Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Profile: Magician


Name: "Magician" His real name is only known by a certain few

Age: 245 years old

Birthday: Born on the month of Virgo. By Earth standards, August 4

Height: 5'6

Weight: 144 pounds

Hair Color: Light Gray

Eye Color: Light Pink

Likes: Living, his dessert house, his caramel pig Melvin, improving his magic, silence, helping other witches

Dislikes: His past

Magic Type: Endless Magic

Abilities: As a Sagacious Witch, Magician has the ability to master various magic depending on his emotional connection to such magic. Over the many years, Magician has the following abilities

1. Time Magic: The technique 'Time Hiatus" allows Magician to stop time in his surrounding area for up til an hour

2. Dessert Magic: From his sensei Ginger, Magician can create balls of Peppermints, create Hot chocolate floods as well as White Chocolate, summon a Ginger Cinnamon Twister, Create bombs of Caramel from his hands

3. Darkness Magic: Using the power of darkness, Magician can create powerful orbs of dark energy as well as powerful beams

4. Nature Magic: Magician is able to summon vines from the ground. summon light or heavy rain, and the ability to heal himself to a limited degree

5. Speed Magic: Using the technique "Fairy Feet". Magician can move faster than lightning from one spot to the next

BIO: Unlike any other witch residing in Neoland, The man called "Magician" was born in Neoland. His mother Rosemary, a human entered Neoland when she was nine month pregnant.  Like many humans before her. Rosemary found Neoland due to her depressed state. Unfortunately unlike many of people who sanity was saved by the mysterious land. Rosemary had endured so much distress, betrayal, and despair. Even in this world of opportunity, Rosemary's life was already doomed. Laying on the very grounds of Neoland in pain. Rosemary was suffering from bad contraptions. Witches nearby heard sounds of pure agony and went to the location. The witches found a young woman in pain. They quickly silenced the woman and took her to an disclosed location. An hour later, Rosemary still in very much pain. Finds herself in some sort of dungeoun like setting. Only moments after being awoke, Rosemary's terrible contraptions continue. The witches quickly come to her aid, preparing her for child birth. Unfortunately for Rosemary, none of the witches their are healer. However one of the witches have an ability called "SCALES". :The ability "Scales" allows a witch to successfully save one life in the lost of another. The male witch gives Rosemary an ultimatum. Either go through with the pregnancy at the survival of her child's life but the cost of hers. Or to abort the nearly born child and she lives. That very moment, Rosemary's life until now flashes before her. Tears of regret roll down her soft butterscotch face. Without any notice Rosmary begins to push. No words spoken, the witches understood Rosemary has chosen her child's life over hers. After a great ordeal of agony, Rosemary gives birth to her baby boy. Holding her child in her arms, she kisses her crying baby's forehead. "Out of all the terrible things that have happened to me. All the disappointments and regrets. You my child, my baby boy (???) are the best thing that has happened to me. I only wish I could stay with you. I love you (???). As the witch's take (???) from Rosemary as she passes away. Since that day, (???) was raised by a group of witches called The Cult. Now known as Magician, the young witch lived under The Cult's law for eighty years. During those years, he was put through many trials. Ranging from battling high level monsters to assassinations. His victims would vary from nobles to his own comrades. Anyone The Cult deemed as unworthy, Magician was order to eliminate. During those cruel years, Magician's hatred for his benefactors grew. Magician continued to serve his superiors until he gained enough magic to wipe them out/ Course The Cult knew it was only a matter of time before Magician betrayed them. The Cult had sent the best of their witches to kill him. After killing his would be assassins, Magician set his sights on the rest of The Cult. Unleashing his great power, Magician unleashed his fury upon The Cult. Killing them as brutally as possible and dumped their bodies into Sheol. Ever since that day, Magician had lived life his own way. Traveliong all around Neoland, Magician decided he will do good to make up for all the wrong he had done. Upon seeing new human arrivals on Neoland, Magician took them under his wing and taught them how to survive in this strange world. Over the next one hundred years, Magician had trained over 135 witches. Afterwards, Magician decided to travel Neoland in search for new magic to learn. During such travels, he meet a Sage by the name Ginger. The gorgeous woman taught Magician Dessert Magic. After training with Ginger for three years, Magician once again set out on his own. Taking various missions from nobles, common folks, and even assisting young witches against various monsters. While Magician had redeem himself, he could never make any actual bonds. From his sad childhood and upbringing, Magician could not find it in himself to make any attachments. Despite the good he has done, Magician felt he did not deserve to have anyone to care for him. His only companion was his caramel pig Melvin. Many years have past as Magician continued his life of justice. Sadly Magician worried about "His arrival". Ever since he could remember, Magician knew about Neoland's ends. The stories of the great evil that will swallow Neoland and all it's inhabitants whole. While Magician could always tell the other witches to return to Earth. He himself is bound to Neoland. As he prepares for the toughest battle of his life. He only hopes he is strong enough to defeat Him. Whether or not he lives, Neoland must survive.

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