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Forbidden Chapter 7

Forbidden Chapter 7 Angelina

As Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Okubi, and Eligos travel down Riverson Road, making their way to the next train station in Adair. The group encounters two vicious Road Beast. Having never seen such creatures before, Xiaoyu was frighten by the beasts. Okubi and Apollyn on the other, saw the two Road Beast as a nice snack. Using their natural demonic powers. Both Apollyn and Okubi quickly ripped through the beast and feasted upon them. Xiaoyu walked away in disgust as Eligos watched in delight. After eating the beast, Okubi and Apollyn caught up with Xiaoyu. As they continued their way towards Adair

Xiaoyu: God you two are annoying

Okubi: What did we do now? Please don't tell me you haven't gotten over what happened earlier?

Apollyn: Did we gross you out? Sorry, but I was really craving for blood

Okubi: As was I. Besides if we didn't at least kill the creatures. They would had surely attacked us. You being the human of the group. One of the Road Beast would had just tried to keep Apollyn and I occupied. Allowing the other to get you

Xiaoyu: As if I would had let that happened. My light powers would had burned them to a crisp

Okubi: As scared as you were back there. I highly doubt you would attack with such precision

Xiaoyu: I admit I was scared, but I sure as hell wouldn't let those beasts kill me. I have dealt with worst. I just never seen such carnivorous beast back in China

Apollyn: Apollyn believe you Xiao, but I think Okubi and Apollyn killings the Road Beasts was better than letting them even get a nibble off you. Besides, they were SO tasty

Eligos: The way Master was devouring them. Those nasty must taste better than what they look

Okubi: It wasn't so much the taste of flesh, but the blood. My other half has been yearning for blood since this journey started. Better the Road Beast than a human

Xiaoyu: Anyways how much further are we from Adair?

Okubi: Perhaps you should pull out the map out of you back pocket my dear

Xiaoyu: Oh yeah

Xiaoyu moves her left hand towards her back pocket. Pulls out the map and quickly reads it. A smile crosses the young detective's face. Realizing they are near their destination

Apollyn: So how much further Xiao?

Eligos: Do tell my pretty one?

Xiaoyu: At the rate we're going. Exactly another hour and fifteen minutes

Apollyn: Oh poo

Eligos: Could be worst

Okubi: We would had gotten their earlier if someone didn't sneak off to the Dessert Shop earlier. It took Xiaoyu, Eligos, and I nearly twenty two minutes and thirty four seconds to find you. Do it again and I will bop you

Apollyn: Am sorry. I just couldn't resist

Xiaoyu: No surprise there. Anyways guys I was thinking. Since we fought Brutality back at Gamboge. We haven't encounter neither a sage or any demons. Do you think they retreated or someone had alerted the sages about The Children Of Ruin?

Okubi: I began wondering the same thing. Since this semi dreadful journey started. Other than Brutality, we haven't come across any demons from The Children Of Ruin. It's both annoying and troublesome.

Apollyn: I just hope they haven't killed anymore descending sages.Those Children Of Demons are really naughty beings

Eligos: Children Of Ruin, my air headed beauty. Am certain we will have another unpleasant encounter with them

Xiaoyu: Maybe this time, I can get some real answers. Like finding out their hideout and who's calling the shots

Okubi: Well it isn't Mastema. That's for sure. Considering he's still locked inside of Forbidden. Course how long that will be is anyone's guess

As the group continues on, both Okubi, Eligos, and Apollyn sense a malevolent presence nearby. Only seconds after, the groups spots a bright green light not too far away

Xiaoyu: We should really be careful of what we say

Okubi: How painfully true. The presence I feel is certainly that of a demon

Xiaoyu: A very strong one at that

Apollyn: You can feel it too?

Xiaoyu: I can only sense evil presence nearby. Unfortunately not the ability to determine the evil

Eligos: How lucky are you travel with such wondrous demons like my Master and Apollyn

Okubi: I;m going to move ahead. Apollyn stay by Xiaoyu's side. Until I determine the situation, I want to keep you both out of harms way. I may appear as a woman to many, but I know what I am

Xiaoyu: Oh don't start with that chivalry shit now. I know what am up against. I don't need your protection to that extreme

Okubi: Do what you want, Eligos let's move

Using his demonic speed, Okubi runs towards the green light with Eligos right behind him

Apollyn: Okubi is so brave

Xiaoyu: More like annoying

Apollyn: So are you really going to let Okubi run ahead of us? I can carry you on my back and catch up to him

Xiaoyu: Oh I know you can, but I'll let Okubi have a little bit of fun. God knows the only thing that man craves more than blood is a good fight

As Okubi and Eligos approaches. The source of the bright green light becomes clear. The light emits from a barrier created by a male sage. Within the barrier is both the older male sage and a much younger female sage. Across from the male sage is a demon dressed like a punk rocker. Throwing multiple balls of scarlet fire towards the barrier.

Eligos: That fiend. He's trying to break the barrier of the sage

Okubi: Thank you captain obvious. Now go somewhere and hide. I got a demon to vanquished

As Eligos fades away, Okubi jumps high into the air. Creating a ball of water from the moisture in the air. Okubi looks directly at the demon and prepares to strike


Hearing the attack of the airborne warrior. The punk rocker demon ceases his attack on the barrier. Barely avoiding water big ball of water, the demon crashes to the ground. Okubi lands on the ground, standing in front of both sages. Staring down at the demon on the ground. The opposing demon quickly rises and faces Okubi

Male Sage: Another descendant, but you're also a demon

Okubi: Just by looking at me, you're able to tell I'm a descendant?

Female Sage: Not just my father, but I as well. Thank you for saving us

Male Sage: Are some kind of hunter? I mean you came out of nowhere

Okubi: Just at the right place at the right time I suppose

Demon: How bout the wrong fucking place at the very wrong fucking time! How dare you come and fuck up my kills! First that old fucker wouldn't leave his daughter to me and now you show up

Okubi: Ugh! Such lack of manners is unforgivable. First and foremost, what is your name?

