The rest of you will be coming with me. Going to warn you motherfuckers now. Make any sudden moves and I'll fry your asses. You folks should consider yourselves fortunate. It's not everyday commoners are welcome to witness an execution. Especially not one this special. After nearly three hundred years. Okubi Vice is finally going to pay for his crime. Today is the day Ophelia shall be avenged! Now if you will Mr. Vice. Start walking towards the end of the dome. Then make a left turn. Once you see the gray door... enter it! As for the rest of you. You'll be following me if you know what's good for you

Eligos: I will be going nowhere with you! I ONLY TAKE ORDERS FROM MY MASTER!

Mihoshi: You little piece of shit! HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME!

As Mihoshi shouts at Eligos. Her voice creates thunder like sounds throughout the area. In spite of the others being startle. Both Okubi and Eligos remain unfazed by Mihoshi's temper

Okubi: As his Master. I order Eligos to follow me. Everyone else will go with you. However if any of my friends are harmed. I'm coming after you Mihoshi!

Mihoshi: Are you threatening me little man?

Okubi: I don't make threat. It would serve you well to heed my warning. Now come on Eligos. I absolutely hate dragging the inevitable. If I should be executed. I will accept my punishment like a man. My only regret is not seeing my friends once more. Unfortunately I won't have the opportunity now. Lisa Alice will you do me a favor? When you see Apollyn next time. Tell her I had always admired her loving heart. I was just too angry to appreciate back then

Lisa Alice: Okubi that's something you're going to have to do yourself. We may have our differences, but I never wanted you to be killed

Carabia: I mean if Okubi is going to be executed. What will become of Eligos? A Demon Spirit cannot live outside of the purgatory without an attachment to a living being. Am not sharing L.A. either

Eligos: That's fine by mean. My existence is meaningless without Master Okubi

Anna: Okubi may I ask you just one question?

Okubi: I don't see why not

Anna: Why did you kill your mother?

Okubi: To be honest... I really don't know. I guess I could save for the greater good, but I don't truly believe that. Am just like your father. A selfish man who deserves to die

Mihoshi: Thank you! Now take your ass to that gray door already

Okubi quickly gives Mihoshi a nasty look. Then he along with Eligos starts moving towards the stadium. Once in front of the gray door, Okubi opens it and enters inside. Using Eligos as a light, Okubi walks down exactly four hundred and fifty seven steps. After reaching the final step. Okubi passes through a bronze color door. Arriving to the other side. Both Okubi and Eligos find themselves in the middle of the arena. As the duo look around. They are surrounded by a large number of on lookers. Inside the crowd ranges from various demons of various nobility. Okubi and Eligos then spots Lisa Alice, Carabia, and Anna within the crowd. Sitting next to them is Mihoshi and two overly muscular demons

Eligos: Looks like the Princess took some precaution

Okubi: I don't know why. None of those fools would risk themselves to save us. Anyways were is Othello?

As Okubi and Eligos stand cautiously inside the stadium. Okubi following with Eligos spots another bronze color door. Entering through the bronze door is a woman in purple. Immediately noticing the woman's tall and buxom physic. Mesmerized by the woman's ever changing shades of yellow hair. As the unknown woman approaches Okubi. Her revealing attire causes Eligos to have a mental boner. Feeling the God like powers emitting from the woman in purple. Okubi realizes exactly who she is. Plus with the woman sharing a similar scent to Mihoshi. There's absolutely no mistaken on the woman's identity. Before anymore time is wasted. Okubi immediately calls out the woman's name

Okubi: Queen Othello!

Othello: The one and only darling. Well well Mr. Okubi Vice. The Son of Boris the Brave and Lady Ophelia. One parent lost during a war. The other... murdered by her own son!!! Tell me Okubi. Did you really think you were going to get  away with murdering Ophelia?

Eligos: Excuse your majesty. May I have a word with you?

Othello: No!

Eligos: But your Majesty

Othello: I said NO!

Winking her left eyes. Othello uses her Spirit Shock technique on Eligos. Okubi watches in horror as his beloved servant is electrocuted. As Eligos nearly falls to the ground due to shock. Using his demonic reflexesm Okubi catches Eligos in his palm. Kneeling on the ground with Eligos in his palm. Okubi turns his head to face Othello. Giving her a look of absolute hate. Othello stares back at Okubi with an unfazed expression

Othello: Even with that pest in your hand. I still can hurt him. However he's not the one need of punishing. After all you're the one being executed!

Okubi: Attack my servant again and I will execute you!

Ignoring Okubi's threat. Othello turns and faces the crowd

Othello: Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today for out main event will be the Execution Of Okubi Vice! As some of you already know. Nearly three hundred years ago. A young half demon had murdered his mother. From our many seers of the Underworld. Some say it was out of anger, a few out of fear, and one who is no longer with us. Claims that Okubi killed his mother in order to save the inhabitants of Asira. Whatever the case maybe. A demon has murder his fellow demon without any probable cause. Not only did he killed his own mother. Okubi had fled the Underworld in order not to face trial.

