Saturday, December 7, 2013

Profile: Kara Battalion


Name: Kara Battalion

Age: 18

Birthday: April 10

Height: 5'7

Weight: 125 pounds

Hair Color: Sandy Brown

Eye Color: Light Green

Likes: Fighting monsters, rock music, drinking, battling other witches, hanging out, Pizza Burgers, ecchi, yaoi

Dislikes: Snobs, school, bullies, perky people, being rescued by Magician, not having enough "muncho", her childhood

Magic Type: Earth Magic

Abilities: Kara's powers are the following: Can manipulate rocks, boulders, cause mudslides, avalanches, earthquakes, and various earthen abilities

BIO: Before become the wild Earth Witch she is today, Kara Battalion was once a normal human girl. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kara was blessed to be a child of such wonderful parents. Surrounded by both a loving family and good friends, Kara was not prepared for what happened next. Coming home camping on a rainy night. While her father was driving them home, a drunk driver had crushed into them. The crash was big as all passengers were injured. Awaken, Kara finds herself in a hospital bed, fighting for her life. Kara lives, but both the drunk driver along with her parents are dead. Shortly after, Kara was placed in foster care. While Kara was eventually adopted by good foster parents. The lost of her real parents had took it toll on her. Kara felt into depression to the point she began cutting herself. Once her foster parents learned of this. They immediately got Kara help. Despite the doctors and her foster parent's best efforts. Kara's mind was gone. As her depression grew, doctors fear her life in this world would not be long. All the suddenly everything had changed. One night as Kara was laying in her room, a mysterious green portal had appeared right before her eyes. Scared at first, but with nothing to lose. Kara got up from her bed and walk towards the portal. Once close enough, the portal had sucked Kara in. Shortly after, Kara found herself in a world she could never imagine existed. Ever since that day, Kara no longer just another sad human. Now she is the radical Earth Witch, living life by her own rules. Battling monsters, going on adventures, and even battling other witches. Living her new life as a witch in NEOLAND, Kara has only begone to find the shine she once lost. 

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