Jonaki: The names Jonaki The Radical . One of the mighty demons of The Children Of Ruin

Okubi: As I expected

Jonaki: The sages are right. I can smell that disgusting magical blood within you. Along with that something sinister. Whoever of your parents was a demon, descends from a powerful bloodline. One to be feared. Course being a fucking half breed, you only sully your demon heritage. Course it's not all your fault. Which ever one of your traitor parents decided to fuck a human is the true disgrace. Demons like that should be brutally murdered. Fucking traitors

Okubi: Ignorant fiend. There is nothing wrong with a demon falling in love with a human. It would be a boring world if every creature in existence mated only with their kind. Course I don't expect and imbecile like you understand that. Now before I kill you. Tell me why are you targeting these people? "I gotta pretend to play stupid in hopes of getting some new info"

However before Jonaki can talk, the male sage approaches Okubi

Evan: My name is Evan  Aceves and behind is my daughter Vanessa. While traveling to Adair, the creature before you had attacked us. Despite us both being sages, he was hellbent in trying to harm Vanessa. It was only when he realize I wouldn't run away. He then began fighting me

Okubi: "Jonaki was only after Vanessa? Mother, am starting to regret not ordering that buffoon to carry Xiaoyu and run with me"

Vanessa: Everything my father saying is true. We really don't know why he was trying to attack me

Okubi: Jonaki, you coward! You couldn't even tell them why you wanted them dead?

Jonaki: That's none of their fucking business. I just need the girl. I guess I'll have to kill the old fart and you first

Jonaki's right hand glows in a purplish green energy. With that very hand, Jonaki charges towards Okubi

Jonaki: Get a taste of VIPER STRIKE! 

Evan: He's coming your way

Okubi: I'm not blind

As Jonaki prepares to strike Okubi, Okubi summons a miniature blizzard. Instantly blowing Jonaki back, crashing to the ground

Jonaki: Damn you1!

Okubi: Now back to business. Mr. Aceves, my name is Okubi Vice. The son of Boris Vice and Demon Princess Ophelia. Not too long ago I teamed up with two woman. In search of finding people like you. Jonaki as you know is a member of The Children Of Ruin. Their purpose is to find sages like Vanessa. Sacrificing them in order to use their essence to weak the prison the holds their master

Jonaki: Motherfucker! So you're the sonabitch who Brutality warned me about. Fucking half breed

Evan: Ignore him Okubi. There is nothing wrong being what you are. Having the strength of a demon, but the heart of a human is a wonderful thing

Okubi: As if I needed you to tell me that. Anyways it's about time I end this fiend's life

Jonaki: You speak as if your life is more valuable than mines. Fucking half breed. Stupid fucking whore demons like you're mother is the reason pieces of shits like you exist. I hope that bitch is dead because if not. Once am finishing here with you fucks. I'm going to personally hunt down that bitch down. Make her regret ever giving birth to you!

As Jonaki insults Okubi, both Evan and Vanessa can feel a change of Okubi's aura. Becoming more demonic in nature as Okubi;s appearance becomes more demonic. Vanessa quickly runs over to her father, pulling him away from Okubi.

Jonaki: Oh unleashing your inner demon. I must had hit a nerve. Oh I get it... mommy is already dead! Giving birth to a half breed can do that to you

Eligos: Insolent cur! You dare speak ill of Lady Ophelia in front of Okubi? My master shall unleash a hell upon you like no other

Okubi: Didn't I tell you to go hide somewhere? Now go and stand by the sages while I finish this cur off!

Only seconds after Okubi and Jonaki's exchange. Xiaoyu and Apollyn arrive
Jonaki: Another demon, full fledged at least. Oh and a human. What great company you keep Okubi. A company of shitheads. I wasted enough words on you punks. I'll just kill all fucking five of you

Eligos: How rude! What am I chopped liver?

Vanessa: Aren't you a spirit? You're already dead

Eligos: That's not the point

Xiaoyu: Eligos...shut up!

Jonaki: I had it with you fuckers. It's time I end you all with my ultimate attack

Xiaoyu: Ultimate attack? I don't think so LIGHT SEAL!

Performing a quick wushu stance, Xiaoyu summons a pillar of light around Jonaki. Trapped in the cylinder shaped yellow energy. Jonaki is unable to move any part of his body, but his mouth

Jonaki: My body! I can't move a single limb. What the fuck you do to me bitch?

Xiaoyu: I got your bitch! Anyways, using my friend's tracking abilities. I created a LIGHT TAGS around your surrounding.With Okubi keeping you busy. It gave me plenty of time to set my tags. Unaware of my tags. I simply waited until you were vulnerable. Once you stopped to perform your "ultimate attack". It was that moment I was able to spring my trap. Capturing you in my Light Seal. Now your at my mercy. Course after what I heard you say about my friend's mother. I'll allow him to finish you off

Okubi: I can't believe you actual heard all of that. Course Miss Eavesdropper was with you

Apollyn: Apollyn can't help it

Xiaoyu: Well that's all we heard. I hope you got some info out of this guy

Okubi: Nothing that I didn't already know other than he was targeting only the woman

Xiaoyu: Why only her? Aren't they both descendants of the Great Sages?

Okubi: Details later. Now it's time I rid of this cur

 Jonaki completely at the mercy of Okubi. The trapped demon begins to beg for his life. Giving Jonaki is look of pure evil, Okubi creates a ball of fire in his left palm. As the ball of fire grows in size, Jonaki's fear of death is palpable. Thinking of anyway imaginable way to save himself. Jonaki comes up with a plan that might save him from certain death.

Jonaki: Hey wait a second! If you spare my life. I'll tell you everything you want to know about The Children Of Ruin

Xiaoyu: He's lying

Apollyn: That jerk is just trying to save himself. Trust Apollyn

Okubi: Perhaps ladies, but we should at least hear him out

Xiaoyu: I'm not in the mood for lies. Even if he speaks the truth. The crimes he has committed cannot be forgiven. He deserves to die!