Lisa Alice: Hey wait a second? Why would Okubi need to face trial in the Underworld? He killed Ophelia in Asira

Anna: Which would mean only the citizens of Asira can trial Okubi

Carabia: Based on what Eligos has told me prior. Okubi didn't kill his mother out of malice, but to protect the citizens of Asira. Meaning Okubi would be considered a hero and not a killer. Yet the Underworld seeks to have him punished? Something is not right about this situation

Mihoshi: If any of you fucks know what's good for you. I suggest you zip your fucking lips and be silent! Otherwise Okubi won't be the only one being executed

Othello: Fortunately with the help of an associate of mine in Asira. We managed to bring Ophelia's killer to justice. Now while most criminals of the Underworld are allow trial. In order that they may prove their innocence. However Okubi's action have shown he is more than guilty. A man without any remorse for what he's done. Despite what he will tell you. The truth of the matter is... Okubi hated his mother! Ever since he was born. Okubi despised his mother's existence. He only allowed her to live until he no longer needed her. Once the opportunity presented itself. Without hesitation, Okubi literally obliterate his mother from existence. Such a cruel act deserves punishment! That's why we are all here today. To witness the execution of a heartless killer! Today is the day we execute one Okubi Vice! Inside this very arena. Lady Ophelia shall finally receive her overdue justice.

After hearing the entirely of Othello's verdict. Despite ever word from her mouth being a lie. Okubi immediately breaks down into tears. Not only has Othello has assassinated his character. Okubi had done the unthinkable. Revealing his weakness to the enemy. Tears continued to run down his eyes. His words filled with hurt. Okubi begins to lash out at Othello

Okubi: HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK SUCH LIES! Never in the entirety of my existence. Have I ever felt nothing less for my mother than love. You think you know me, but you have no clue. I didn't murder my mother out of hate. I never wanted to kill her. However had I not acted when I did. Thousands possibly millions of lives would had been destroyed. It like something pure evil took over my mother's soul. Causing her to unleash utter chaos throughout Asira. My mother was going to kill a injured mother carrying her newborn baby. As much as I didn't want to. I couldn't just stand by and watch more innocent lives be destroyed. In order for me to do what needed to be done. I rid my heart of all the love I had for her. Giving me will to kill her. Unfortunately for both my mother and I. The love I have for her returned just as fast. Once I realized what I had done. Realizing what I had done was beyond unforgivable. The pain my actions had caused me. It made me ever regret I was ever born. Never have I wanted to feel the pain. The pain of losing a love one. Not only was I without a father, but now a mother. The worst part about the latter. IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! At that very unfortunate day. I wanted to do nothing more than die! My reason for living was now dead. Nothing matter to me anymore. My mother love me with all of her heart. If it had been me causing a havoc on Asira. My mother would had found a better solution. One not involving having to kill me. Unfortunately I wasn't as strong. In her darkest hour. As her child, her only child! I should had done more to save her. Sadly all I could was kill her. A decision I regret til this day. Not because I wanted the innocent to be killed. I just didn't want to live in a world without her. So if you believe I should be executed. I can accept that. What I won't accept is your lies! I did not kill my mother because I hated her. I killed because I didn't have any other choice.

Eligos: Master Okubi?

Othello: So you don't deny the fact you did kill your mother?

Okubi: I already said what I had to say. I won't repeat myself

Othello: That's fine by me. Your confession is all I needed. It's time we get your execution started. First and foremost, rise to your feet! Absolutely nothing worst than a graceless death. I know you had a sorry excuse for a mother, but that no excuse. To behave like a pitiful child in a face of death. As a man even as feminine as you. Should face death with dignity. Especially one that is guilty as yourself!

Okubi: I'll gladly rise and accept whatever my punishment mabye. However talk ill about my mother again and I will kill you!

Othello: Your mother is a pig bitch! Do you really think you frighten me boy? I'm a fucking Demon Lord for goodness sakes. A being of great and divine powers. Powers beyond your fucking imagination! So if I were you, I would shut the fuck up! Lucky for you, I'm not your executioner. Otherwise you would already be dead! Now if I were you, I would send your servant off somewhere. Unless he wants an up close and personal witness to your demise

Eligos: Okubi I will NOT abandon you!

Okubi: Eligos it's okay. Whatever it is I have to face. I would fair much better with you not around. So please go off somewhere for some time. If this should be my final hour. I want to thank you for loving me when I didn't love myself. Thank you for putting up with me for so many years. I know I wasn't the kindest master. I treated you like garbage for so many years. I didn't deserve a servant a loyal and loving as you. I hope you can forgive me? Forgive me for all I have put you through. I want you to know from the very bottom of my heart. I'm truly sorry for all the grief I had caused you. Consumed by the anger in my heart. It made made me a cruel master to a loving servant. By some miracle I should survive my execution. I promise I will cherish you for all of eternity. However for now I bid your farewell

Still holding in his palm. Okubi brings Eligos to his lips and kisses him. Once he removes his lips from Eligos forehead. Okubi releases Eligos from his grasp. Okubi watches as Eligos slowly fades away. Before completely disappearing from the stadium. Eligos looks into his Master's eyes. Eligos says one final things to Okubi before fading away

Eligos: Master Okubi... please don't die on me!

