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Character Profile: Team Rose


Name: Abayomi Lava Dinka. Better known as Lava Rose

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Likes: His mother and sister, his master Ula, traveling, meeting new people, his hair style, his chest tattoo, seedless grapes, the smell of candy, exercising, improving his magic skills

Dislikes: Corrupt individuals, remembering his father's passing,worrying his mother, yam, lions, small spaces, strong perfumes

Magic Name: Dextrin 

Abilities: User of the magic called Dextrin. Lava Rose is able to use candy based attacks such a bubblegum, gum balls, taffy, sugar, and other candy related powers

BIO: Real name Abayomi Lava Dinka. Born and raised in Nigeria. Lava Rose lived a normal along with his mother, father, and little sister Angela. Ever since he was five years old. Lava Rose already knew what he wanted in life. That was to become a sage and travel the world. Everyday after school Lava Rose would come home and run to his room. Spending hours reading books and learning about various magics. Hoping to find one that suited his personality. On his seventh birthday Lava Rose's parents took him to a carnival. During his time at the carnival. Lava Rose witness a woman sage perform magical abilities involving candy. Lava Rose ran up to the woman sage. Asking her what was the name of her magic? The woman sage kindly responded that it was "Dextrin". A magic that allows the wielder to posses candy based abilities. Perfect for magic shows and even better for combat. Intrigued by the unusual but cool magic. After the carnival had ended. Lava Rose pleaded with his parents to enroll him in a magic school. While his parents denied his request. They also promised Lava Rose. If he behaves himself in both school and home. They promise him on his tenth birthday. That he'll be enrolled in a magic school in Nigeria. Pleased with his parent's decision. Lava Rose dedicated himself for the next three years. Proving his worth at both home and school. Three years later on his tenth birthday. The next day Lava Rose was enrolled in a magic learning school. 

 Continuing his good behavior at home and keeping up with his academics. Lava Rose began learning the magical art of Dextrin. While learning magic was not nearly as easy as Lava Rose had hoped. The young man was determine to master the ways of Dextrin. Not allowing any set backs to dissuade him. About four months later. Lava Rose finally perform his first magic spell. Summoning a flurry of gum balls out of thin air. Proud of his accomplishment. Lava Rose couldn't wait to get home and tell his parents. However upon returning home from school. Lava Rose was shocked to see policemen at his door. Talking to both his mother and sister. Lava Rose immediately ran towards his mother to find out what had happened. Lava Rose looked up to his mother. Watching the tears roll down her eyes. Summoning all the strength she had within her. Lava Rose's mother kneeled before her son. Telling him exactly why the police are here. That while he was at school. His father went out to buy him a gift for his good behavior. Unfortunately while his father was shopping for a gift. A gunman had entered the same store as his father. Shooting several people including his father. Despite the ambulance being called immediately after the shooter left. His father had died upon EMT workers arriving on the scene. Lava Rose instantly broke down into to tears. Causing both his mother and sister to cry along with him. Several hours later the cops returned to their home. Telling them the shooter was caught and arrested. Yet none of that mattered to Lava Rose. The shooter being caught doesn't change the fact. That he was now without a father. One that he loved very much. Shortly after Lava Rose fell into depression. His grades had suffered and he began insufficient in his magical abilities. Things were even worst at home as Lava Rose would lock himself in his room. Skipping dinner and shutting out his mother and sister. Despite having nothing to do with his father's untimely death. Lava Rose blamed himself. Only if his father didn't go out to buy him a gift. Maybe he would still be alive today. Months after his father's passing. Lava Rose depression had lessen but the pain was still there. Lava Rose started to help out around the house again and ate more often. Along with bringing back up his grades. However Lava Rose had completely abandon his practice of Dextrin.

 Towards the last few days left of school. Lava Rose had been arguing with a group of kids. The kids had threaten to jump Lava Rose on the last day of school. Not allowing a bunch of bullies to frighten him. Lava Rose had challenged all of them to a fight. Course only after having challenged the kids. Had Lava Rose realized the mistake he had made. Unfortunately Lava Rose knew he could not take back his challenge. After school Lava Rose meet the kids for his one vs five battle. Knowing he was outnumbered. Lava Rose made the first move. Throwing a right hook to the leader of the group. Only for his punch to get block. The second guy then threw a punch of his own. Connecting with Lava Rose's stomach. Lava Rose drop to the ground as all five guys started kicking him. Suffering kick after kick. Lava Rose felt helpless and foolish. Only if someone could rescue him. Fortunately someone saw Lava Rose in trouble and took action. The five boys jumping Lava Rose suddenly found themselves bind together by bubblegum. Ending their assault on the defenseless Lava Rose. While the five boys were yelling for help. Blood running down from his nose. Lava Rose looked up from the ground and saw a familiar face. The one who saved him was the same woman from the carnival seven years ago. The woman who had summoned a honey candy from her palm. Place the candy into Lava Rose's mouth as he began to heal. Once the authorities showed up and arrested the five boys. The Woman Dextrin user asked Lava Rose why didn't he used his magic? Unable to answer her question. Due to his feelings of guilt. Lava Rose immediately broke down in tears before her. The woman simply wrapped her arms around Lava Rose. Allowing him to cry his pain away. Walking with Lava Rose back to his home. Lava Rose told the woman everything that happened with his father. Which caused him to stop with his magical training. Understanding Lava Rose's pain and his resentment towards magic. Due to having lost a loved one during her teenage years. Once the woman had brought Lava Rose home. The woman told Lava Rose her name was Ula and starting tomorrow. She will retrain him in the art of Dextrin. While Lava Rose's was still unsure about his feelings on magic. Lava Rose knew he wanted to continue his friendship with Ula. Thus he accepted her offer