Jonaki: If I tell you everything you need to know and you let me go. I promise to return to the Underworld. Never again entering this world. Just please let me go

Okubi ceases the grow of the fireball in his palm. Okubi then begins to speak

Okubi: Okay I have three question for you. Answer them correctly and I'll see to it you return safely to the Underworld. Answer any question incorrect. I will incinerate you. Do I make myself clear?

Jonaki: Very

Okubi: First, why are you targeting only the younger descendants? If your desire is to simply free Mastema. The sacrifice of any descendant, excluding myself should suffice. Hunting only young descendants like Vanessa is rather odd

Jonaki begrudgingly answers Okubi's question

Jonaki: We are only killing descendants with pure essence. Our leader has told us only sacrifices with pure essence will appease Mastema. Nothing better than killing an innocent life ha ha

Evan: Disgusting demon! Do you really intend to spare to monster's life. Did you not see wh-

Before Evan could finish his sentence. Okubi rudely cuts him off

Okubi: Silence old man and let me work

Despite his concerns. Evan decides to remain silent. Hoping Okubi is merely deceiving the demon.

 Xiaoyu: What exactly is essence and what makes it so special?

Okubi: Essence is something all non demons are born with. The purist essence are usually found within sages. Essence can remain pure as long as the person it resides within is pure at heart. Naturals demons even half demons are born without essence. Due to the evil nature we are born from. The essence remains within a sage until the commit a dark act. For instance killing! While having essence doesn't mean one is good or evil. It just means they haven't experience enough sadness and tragedies in order to lose their purity. Course the younger one is, the great amount of essence resides within them.

Xiaoyu: Does that mean my essence is tainted? 

Okubi: Tainted indeed, but completely gone? No! Despite your life as a detective and the lost of your friend. You are still very young and have done a great amount of good. Not only that, but your magic, Xihe falls under the law of Light. A being with your magical powers. The essence within you can last for many years. Besides only a being a true evil essence can become fully tainted.

Xiaoyu: So Jonaki, Brutality, and the other members of The Children Of Ruin are targeting descendants with pure essence? What about Ezekiel back in Gamboge. He was attempting to rob a bank before he was caught. How can a sage like him have pure essence?

Apollyn: If Apollyn understands correctly. I think it was because Ezekiel was young. Even younger than you Xiao

Okubi: That is correct Apollyn. I guess the saying a broken clock is right twice a day rings true

Apollyn: Oh you're too kind

Evan: So it's my daughter's essence the demon wants. Something I lost many years ago

Vanessa: Despite your past father. I know their is still some light within your essence

Evan: Thank you my daughter. I'm even more happy it's the demon near death's door and not you. Until these folks showed up. I feared the worst for us

Okubi: Oh how sweet. Now if everyone is finish talking. It's time I ask this cur my next question. Now Jonaki, tell me. Who is your leader? The one ordering these assassinations?

Jonaki stares at Okubi's nervously, not exactly knowing how to respond.Not wanting to be burned alive. The demon quickly response with an answer. Hoping the answer will be to Okubi's content

Jonaki: Our leader is great and powerful, but mysterious being. His name is unknown to us, but we follow him without question. Communicating with us only through thought. He tells us what we need to do in order to resurrect the demon lord, Mastema! Shall we succeed, our reward shall be glorious. To rule beside Mastema and him in Demon Utopia! Course now all I wish is to return back home.

Xiaoyu: Okubi are you really buying this bullshit?

Okubi: Fair enough. I don't expect a runt like you to have that kind of information. I just didn't want to dismiss the thought altogether. Now onto my final question. If neither my friend nor I had arrived here. Would you had successfully killed Vanessa?

Jonaki not realizing the trick in Okubi's questions. Responds in the way only a vile fiend would

Jonaki: Oh fuck yeah! I would had killed that bitch good. Course before I killed her. I would had made her suffer to the point she'll be begging for death. It would had been the nastiest sacrifice yet

Hearing Jonaki's response. Evan, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Vanessa stares angrily at the fiend. While Okubi simply wears a heartfelt smile on his face. Having answered all three question. Jonaki is certain he will not be let freed. Not realizing Okubi had no intention of letting him live regardless of the deal.

Jonaki: Now that's all three questions. Now let me out so I can return to the Underworld

Okubi: Two out of three... you failed! Since you lied to me, it times I incinerated you

Jonaki: B-but! I didn't lie... I didn't fucking lie! This was a fucking trick!

Okubi: Oh but this is no trick. You lied and now you must died. Even had you told the truth, I still would had killed you. Not only do filth like you not deserving of life. Speak ill of my beloved mother and expecting me to show you mercy?  Now perish... BLAZING BEAST! 

A completely immobilized in Xiaoyu's Light Pillar.  Jonaki watches in terror as the ball of fire once in Okubi's hand moves towards him. The massive fireball taking the shape of a beast. Moving towards Jonaki like a lion to a wounded Zebra. Jonaki lets out one final scream before Okubi's attack hits. The flames swallows Jonaki whole. Burning him to a crisp in a matter of seconds. Xiaoyu's Light Pillar fades away and Jonaki's corpse falls to the ground. After a few seconds past. Jonaki's corpse breaks into ashes.Merely seconds after Jonaki's body turns to ashes. Eligos reappears in front of Okubi

Eligos: Bravo Master, Bravo! You showed that fiend the price one pays when disrespecting Lady Ophelia

Vanessa: The spirit has returned from hiding. As if he was ever in any danger

Okubi: Oh but he was. Eligos knows not to blabber during my battles

Evan: Despite my doubts, I was right about you

Okubi: If you had such strong faith in me. There would be no room for doubt. Just be grateful my friends gotten here when we did

Evan: I'm truly grateful you all arrived when you did. I fought many demons in my day, but never one as powerful as him. Vanessa pass me the teal bag. It's not much, but I feel you folks deserve it for saving my daughter and I

Okubi: Stop right there sir. Neither my friends nor I want your charity. We did what we had to and nothing more. No reward is needed, but thank you kindly

Apollyn: Course if you have something sweet to eat. Apollyn would appreciate it

Vanessa: I have a few chocolate balls in my pocket. Would you like the rest?

