Sunday, November 9, 2014

Profile Lisa Brown

She Who Risked Her Existence In The Name Of Justice

Name: Lisa Michelle Brown

Age: 28 upon death. Currently 65 years old

Gender: Female

Likes: Justice, cursing, teriyaki chicken, banana milkshakes, Adir (former fiance), ninja stories, Linda (decease sister), kittens, Asira (God & The World)

Dislikes: Strict Asira, injustice, needless violence, perky people, green honey

Magic Name: None. Lisa powers are given to her by Asira

Powers: Healing, flight, creating force fields, inhuman durability, sensing, immunity to poison, summoning Peacemaker

BIO: Before becoming an angel, Lisa was once an ordinary human. Born and raised in Silver Town. Lisa along with her older sister Linda. Grew up in a cabin with their mother and father. While life started off nice and simple for Lisa. An unfortunate event had happened one day. Forever changing Lisa's view about life. On a stormy night. Both Linda and Lisa were playing during a thunderstorm. While the girls are busy playing around. One of the nearby tree is struck by lightning. As the tree is about to fall on Lisa. Linda quickly pushes her sister away, being crush by the tree in her place. Realizing what had happened, Lisa begins to cry. Slowly dying, but with some strength left. Linda tells Lisa not to cry and to listen. "Baby sister who I love with all my heart. It is unfortunate that you and I cannot spend no more time together. Regardless I shall die happy. Knowing the one that I love most shall live on. Lisa my beautiful sweet sister. May the rest of your life be a happy one. I look forward to seeing the woman you will become. Tell Mom and Dad I love them and please live on. If not for yourself then for me. Goodbye my sweet Lisa". The next two years was rough for Lisa. Not only had she picked up the habit of cursing. Lisa felt great anger towards Asira. Blaming him for taking her beloved older sister away. As more time past and Lisa enter high school. Her anger subsided, but her sorrow remained. During high school, Lisa meet a handsome man by name Adir Samara. The attraction between the two was instant. However while Adir loved Lisa. He kept Lisa a secret from his family. Knowing Lisa wasn't the kind of woman they wanted their son to marry. Understanding her lover's situation. Lisa and Adir dated in secrecy. While having sex in Adir's room one night. Adir's parents have caught Lisa and Adir in the act. Despite Adir's father threat of disinheritance. Adir had refused to leave Lisa. The Samara family had decided to put up with Lisa. Hoping that their strict traditions would send her away. While Lisa despises her future in laws. Lisa was madly in love with Adir. Unbeknownst to Lisa and her future husband. Mr. Samara was targeted by an assassin. During Lisa and Adir's wedding, the assassin made his move. As the assassin went to shoot Mr. Samara. Like her sister, Lisa sacrificed her life to save Mr. Samara. As Lisa lay on the ground dying. The only though in Lisa's head was her sister Linda. As Adir kneeled next to his fiance, tears running down his eyes. Lisa had said to Adir "Despite how fucking annoying your old man is. I love you so much... I can't help but love them too. You'll find another beautiful woman to love, but you only have one father. I gotta get going now Adir, but know I will always love you". As Lisa passed away, she expected to end up in the Spirit Realms. Instead Lisa became a chosen. Upon witnessing her noble sacrifice. Asira had chosen Lisa to become an angel. Now as a holy being. Along with her fellow angels in Heaven, Lisa watches over the evil of the world below. Serving Asira faithfully for thirty seven years. The arrival of the Children Of Ruin. Lisa witnessed many innocent lives killed by the demons. Unable to continue watching such injustice. Risking her own existence, Lisa had exited from Heaven. Now on planet Asira, Lisa joins the fight against the Children Of Ruin

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