Once Eligos leaves the stadium. Okubi turns his attention back to Othello

Othello: Now that's sappy bullshit is out of the way. It's about time with get your execution started. I shall call it "The Three Hundred Year Karma". Now my brutes, bring out Okubi's executioner!

From the opposite side where Okubi stands. The same bronze doors Othello enter through reopens. Coming through the door are four demons carrying a cage. While the cage is covered with a black cloth. Okubi can sense the power level of the being inside. A power like nothing he ever felt before. While Okubi worries what maybe inside the cage. Refusing to show anymore weakness to the enemy. Okubi goes into his battle stance

Othello: Now remove the curtains and release the executioner

The brutes does as Othello commands. They remove the curtains and open the cage. Watching his executioner crawling out the cage. Okubi's expression quickly changes from confident to petrify. Not only was his executioner a woman. The woman's appearance was nearly identical to of his beloved mother. The only difference was the woman's hair and skin color. While Ophelia had shiny light yellow hair and beige skin. The executioner had blush lavender hair and earth yellow skin. As Okubi struggle to fight off his shock. In order that he would be able to fight. Now staring at Othello with unmeasurable malice. Okubi angrily begins talking to Othello

Okubi: What kind of witch craft is this!

Othello: Oh what's the matter Okubi? Does the appearance of Cordelia bother you? Perhaps she reminds of somebody? A certain Someone you may had killed?

Lisa Alice: This Othello woman is absolutely the lowest of the low. That executioner looks almost exactly like Ophelia

Carabia: I guess it's when they say "the punishment never fits the crime!" This is absolutely despicable! Queen Othello is truly an evil individual

Mihoshi: That's my mama for you. Now shut the fuck up peasants! The show is about to start

Anna: "Something is very wrong about this situation. Okubi should not be receiving any sought of execution. I mean wasn't he suppose to rescue Hellin? What is the Queen's true intentions here? I can't believe I was tricked in doing her dirty work again. Okubi doesn't deserve any of this. I feel so bad about my statement earlier. All I want to do now is save him. Save him from this unjust punishment. Just the way I wished I could had been saved"

Okubi:  So this is my punishment? To be killed by my mother's look-a-like? You absolutely disgust me Queen Othello! I wonder what happened in your life to make you such a miserable witch!

Othello: Nothing that you would understand, but this isn't about me. I wasted enough of my precious breath talking to you! It's about time we got this execution started! Cordelia! Get ready to annihilate Mr. Vice, but before that. I must first explain to you the rules of Gore Stadium. Once the battle has begun. Both fighters must give it their very all. Meaning this is a brutal fight to the death. One cannot simply defeat their opponent in the stadium. They must kill them! Even if there is a clear winner in the match. If said winner does not kill their opponent. As punishment both will brutally murdered. Course I already know Cordelia will do what needs to be done. Regardless of the outcome, the real victor will be me! Now it's time for my brutes and I to exit the arena. Once I return to my seat your execution shall begin. Now any last words before I bid you farewell?

Okubi: Once am finished with her, you're next!

Othello: Ha ha ha... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Little boy! Do you realize who I am? I'm a fucking Demon Lord! A child like you could never hope to defeat me! Let alone defeat your executioner! Anyways I must must be taking my leave. Not only has enough time been wasted talking to you. Many important demons have come to watch your execution. I can literally feel their patience running thin. They want to see you die as much as I do! Now as I leave this lovely arena. I truly hope this will be the last time I see you alive! Goodbye forever Okubi Vice!

Turning her back to the young half demon. Okubi and her brutes exit the arena. As Okubi rages with anger. The young warrior turns his attention to his executioner. The very executioner created from his mother's DNA and several other demons. Cordelia looks back at Okubi with innocence in her eyes. However despite her innocent appearance. Cordelia has already surrounded herself in a menacing neon pink aura. Only seconds away before Okubi's execution starts. Cordelia finally opens her mouth to speak. Sounding exactly as Okubi had imagined

Cordelia: My apologies in advance. Unfortunately the Queen has found you guilt of murder! As punishment it is my duty to exterminate you! Understand I will not kill you out of hate, but out of duty. May you find it in your heart to forgive me. Once I send you off to oblivion. The Queen should nearly be arriving to her seat. Once the Queen is well seated. We shall begin with your execution. I sincerely hope you are ready?

Okubi: Ready? I'm always ready to defend my life! It's you who should be worried! Don't think because you nearly mirror my mother's appearance. I shall be taking any form of mercy on you! An execution is going to take place within this arena. However the one who's going to be executed is YOU!


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