Monday, December 9, 2013

Scylla & Kraken



Octopoda- Scylla and Kraken 
Scylla are brusque and are considered pirates of the sea. They willingly attack ships or anything that is on the surface of her waters and loots them. If she happens to like a man she grabs him with her tentacles and drags him down to the ocean floor and force him to have sex with her tirelessly. Whether she keeps him is uncertain. 
Kraken have a calm and easy going demeanor, strange even though she is willing to drag an entire ship of men to the ocean floor seeking the one she wants. She surrounds him in Black magic ink that allures him in. When she mates with him she sticks to him with all her tentacles, not allowing any movement just the sucking of her lips. Once he becomes hers she keeps him safe on the ocean floor always giving him anything his heart desires.

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