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Forbidden Chapter 8

Forbidden Chapter 8 Two For One Special

Waking up the next day. Okubi wakes up a half hour than everyone else. After showering and dressing for today. Okubi grabs he belongings and exit the room. Arriving downstair, Okubi enters the cafeteria and spots his friend. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Eligos wearing forlorn expressions on their faces. As the watch the morning news. After ordering his breakfast. Okubi pays the chef as he goes to see why his friends look so upset

Okubi: Morning everyone. So what seems to be the problem?

Eligos: Oh Master Okubi it's terrible

Xiaoyu: Remember what happened to us on the train yesterday?

Okubi: How could one forget?

Xiaoyu: Well thanks for Angelina's serpent attacking our cart. Once arriving to Regal City. The train conductor realized the end cart has gone missing. When he was question how it had happened. He only responded by saying "Before he could arrived to the second stop. He suddenly felt something take over his mind". Rightfully blaming the sudden possession of his mind what caused the last cart to disappear. The train company wanted to fire him, but King Onyxe intervene. Stating that possession is common in Mayland. Almost anyone can be posses and at random times. It's moments like those that make me admire King Onyxe. People judge him merely because he's a demon. Yet refuse to acknowledged his angelic heart.

Apollyn: Not even a mention of us being on that very cart. Apollyn don't like being forgotten

Okubi: That's a good thing my dear. It's bad enough that we were actually responsible for the train going missing. Course things would had been worst if we hadn't acted the way we did yesterday. Angelina would had endangered all on the train just to spite me.

Xiaoyu: This is just fucking fantastic. Now how do we get to the Royal Lands before this evening?

Apollyn: Also with the Devilry Combat Qualifications only a day away. How will the participants get there now?

Okubi: The last thing anyone should be concern about is that stupid tournament. The important thing is getting to to the Royal Lands this evening

Xiaoyu: Okubi don't stressed yourself out. This isn't your fault despite you possessing the conductor. If you hadn't acted when you did. The news would be reporting casualties instead of missing cart. I guess we'll just have to wait until the evening

Okubi: Oh no we don't. Tell them Eligos. We are in Jubilee Town after all

Eligos: Tell them what?

Okubi: Oh you know. You just simply forgotten my dear

After a few seconds to think to himself. Upon realizing what his Master means. Eligos faces changes from annoyed to horrified

Okubi: Do you remember now?

Eligos: Master please don't do this. Don't seek her out

Okubi: Eligos it's the only way we will get to the Royal Lands by the evening. Either that or we walk for four hours. While it will be a breeze for Apollyn and I. Xiaoyu cannot endured such a travel on foot. Besides don't you miss her?

Eligos: Me miss Mariah? I could live an eternity without encountering that woman ever again

Xiaoyu: Who's Mariah?

Okubi: Mariah Bello is a Hansom Horse Rider in Jubilee Town. The woman is very smitten of my demon servant Eligos. Also like myself, Mariah is a Spirit Toucher. Each and every encounter the Rider has with Eligos. Mariah plays with him like a stuff animal. Allowing Mariah to playfully torture Eligos for a bit. The price for our ride with be reduced by thirty percent. Course I won't have Mariah rides us all the way to the Royal Lands. Instead I will tell her to drop us at the entrance of the Autumn Forest. From there we can walk to the Royal Lands

Xiaoyu: Wow how cool. I never ridden in a carriage before. This would quite a unique experience

Apollyn: Apollyn is so happy right now. We're going to the Royal Lands, we're going to the Royal Lands. Yippy!

Eligos: No you fools. This is not a joyous occasion. Master please, I have served you well. Don't bring me to that woman. I beg of you

Despite Eligos's plead. Okubi stares at Okubi with a sinister smile Eligos realizes that despite her Master's inner kindness. Okubi is still very much cruel when required

Okubi: Eligos my dar faithful servant. As your Master, you do as I say. Besides do you really want to refuse me considering our situation?

Eligos: Oh fine! I just can't stand when she pinches my cheeks amongst other things. However for you I will endure the unbearable

Okubi: Then it's settle. Now let's eat and head over to Mariah's place

Eligos: Poor me

After finishing their breakfast. Okubi and company exit the Jubilee Hotel. Only twenty minute upon leaving the hotel. Okubi and friend arrive to a farm house.

Xiaoyu: So this is where Mariah lives?

Eligos: This is exactly where the monster lives

Okubi: Oh please Eligos. Mariah isn't that bad

Eligos: Do not speak to me. I can't believe you're doing this me.

Okubi: You'll get over it. Apollyn if you will

Apollyn: Apollyn would be honored

As order, Apollyn knocks on the front door. After waiting a few seconds. Apollyn knocks again, but with no answer

Eligos: Well I guess she is not home. Let's get going now

As Eligos attempts to float away, Okubi grabs ahold of him

Okubi: Eligos, I only knock on the front door because it's the gentlemen thing to do. Do you really think I would come this way if I knew Mariah wasn't home? She must be at the back tending to her horses. Come this way Xiaoyu and Apollyn

Holding Eligos in his right hand, Okubi takes his friends to the back of Mariah's farmhouse. Once they arrive t the back, the group spots four beautiful horses. One dandelion, one light blue, one creamy pink, and one mint green. Coming out of one of the horse's stables. Appears a young a busty woman dressed like a princess. The woman immediately spots Eligos and immediately calls out to him

Mariah: Eligos! Long time no see my darling

Eligos: Oh no. Master please don't let her get me

Okubi: I love you

Okubi brings Eligos to his lips. Kisses the spirit and throws him towards Mariah. Mariah catches the blue and immediately hold him between her breast

Mariah: Oh Eligos my dear friend. It's been such a long time since I last played with you

Eligos: Oh not long enough. Help me!