 Four years after finishing High School and completing his training with Ula. Lava Rose had fully mastered the art of Dextrin. Able to summon gum balls with ease, create sugar blizzards, growing healing candy from his skin, and other candy based powers. Now a full fledge adult. Lava Rose's next move was to join the Nigerian Army. Just like his father before him. After completing seven years in the army. Lava Rose felt he had served his country and was ready to move on in his life. Lava Rose then returned to his Master Ula. Joining her on carnival tour throughout Africa. Lava Rose became a performer and displayed his magical talent in front of hundreds. Lava Rose didn't intend to stay with Ula forever. Just until he was ready to start a journey of his own. Traveling all throughout the world. Creating a guild of his own. Recruiting powers sages that share his ideas. Helping those who can't help themselves. After Ula's carnvial tour had ended. Lava Rose returned home to his mother and sister. Informing them that his journey to create his own guild is about to begin. A tearful farewell with both is mother and sister. Lava Rose promised to stay in touch as he began his journey


1. Lava Rose was originally going to be a fire user with special abilities. In order to make him difference from James and the demon characters who posses fire spells. However while enjoying some SweeTarts candy. I decided to make Lava Rose's magic involving the use of candy

2. While the leader of Team Rose. Lava Rose was the second character I created. The first being Tre'

3. I had intended to give Lava Rose a more "cool" and "mysterious" personality. Course while coming up with Lava Rose's story and characteristics. I decided to make him more of a friendly character

4. Lava Rose is currently the tallest member of his team. Standing at 6'2


Name: Zira

Age: 87

Gender: Female

Likes: Lava Rose and Tre' although they constantly work on her nerves. The gift she received from her father, her former master and allies, sweet and spicy foods, silence, sun bathing, collecting rare antiques, traveling, sewing, helping those in need

Dislikes: Her past, rude and loud people, irrational behavior, worms, people who keep up with trends

Magic Name: Asura

Abilities: Creating doubles of herself, mind reading, darkness manipulation. inhuman movement. Also due to being a native of Khepri. Zira posses an immunity to extreme heat and can absorb energy from the sun

BIO: Born in the country of Khepri. Known throughout Africa as the home of the sun. Zira was the sole child of a merchant couple. Every morning Zira would accompany her parents in their duties. Watching them sell as many goods as possible. Some days her parents would make lots of money. Other times they hardly made enough to buy dinner. Nevertheless Zira loved her parents very much and wouldn't trade them for anything. Nearly approaching her fourth birthday. Zira's father made a trip over to Sudan. He returned five days later. Bringing home many new items for selling. Including a unique globe like pendant. The most expensive item he had brought back. One that he gave to Zira as a gift. Zira gave her father a hug and a kiss. Promising him that she would keep it forever. Despite the hardships of having merchants for parents. Zira was very happy with her life. Sadly everything change the day before the Antique Fair in Sudan. The Antique Fair was a special even that only took place once a year. Many merchants throughout Africa would travel to Sudan. In order to buy, sell, and to find potential business partners. While Zira and her parents had began their travel towards Sudan. They had encounter a sinister male sage from Botswana. Knowing the sage's intentions was to harm them. Zira's mother ordered Zira to go and hide. Despite not wanting to leave her parent's behind. Knowing they didn't posses any magical powers of their own. Zira knew from the cold look in her mother's eyes. Not to disobey her orders. Zira then went into hiding. Leaving her parents to fend off the sage. Searching for a place to hide within the woods. Zira had heard the agonizing screams of her parents. Immediately she knew that they had been killed.