Apollyn: Do you have the ones with the caramel inside?

Vanessa:No I do not

Apollyn: Ah man. Oh well it's chocolate so it will do

Xiaoyu: Oh good grief Lynn

Vanessa goes in her pocket and gives Apollyn her remaining chocolate balls

Okubi: So where are you and your daughter heading towards Evan?

Evan: My daughter and I were going to Kaiser to meet an old friend of mine.We fought besides one another almost seventy five years ago. My daughter being a young sage and one with unique powers. I strongly feel he would be the perfect teacher for her. As much as it pains me. I know I cannot protect her forever. As today proven that

Okubi: Despite your concerns. I know if my friend nor I had arrived. You would had found a way to defeat Jonaki

Xiaoyu: I very much agree with you Okubi

Evan: I guess the three of you are heading towards Adair

Okubi: Indeed. Our main destination is the Royal Lands. Just another day and a half away

Vanessa: How surprising. None of you seem like the type to want to be King or Queens.

Xiaoyu: Huh?

Okubi: What are you talking about?

 Eligos: The lass is referring to the Devilry Combat Qualifications. It's literally only two days away. Course the three of you cannot be bother to keep up with current events.Too busy trying to find descendants and all

Apollyn: Oh yeah I totally forgotten about that. I usually go to watch the qualifications matches. I like knowing who to vote for when the actual tournament starts. Course I been voting for Onyxe ever since he became King. He is so awesome. Really makes me proud to be a demon

Okubi: We been so busy with actual problems affecting Asira. None of us bother to remember such a tedious event. Anyways we need to be going

Xiaoyu: Indeed! While we are more than happy to have saved you both from Jonaki. There are plenty more descendants in danger from various demons from The Children Of Ruin. We have to hurry and find those descendants before they do. Hopefully in due time. We'll find the leader and end it all.

Evan: Such a noble quest you folks are going on. Asira needs more heroes like you three

Okubi: I'm no hero. None of us are really. Just doing what needs to be done

Evan: Whatever you three are. People like my daughter and I are very grateful for you. May the four of you prove successful in your journey. I hope to meet you all again someday. Especially you Okubi

Eligos: The feeling of acknowledgment. How wonderful

Okubi: Likewise. I bid you both farewell. May you arrive safely to your destination

Vanessa: Wait a second. I have a question I like to ask please

Xiaoyu: Oh of course. What's on your mind Vanessa?

Vanessa: Based from what I have heard. It's seems none of you know how to actually locate descendants. Thus far it's only been random luck for you all

Okubi: Despite myself being a descendant.Even I cannot tell a descendant from a regular sage

Vanessa: Not even a man of your greatness can do everything

Eligos: How painfully true

Okubi: Shut up Eligos

Xiaoyu: Making such a statement. I certainly hope you can teach us how?

Vanessa: Teaching would be impossible, but I can give you the ability instead

Okubi: Interesting. How will you go about doing that?

Vanessa: Quite simple. I just need Xiaoyu to give me her hand. Using my magic, I will transfer the ability to Xiaoyu to detect a nearby descendant. It isn't much but it will make finding descendants of the Great Sages like Okubi and myself much easier

Xiaoyu: Are you kidding me? That's awesome

Gleefully, Xiaoyu sticks out both her hands out.After walking over to Xiaoyu. Vanessa lays her hands on Xiaoyu's

Vanessa: Now close your eyes and think of only happy thoughts

Xiaoyu does as instructed and closes her eyes. Vanessa closes her eyes as well and begins the magic transfer. Both women's hand glow in a bright light as they remain still. After a few seconds, Vanessa removes her hands off of Xiaoyu as both women open their eyes.

Xiaoyu: That felt different, but nice. Oh wow how cool. I can literally see a bluish green aura around Okubi and you

Okubi: The transfer was a success. That new ability of yours will come in handy

Vanessa: Now that out of the way. My father and I will be going

Waving their goodbyes. Evan and Vanessa continue onto their destination. Xiaoyu and co do the same and continue onto Adair. Arriving to Adair and hour later. Okubi pays for their tickets as the group board the train. Sitting on the last cart of the train. While Xiaoyu and Apollyn enjoy a nice dessert of Sugar Cookie Pizza and orange juice. Okubi takes a nap with Eligos by his side. Riding for hours, Okubi awakens finding the girls sound asleep.

Eligos: Good evening master. Did you enjoy your nap?

Okubi: Not really Eligos. I had an awful dream

Eligos: Do you wish to talk about it?

Okubi: Not really. I just want to hurry and find these demons and slay them. Then I can get back to finding the Unicorn Blade. Course I'll miss hanging out with the girls. Other than you, I never had friends until now. I don't deserve such joys in life

Eligos: Even after all you been through. You still wish to die?

Okubi: Forever the dramatic. I know as well as I do. I don't intend to end my own life. Just my immortality. Something I only have due to my mother's blood running through my vein. A gift I don't deserve

Eligos: That's nonsense!

Okubi: Any louder and you'll wake the girls up.

Eligos: Master please reconsider. You need to maintain your demon blood. If the legends is true about the Unicorn Blade. A stab from that dreadful blade with rid you or your demonic blood. Without your demonic powers... you'll just be a shell of your former self. A half demon is who you are after all. Master I beg you... don't go through with this. Doing so will be the biggest mistake of your life

Okubi: The biggest mistake of my life was killing my mother. I don't deserve such power. Yes my demon blood has saved me many times throughout the years. However every time I use my powers. I can only think about that horrible day. I killed the very one who gave me this power. It's not fair I continue to benefit from such powers after what I done. Besides I will still have my magic to fall back on

Eligos: Poppycock! That magic alone will not save you. No matter how strong it is. Master please am begging you. Don't go through with this. I like you the way you are

Okubi: The way I am not is a fraud! Eligos please I don't want to have this conversation

Eligos: No! I don't care what you want right now. I don't want you doing this. What was the point of me saving you? Just to see you rid yourself of half your heritage? I cannot just stand by and see you do something so... so damn selfish!