 Realizing that the only people she ever loved were dead. Regardless of the fact she was only four years old. The rage that consumed her body. Zira turned back and starting running towards the sage and her dead parents. Once face to face with her parent's killer. Zira picked up a sharp rock from the ground. Charging towards the sage with a killer intent. The sage stared a Zira with a sinister smile on his face. Seconds before Zira was about to stab him. The sage unleashed a energy blast at her. Knocking Zira off her feet and down to the ground. The sage then walk over to Zira's injured body. Watching in glee as Zira writhe in pain. Slowly before fading into unconsciousness. Zira look up at the man. Hearing him say to her "I could kill you right now little bitch. However I rather you die a slow and painful death. I find those kinds of death much more satisfying. Sadly I couldn't give your parents a similar demise. Now I'll take whatever goods your parents had and be on my way. Enjoy the afterlife little bitch!". The sage then spat on Zira and left her to die. Moments later Zira was rescued by nearby travelers. They immediately took her to the nearest hospital in Sudan. Hours later Zira had finally awoken in the hospital. While her body was no longer in pain. Her memories were badly damaged. All she could remember was her parents being killed by a sage. That she too was nearly killed by him. Along with the globe pendant her father had given to her. Which was still inside of her backpack. After the authorities came and question Zira. They had returned her to her homeland in Khepri. Placing her in an Orphanage. 

 No longer the sweet little girl she used to be. Zira was now a child filled with unimaginable anger. Everyday Zira would attack her fellow orphans. Causing trouble for the staff. Zira had completely isolated herself from everyone. All she cared about was getting revenge on the man who stoled her happiness. Two years later Zira decided to run away from the orphanage. During the night while everyone was asleep. Zira packed her necessities along with her globe pendant. Sneaking out of the orphanage and beginning her lone journey. While traveling through the woods. Zira had encountered a tall cloaked man. Despite not being the same sage that murdered her parents. Zira immediately reacted in a feral manner. Pulling out her pocket knife and charging towards the cloaked man. Quickly raising his right hand before him. The man used his magic to stop Zira right in her tracks. Unable to move any part of her body. Zira did not show any signs of fear. The Cloaked Man now standing before her. After taking her knife away from her. The man then remove his paralyzation spell off her. Zira immediately began pounding on the man's legs with her fist. It was at that very moment The Cloaked Man understood Zira's pain.

 The Cloaked Man placed both his hands around Zira's waist. Lifting her up into his arms like an infant. Zira surprised by the man's actions. In spite of her attempts to cause him harm. The Cloaked Man did not seem interested in doing the same to her. Instead he simply held Zira firmly in his arms. Ever since the death of her parents. Zira has never felt such kindness from an individual until tonight. While resting her head on the man's shoulder. The man began to say to her "Something you loved dearly was taken away from you. Now the love that once filled your soul is replaced by anger. I cannot change what has happened. Nor do I intend to erase your pain. However if you decide to come with me. I promise you will never feel helpless ever again in your life". Having nowhere else to go. Zira shook her head yes. The Cloaked Man then carried Zira off to his home in Ghana. Shortly after arriving to Ghana. Zira learned that her Master Amaka Usaf. Not only was a half demon, but lead his own secret assassin guild. 

 Amaka would train Zira in both magic and the art of killing. Studying under the magical art known as Asura. Zira quickly learned how to make doppelgangers of herself. Years have past as Zira went on many assassination missions throughout Africa. Fortunately Zira killed only those deemed a menace to the citizens of Africa. Zira also began to learn how to read minds and create darkness from out of nowhere. Making her one of Amaka's most strongest and deadliest assassins. Zira was promoted to being one of Amaka's Seven Deadly Suns. Receiving the title "Anger of the Sun". One day while traveling through the same woods her parents were killed many years ago. Zira had encountered the very same sage her murdered her parents. Planning to do the same thing to another family of merchants. Zira quickly sprung into action. Attacking the sage with a darkness blast. Once she made sure the family had fled to safety. Zira was now ready to take her revenge. The sage who had recognized Zira. Immediately started yelling insults at her. Stating he should had killed her when he had the chance. Unfortunately for the evil sage. Zira had no intentions of being killed by him. After the fierce battle between the two sages. Zira finished him off by blasting a whole in his body. Zira then cut off the head of the deceased sage. Bring her prize back home to her Master. Now that Zira finally avenged her family's death. The young sage was no ready to move on with her life. While Amaka wasn't too thrilled about Zira's desires to leave him. Amaka loved Zira like a daughter and only wanted to see her happy. Amaka hugged and kissed Zira farewell. Zira left Amaka's Assassination Guild and started a life of her own. 