Taken aback by Eligos's tone. Okubi responded with a sinister glare towards his servant

Okubi: How dare you tell me how to think or feel? You are my servant and nothing more. Don't be fooled by my new found kindness. I'm still the same Okubi you always known. Now go disappears before I get really angry

Eligos: Then get angry. I'm sick and tired of your constant pity party. What happened to Ophelia was tragic, but you can't keep holding onto the past. It's not good for you and it's making you crazy

As Okubi had prepared to respond, he suddenly felt a evil presence near. Not only was a powerful presence, but one Okubi knew very well

Eligos: Master is everything alright?

Okubi: Oh Ophelia! NO! Eligos wake Xiaoyu and Apollyn up! We have to get off this train now!

Seeing the look of great concern in his master's eye. Eligos knew exactly who was coming their way. Using his Sleep Break spell. Eligos wakens both Xiaoyu and Apollyn instantly

Xiaoyu: Wow! I never been woken out of my sleep like that. Are we at Greystone yet?

Apollyn: Apollyn is awake. I want some cheesecake

Okubi: The hell with desserts right about now. Now grab your bags and let's get off this train pronto

Xiaoyu: What happened? I didn't hear any announcements

Okubi: Please stop talking and just trust me

Remembering what they had talked about trusting one another. Xiaoyu cease questioning Okubi as she grabbed her bags. After Eligos helped Apollyn find her things. The only thing left to do was to get off the train

Xiaoyu: Okay so how do you plan to get us off here Okubi? And don't tell me you're breaking hole through the train.

Okubi: If I had too, I would. Fortunately I have a much better idea

Out of nowhere, the ground underneath the train begins to shake. Causing the train and the passengers to fall all around.

Xiaoyu: An earthquake?

Apollyn: Oh no! I so hate earthquakes

Eligos: This my pretties is no earthquake, but something much worst

Xiaoyu: Is it me or do I see a giant snake from the outside approaching us?

Okubi: Dammit all! It's one thing for us to be endangered, but I can't allow the other passengers to get hurt. I gotta use my Dark Control on the train conductor. I'll quickly posses him and have him release the last cart. From there, I'll find a way to get you two out of harms way. This is my problem and mine alone

Xiaoyu: Okubi I don't understand what's going on, but I trust you. However any problem you think you're facing alone is out of the question

Okubi: Xiaoyu you don't understand. This woman is something far worst than you ever faced. I will not let her harm either Apollyn or you. She is after me and only me. Dammit I knew this day would come, but now!

Okubi's eyes then turn pitch black as he begins his possession of the train conductor. Less then three seconds, the last train cart is release from the rest of the train.

Xiaoyu: Well we been released, but that snake is getting a hell lot closer. Let me just..

Okubi: DON'T! Don't do anything. Just stay still until I think of a plan

Unfortunately before Okubi could think of anything, the giant serpent tackles their cart. Knocking Okubi and friends off the bridge. As the group begins to fall, Xiaoyu grabs Okubi and Apollyn. Covering them along with Eligos in her LIGHT SHIELD. Not fully prepared what comes next. At least no one will be harm once they crash to the ground.Moments after falling off the bridge, Okubi and company emerge out the destroyed train unharmed. Despite surviving the fall. The danger is still amongst them

Okubi: Thanks for the save Xiao. Now I have to get you two out of here before she comes

Xiaoyu: Okubi we aren't going anywhere

Eligos: Xiaoyu you do not understand the danger Apollyn and you are in. This particular enemy of the master is one to be feared. The power she possess is frightening. The master barely defeated her the last time. The two of you don't stand a chance

Apollyn: Apollyn ain't scared of no lady. Apollyn will melt her with hot chocolate. Apollyn won't abandon Okubi

Xiaoyu: That goes for me too. We been through too much and faced many dangers together. I won't abandon you now. Regardless how dangerous this woman is. By the way what is her name?

Before Xiaoyu could get an answer. The giant serpent that knocked them off the train had just returned. Okubi immediately pulls Xiaoyu and Apollyn near him. Making sure the serpent does harm them. As the enormous creatures moves circles them

Okubi: Listen to me clearly girls. I'm going to count to five. When am done counting, Apollyn you grab Xiaoyu and start running. Get as far away as possible.

Xiaoyu: Did you not hear what we said earlier? We are not abandoning you. Okubi why are you so worried about this woman? You won't even give us a name? Is she a relative or something?

Okubi: Thanks Boris she is not. The less you know about this monster. The better off you will be Xiao. She is only after me. I want to keep it that way. I can't bare the thought of her harming either of you

Xiaoyu: So why is she only after you? What did you possibly do that would cause this woman to seek you out like this?

Okubi: I lived. Until she meet me. Everything to woman set to destroy was no more. I'm the one she couldn't kill. That is the cause of her hatred towards me. Despite the breaks in between. That monster won't rest until she sees me dead

Xiaoyu: Is that all?

Okubi: What do you mean is that all?

Xiaoyu: I was hoping you were going to say something like "you murder her family" or had betrayed her in the past. Unfortunately since that's not the case. Neither Apollyn or I are going anywhere. I guess she'll be adding Apollyn and I to her "hit list" after this. For you are fucking mistaken if you think we'll leave you behind to deal with this psychopath on your own. I know you never had any friends other than Eligos. But friends don't abandon their friends in a time of need. Not real friends anyways. Apollyn now in the count of five. Hit that fucking serpent with everything you have

Unfortunately before Xiaoyu could even begin to count. The giant serpent makes a move for her. Okubi realizing the serpent's target. Okubi quickly pushes Xiaoyu out of the way. Instead of the serpent capturing Xiaoyu, it swallows Okubi whole. Upon swallowing Okubi, the serpent moves away from Apollyn and Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: OKUBI!!!!!!!!