 A few months later while traveling through Nigeria. A group of bandits had surrounded her. However before Zira could even defend herself. A yellow haired Nigerian man appear out of nowhere. Using his candy based magic to subdue Zira's would be attackers. The man then introduced himself as Lava Rose. Asking her if she would like to accompany him in his journey in forming a powerful guild. Zira first declined Lava Rose's offer. Finding his behavior at bit too much for her liking. However shortly after getting to know Lava Rose a little better. Learning that they both share an unfortunate past. Due to the evil of others. Wanting to help Lava Rose make his ambitions a reality. Zira became the first member to join Lava Rose's guild 


1. Zira was originally going to be a biracial woman. However I decided while designing her character. To make her a fully black woman with no white ancestry

2. Zira's original story was going to be raised by assassin parents. Course I found it too similar to Yura's background. Thus I changed her parents to being merchants, but later on Zira would be adopted into a assassination guild

3. Zira is the second tallest member of Team Rose. Standing at 5'11 feet tall


Name: Tre' Jamal Crimson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Likes: His family, rapping, white chocolate flavor ice cream, porn, good graffiti art, exercising, math, and volleyball 

Dislikes: The cult Wingless Angels, injustice, death, candy canes, gambling, weak minded people

Magic Name: None. Prior to being turned into a Artificial Angel. Tre' study under no magic or posses any irregular fighting abilities

Abilities: Tre' can create energy balls, flight, healing capabilities for himself and others. Course his healing is not as good as a real angel. Therefore in order to perform a proper healing. Tre' cannot be too tired or injured himself. Sensing the presence of demons

BIO: Born and raised in the country of Comoros. Tre' along with his mother Yolanda, Father Hakeem, and his twin younger sister Anaya and Ayana. Lived a happy and simple life. Growing up listening to rap music. Tre' knew he wanted to become a famous rapper. Unlike most kids he knew who wanted to become sages. Life was very typical for Tre' Enjoying a nearly perfect childhood and his teenage years weren't much difference. Tre' was on the fast track of becoming one of Nigeria's many successful young adults. However completely unaware of a evil hidden within his country. A cult by the name Wingless Angels. Have been watching Tre' for quite awhile. Waiting for the right opportunity to kidnap him. On his way home from school from a Wednesday afternoon. Tre' had noticed a group of men around the building of his school. Despite the fact the men were obviously not high schoolers. Tre' decided to mind his business and continue his way home. Going towards his normal shortcut through the alley. Tre' suddenly found himself surrounded by the very same group of men. Tre' instinctively pulled out his pocket knife to defend himself. While Tre' didn't make things easy for the group of men. The odds were not in his favor. Tre' tried to stab one of his five attackers, but they easily subdue him and knocked him out. 

 Hours later Tre' found himself awaken in an unknown facility. Alongside him were several other kids around his age. All of them brought here against their will. Once confronted by the one's responsible for their unlawful capture.  A cult by the name Wingless Angels. The cult had told Tre' and the others. They were selected to be apart of an experiment named Project Seraphim. The experiment involved turning non magical mortals. Into artificial angel warriors with divine power. In order to use their powers to combat and annihilate the ever growing demon population throughout Asira. No matter if they were good or evil. Project Seraphim was now underway. The cult members began grabbing up kids one by one. Experimenting on them in difference rooms. Nearly a week had passed since Tre' was first kidnapped. While enduring hours of experimentation. Tre' could hear the agonizing cries of the other kids in their rooms. Once the experimentation on Tre' was completed. Tre' went from being a normal mortal into a artificially empowered being. Tre' along with a girl name Safia. Were the only two survives of Project Seraphim. The other kidnappers children were overwhelmed and died during experimentation. Wingless Angels very unhappy with the end results. Locked both Tre' and Safia away. Until they decided what to do with them next. Fortunately for both Tre' and Safia. Two sages by the names Lava Rose and Zira. Discovered Wingless Angel's hidden base in Comoros. After Lava Rose and Zira harshly dealt with the cult members. They rescued Tre' and Safia and returned them home to their families. 

Safia who was simply happy to be back at home. Tre' on the other hand was furious about what had happened to him. Thanks to the corrupt actions of Wingless Angels. Tre' was robbed of his normalcy. Feeling awful about the young man's current situation. Lava Rose and Zira offered Tre' to join them in their journey. Becoming a member of Lava Rose's Guild Team Rose. Tre' who now posses supernatural powers. No longer had the drive to live a simple life. Dropping out of high school and leaving his family behind. Although he promise to keep in contact with them. Tre' joined Team Rose and began his new life alongside Lava Rose and Zira. Not only does Tre' want to help grow Team Rose into a powerful guild. Tre' hopes to encounter more members of Wingless Angels. Eliminating the twisted cult all throughout Asira. 


1. Tre' is currently the youngest member of Team Rose. He is also the shortest of the three. Standing on 5'9 inches tall

2. When I first I had introduced Tre' to the Forbidden universe. I promised his involvement in future chapters, but I had no plans for him yet. Once I began working the Neo Aigosthena arc. I decided to flesh out his character. Along with giving him a redesign

3. While Tre' was created months before Lava Rose and Zira. Tre' ended up being the third member of Team Rose

4. Apart of his character being inspired by Youtube star and comedian Tre' Melvin. Tre' Crimson is a bisexual 

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