Eligos: MASTER!!!!!!!

Xiaoyu: We had to go after him

As Xiaoyu and the others begin to run after Okubi. Another serpent appears from out of nowhere. Blocking Xiaoyu and the others from reaching Okubi

Apollyn: Fudge!

Xiaoyu: There are two of these things? The first one was meant to capture Okubi and this was was sent to stop us. If I have to tear throw this thing to get to Okubi. I will just fucking do that! Eligos translocate yourself to Okubi. Apollyn and I will deal with this sonabitch

Eligos: Be careful ladies. Please don't die

Xiaoyu: Don't worry about us right now. Go to your master. He needs you

Eligos does as Xiaoyu commands and disappears. In the middle of Riverson Forest. Using his demonic strength alone. Okubi tears a giant hole within the serpent's body. Killing it in the process and freeing himself. As his body heals from the acid burns. Okubi looks around to find the one who has brought him here. After a few seconds pass. Okubi becomes impatient and begins to yell out a name


Appearing behind the fourth tree away from Okubi. Is a youthful looking woman with sunny blonde hair and a sinister smile.  Okubi stares at the woman with hatred in his eyes. Okubi surrounds his body in a red, blue, and black aura. As he prepares for battle

Angelina: Long time no see my little half breed. So how has life been since our last encounter?

Okubi: Angelina there is something I need to tell you. Back their by the bridge are two dare friends of mine. Let them escape with their lives and I will fight you fair and square. Your strife is only with me not them

Angelina: Well as that girlfriend of yours already said. They aren't going anywhere. Course they already kinda abandon you since you're here all by yourself. Course the three of you will be going to the afterlife together soon enough. My lovely serpent will devour them whole while I kill you!

Okubi: Angelina, any other day you may have come to take my life. You may had been successful. Unfortunately for you. By endangering my friends. I will not only defeat you, but this time kill you!

Angelina: The only one that will be dying here is you! It's time for you to go join mommy and daddy. BLOOM OF VIOLA! 

Appearing from the ground around Okubi ignites multiple purple color flames/ As the flames move to engulf Okubi. Okubi prepares to counter Angelina's attack


Putting his hand in a prayer gesture. Okubi summons heavy rain from the sky. Putting out the purple flames that once surrounded him. As the rain continues to fall down, Angelina's anger towards Okubi only increases

Angelina: Cute trick for a bitch! How dare you not only put out my flames, but wet me as well. I'm going to so enjoy tearing your organs out bitch!

Okubi: Not if I kill you first. As I already told you, I have friends that needs saving. Now it's time I get this bull over with. SHADOW UNIT! Okubi stands with his arm and legs together as two clones of him appear on each side

Angelina: Oh you're such a fucking coward. Calling on your shadow clones to aid you. Course unlike the last time we fought. I'm prepared for you and your shitty clones

Eligos: Don't you cal my Master's clones crappy your cur!

Angelina: Oh my my. Eligos is here. I almost forgot you had a pathetic demon spirit for a servant

Okubi: Why aren't you with Xiaoyu and Apollyn?

Eligos: Please don't be mad, but Xiaoyu told me to go check on you

Okubi: I can't deal with you right now. Just keep away from Angelina. Not too many being can harm spirits, but she's one of them.Now go and let me fight

Angelina: Yes Eligos go ahead and run. Unless you want to witness the brutal death your master is surely to receive

Eligos: Evil woman. The life force of Lilith has truly corrupted that girl. I will do as you wish, but I won't be far

Eligos disappears as Okubi can now focus on fighting Angelina

Okubi: Now my clones let's attack with DARKNESS CANNON! 

Okubi and his clones begin forming a ball of black energy within their left palm. Ball of darkness grows in size as they prepare to strike

Angelina: I almost feel bad for not waiting to let your attack finish. Unfortunately am the kind the bitch that doesn't let my opponents get any chance to strike. Now get ready to die

Angelina immediately charges towards Okubi and his clones. Creating purple ball of energy in each of her hands.

Okubi: Now strike my clones!

Angelina: VIOLA BLAST! 

As Okubi and his clones attack with Darkness Cannon. Angelina unleashes her Viola Blast. The two attacks collide, creating a explosion around them. The impact of the explosion destroys Okubi's clones as the real Okubi is sent crashing into a tree. In spite of the pain Okubi quickly rises to his feet. Okubi spots Angelina getting up from the ground. As the impact had also sent Angelina crashing to the ground

Okubi: I will not let this fight drag out any longer. I need to finish you off once and for all

Angelina: I agree, but stop fucking acting like you will be the winner. Until I meet you, I never lost not one battle. If only you had fucking died the first time we fought. I wouldn't have to be bothered with you now

Okubi: CUR! It's you who came after me in the first place. I will not allow myself to die to such trash. Especially trash like you. First I'll put an end to this rain. My fire spells don't work well in wet weather

At an instant the rains ceases

Angelina: So you're planning on burning me alive? Fucking idiot. Such simple attacks won't defeat me

Okubi: You have no idea what I'm capable of woman. Don't think I haven't some new tricks since our last battle. It's time I show you what becomes of those who dare cross me. Now come forth my clones

By Okubi's command. Clones of Okubi appears on both his right and left side

Angelina: Only two clones this time? Someone is either getting tired or not taking me serious. Either way I'll crush you and your clones like fucking bugs

Okubi: Not tired and I do take you serious. Serious enough to use this trick. Now my clones run away her

As Okubi commands, his clones run towards Angelina. Angelina begins attacking Okubi's clones with multiple Viola Blast. The clones dodge the attacks at they move closer to their target

Angelina: DAMMIT CLONES! Why aren't you fighting me you coward?

Okubi: My clones wouldn't be dodge your attacks so well if I wasn't for me

Angelina: Motherfuck these clones. I'll just attack you. AMARANTH BEAM! 

Creating a magenta color ball of energy in her hands. Angelina aims her attack straight towards the real Okubi. As the beam moves towards Okubi. Okubi smiles to himself in a victorious manner

Okubi: How simple can you be Angelina. SHADOW CAPTURE! 

Before Angelina's attack could hit Okubi. Okubi create a black hole that swallows Angelina's attack. Stunned by the realization of Okubi's counter attack. The Okubi clones manages to grab Angelina

Angelina: GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME! Now I'll show you what happens when scum put their hands on me

Okubi: Oh please do knock my clones off of you. After all only you deserve to get hit

Angelina then looks up as a black hole appears above her. Both clones then bite Angelina arm before releasing her. As the clones move away, Angelina is hit by her Amaranth Beam. As the dust settles, Angelina lays on the ground in a defeated manner. believing the battle has ended, Eligos reappears beside his master

Eligos: Oh how joyous. The witch is dead.

Okubi: If only that were true. Angelina isn't dead just yet. I can still feel her life force

Eligos: Oh fudge. Well finish her off then sir

Okubi: Of course. Clones you have done well, but your services are still need. I want one of you to create a ball of fire and the other a ball of water. This attack will send Angelina to the afterlife. The attack being DARKNESS SPHERE! 

Eligos: But Master, that attack requires so much of your magic. Considering how near death Angelina is. Wouldn't a lesser attack like Blazing Beast finish her off?

Okubi: I understand where you're coming from Eligos, but I need to make sure she dies. I can't allow her to keep coming after me or my friends. Ophelia I hope Xiaoyu and Apollyn are okay. Just stand back and let me finish this Eligos

Okubi then creates a ball of darkness in his left hand. Moving towards the fallen Angelina  Once Okubi is standing only inches away from Angelina. He prepares for the final phase of his attack

Okubi: Now my clones. Send your individuals elemental powers into my darkness. Together with your fire, water, and my darkness. This attack will be more than enough to exterminate Angelina

The clones do as commanded. Sending their fire and water ball into Okubi's darkness ball. The three elements fused together. Creating a powerful mixture of energy in Okubi's hand.Once the elemental sphere has formed. Okubi is ready to finish Angelina off. Unfortunately before Okubi could end Angelina's life. Like a striking snake, Angelina rises from the ground and bites Okubi's neck. The unexpected attack not only causes the clones to disappear. The Darkness Sphere Okubi had intended to kill Angelina with dissipates. As Angelina tears the flesh off Okubi's neck. Okubi falls hard to the ground.

Eligos: Master Okubi!!!

Okubi: Damn you! What have you done to me?

Angelina: Ha ha ha... ha ha ha! I can't believe you fucking felt for it. I totally possum your dumbass. I just had to wait until the moments was right. Now you're under the effects of my PARALYZING BITE! Oh how the mighty have fallen. It's almost sad in a way. Once I kill you, I may never find a strong enemy like ever again in this world. Well it was fun while it lasted, but your number is up Okubi. Now I'll be nice and won't kill you right away. Instead I'll let you lie there for a bit. Giving you just enough time to reflect on your miserable existence. Then it's the Afterlife for you Okubi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Okubi stares up at Angelina with absolute malice as she continues to laugh. Angelina ceases her laughter as she looks at Okubi with equal malice. Angelina then begins creating tyrian purple flames in each of her hands

Angelina: Well Okubi once I strike you with LILITH'S RAGE! You will be no more. Anyways it was fun while it lasted... NOT! Now time to die! Goodbye Okubi... forever!

Remaining helpless on the ground. Okubi has never felt so defeated in such a long time. Despite his inner despair. Okubi refuses to give Angelina anymore satisfaction than she already has. Like a true servant, Eligos translocates himself by Okubi's side. Regardless of his Master's prior warning. Eligos would rather die by his Master's side than to live without him

Okubi: Eligos, I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to kill her. May you forgive me once we reach the Afterlife?

Eligos: There's nothing for you to be sorry about. You fought Angelina to the best of your ability. It's just unfortunate you lost to someone like her. Anyone else may had shown us pity. Well I had a blast serving you Master. Despite your cruel ways. I wouldn't change a thing. Okay maybe some of the punishments you handed me, but nothing else. I just wish our time together could had lasted longer. I wish I could been more of a help to you in these types of situation

Okubi: Eligos, you have done more for me than I ever deserved. Not only did you save my life nearly three hundred years ago. You stood by my side when I didn't deserve to have anyone with me. I was not always a  kind Master towards you. I took out many of my personal frustrations out on you. That was very wrong of me. Despite all you have done for me. I treated like cur. I never deserve such a kind and loyal servant like yourself

Eligos: Master, there is no need for tears

Okubi: No it's a good time to cry. Because until now, I only cared about my own feelings. Not giving a damn about anyone else's. I was too busy holding onto my pain. I failed to realize the pain of others. Being a demon spirit isn't easy. Pretending my rage doesn't bother you is even harder. Eligos I want you to live on. Even if it's just a spirit. Unlike me, you don't deserve to die

Eligos: Master, I genuinely care about your desires. However one thing I will never do is abandon you. Regardless of what you may think or feel. My only reason for remaining is you. That's why I'm so adamant in you not seeking out the Unicorn Blade. More than anyone I have ever meet or known. It's you who is most deserving of life. Since that's about to be taken away from you. I wish to die by your side. That's all I ask

Okubi: Thank you Eligos. Thank you for standing by my side until the very end

Angelina: Oh how sweet. It's makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Knowing I'm about to obliterate two loving friends together. I wish I could say this is going to hurt me as much as it's going to kill you. However that would be a lie! It's going to kill you and not hurt me at all. Sayonara bitches!

As Angelina prepares to kill both Okubi and Eligos with Lilith's Rage. Out of nowhere, a beam of light and a blast of chocolate strikes Angelina. As the demon is blasted to the ground. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn appear before Okubi and Eligos. An immediate sigh of relief comes across both men face's

Eligos: Sweet serenity! The two of you arrived just in time

Xiaoyu: Did you really think that snake would beat us?

Apollyn: That ugly beast put up a good fight, but Apollyn emerge victorious. Xiao too

Okubi: Thank Boris and Ophelia, you two are alive. Too bad you;re clothing didn't do so well. Oh no! Apollyn, your breast are quite big

Apollyn: Oh don't worry Okubi. Apollyn not even close to an M cups. Apollyn's boobies are only D cups. Now with all of us together. Apollyn won't need to use too much power

Xiaoyu: Surprise to see you're so worried about Apollyn's breast. When you are losing blood from your neck. Let me heal you pronto

Okubi: Thank you Xiaoyu, but don't over exert yourself. Just heal the paralysis that monster placed on me. Once I'm no longer paralyzed. My body will rapidly repair itself

Xiaoyu swiftly uses her Healing Light on Okubi, ridding him of his paralysis. Once Okubi is no longer paralyzed. The whole on his neck instantly heals and the bleeding ceases. Xiaoyu then helps Okubi to his feet. The four warriors stand tall as they watch Angelina struggling to her feet. Barely standing on her feet as she holds her chest in pain. Angelina looks at Okubi and friend with a mixture of exhaustion and hate in her eyes

Okubi: It's over Angelina. Not only did you fail to kill my friends. Once again you failed to kill me!

Angelina: No no no no fucking no! I can't fucking believe this. After all the training I did just to be strong enough to kill you! All that time wasted for nothing! I fucking hate you. I hate you so fucking much! Why couldn't you just die the first time we fought? Damn you! No I didn't fail again. It was your fucking friends that saved you. If only I had acted faster. You would had been dead already!

Xiaoyu: Bitch either way you slice it. The point is you failed! Okubi lives and it's time we finish you off for good

Eligos: Indeed! This wrenched woman should had died long ago.

Xiaoyu: Who said that can't happen now?

Apollyn: Let Apollyn finish her off with a blast of steamy chocolate. Apollyn can then eat her afterwards

Okubi: If anyone is going to kill her. It's going to be me. Now Angelina prepare to die

Rising his left hand towards the sky. Okubi begins creating his Darkness Sphere attack. Too exhausted to fight back. Angelina bitterly decides to retreat. Quickly reciting a spell in latin. Angelina's body becomes cover in a mulberry mist and disappears

Okubi: Ugh! I should had know she would do that

Xiaoyu: I should had used a Light Tag to trap her

Okubi: Don't blame yourself Xiaoyu. Even if you had, the spell Angelina just used would had freed her. The only good that came out of this. Angelina will need some to before both she and her magic recovers. The next time we meet, I will kill her

Xiaoyu: And we will be right there with you. Now that's over, we need to find some place to stay. Between our clothing being ruined, soak by the suddenly fall of rain

Eligos: The rain came from Master Okubi. My apologies

Okubi: Why are you apologizing for me? I created it

Xiaoyu: Well it really doesn't matter. Am hungry and very tired. I wonder how far from here is a nearby town?

Okubi: Well we're only a few miles from Jubilee Town. While I find the town to be rather drool. They do have a nice hotel for a decent price. The food and desserts are good too

Apollyn: Desserts *drools* Apollyn wants desserts

Okubi: Okay relax. Now let's go back to the wreck train. Grab any of our undamaged good and heads towards Jubilee Town

After Okubi and friends return to the train. The grabs as many goods a possible and headed towards Jubilee Town. Once they arrived. The group immediately showered and changed their clothes. After eating dinner, the group had a nice dessert of cherry jubilee. Soon after the group had ready themselves for bed. Both Eligos and Apollyn feel asleep immediately. While Okubi and Xiaoyu stayed up for a bit. Xiaoyu had remember what Eligos had asked her a few days ago. Decided now was time to talk to Okubi about his intentions of finding the Unicorn Blade

Okubi: By the way, I forgot to thank Apollyn and you for saving me earlier

Xiaoyu: Oh don't sweat it. We both know you would do the same for us. Hell you already had. Am pretty sure your not use to needing someone to save you. That's just how you independent types are

Okubi: That's no excuse. The next time it happens. I'll be sure to thank you properly

Xiaoyu: Besides if we didn't save you in time. Who would keep us in nice clothing, fancy hotels,and money to get around? Okubi you do more than enough for us. Don't sweat the small stuff

Okubi: I'm very glad to had meet you Xiaoyu and gotten to know you. Being around Apollyn and you has changed my life for the better

Xiaoyu: Did it change it enough that you won't sacrifice your demonic self?

Okubi: What are you talking about?

Xiaoyu: Please don't play dumb with my Okubi. Eligos told me everything. You're planning to find the Unicorn Blade and used it's power to rid yourself of your demonic blood.

Okubi: Damn spirit. I told him to keep that to himself. Regardless, it doesn't concern you

Xiaoyu: Don't tell me what concerns me and what doesn't. Okubi, you are my friend and I know what you been through. However this isn't the answer. I know you may feel because of what you did to Ophelia. That you don't deserve the powers you have because of her. I just don't think this is the answer

Okubi: Then what is? Xiaoyu I not in the mood for this conversation right now. We had a long day and fighting for our lives. I just... I just need some rest right now. It's not like the power of the Unicorn Blade is going to kill me. I'll still be Okubi, just more mortal

Xiaoyu: That isn't my point. Okubi even since I have know you. You were both a half human and half demon. The very same half human and half demon that saved my family nearly three centuries ago. I know what you done wasn't easy and it's caused you a lot of grief. My point is... I... I like you the way you are now. I don't want you to rid yourself of you demonic self. You're perfect the way you are. I just want you to know that. I truly hope you reconsider your journey to Logus Island when all of this is over. I like you just the way you are, Goodnight Okubi

As Xiaoyu falls to sleep. Okubi remains awake as Xiaoyu's words repeat over and over in his mind


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