Xiaoyu: Ohubi that was rather mean of you. Eligos clearly doesn't care for her

Okubi: Oh I know and had he not told you about the Unicorn Blade. I probably would had went to another hansom cab driver. This is payback for his betrayal. Besides Mariah is only going to play with him long enough to my satisfaction

Apollyn: Mariah seems like a really fun lady

Okubi: Mariah is a good person. Too good for a world like this. Eligos will be fine with his over dramatic self

Mariah plays with Eligos much to his dismay. From pinching his cheeks to throwing him up and down in the air. After a few minutes have passed. Okubi summons Eligos back to him. Returning by his Master;s side. Eligos then disappears

Okubi: It's been awhile Ms. Bello

Mariah: Hello again Mr. Vice. How may I help you today. Lovely ladies you're traveling with by the way

Xiaoyu: Well thank you. My names Jia Xiaoyu and this is my bodyguard, Apollyn

Apollyn: Nice to meet you Mariah. Your horses are so adorable

Mariah: Oh my girls are just the prettiest horses on this side of town. That's Honey Dew, Sky Child, Strawberry, and Apple

Apollyn: May I go and pet them?

Mariah: Oh certainly my dear. Just don't be too rough on my babies

Apollyn: Hooray!

As runs off to pet the horses. Mariah turns her attention back to Okubi

Okubi: Now that you been introduce to my friends. I would like to ask you for a favor

Mariah: That favor being Mr. Vice?

Okubi: I want to know if you can take my friends and I to the Autumn Forest. I'll even pay full price if I have too

Mariah: Oh don't be silly. Just pay me what you normally pay. I'm just so happy to play with my friend Eligos again. *Sigh* I wish I had a spirit friend on my own. Course am just as content with my gorgeous horses. I'll gladly take your friends and you to the Autumn Forest. Course I can ride you all the way to the Royal Lands if you like?

Okubi: I appreciate Mariah, but shady things have been happening lately. I don't want you caught up in anything bad. Taking us to Autumn Forest will be more than enough

Mariah: Shady things happen everyday. I'm not as fragile as you believe me to be Mr. Vice. None the less I'll do as you ask. Now to call Sandy over to watch my other three babies. While I tie Sky Child to the carriage. Course I hope Eligos will be physically present throughout the ride?

Okubi: Oh he will. Eligos come forth

By Okubi's command, Eligos reappears. After Sandy shows up and greets everyone. Mariah instructs Sandy in with dealing with Honey Dew, Strawberry, and Apple. As Mariah ties Sky Child to the carriage. Apollyn enters the carriage first followed by Okubi and lastly Xiaoyu. Eligos sits on his Master's back as they prepare for take off

Mariah: Now I hope everyone is well fed and has relieved themselves. This is going to roughly be a two hour  trip

Okubi: My company and I are ready for the travel.

Xiaoyu: I just hope Sky Child can handle such a long travel. Considering she's the one doing all the moving

Mariah: Oh don't you worry dear. My baby Sky Child is more than capable of such a trip. My girls love nothing more than a nice long travel. Normally I just ride folks around Jubilee Town. My horses and I rarely travel out of this place. So when customers like Okubi come along. Not only is the money good. The traveling is even better. Now make sure you four are comfortable back there. Especially you my lovely Eligos

Eligos: I'll be comfortable as long as you do not bother me

Okubi: Eligos! Where are your manners? Apologize now

Eligos: Sorry Mariah. I just a bit on edge after earlier torture... I mean play

Mariah: Oh Eligos you are quite the comedian. Okay everyone let's get moving. Sky Child are you ready?

Sky Child: Neigh!

Mariah: Sky Child is ready. Now before we take off. I just have to do one more thing. GUIDING ARROW!

Mariah summons a giant red arrow from thin air. The arrow instantly points into the direction Mariah needs to go

Xiaoyu: You're a sage?

Mariah: Indeed deary. My magic is called Carrier. It's a special magic taught to those in the business of traveling. Guiding Arrow is a special spell that points traveler or travelers to their destination without fear of getting lost. Getting lost is something I normally don't worry about. However I haven't traveled outside of Jubilee Town for quite some time.

Apollyn: The big arrow just disappeared. Is something wrong with your spell?

Okubi: Nothings wrong with the spell Apollyn. Guiding Arrow is only meant to show Mariah where to go. It will only appear if Mariah is unsure where to go. Imagine a red arrow floating in the air throughout the travel. That would make for an annoying sight. This isn't some video game after all

Mariah: Now that's been explained, let's roll

Sky Child takes off as the group begins their travel to Autumn Forest. The ride in the carriage was a nice change from all the trains they had ridden on. Xiaoyu was most impressed by the view. The journey lasted as long as Mariah expected. Almost two hours later. Okubi and company had arrived only a few steps away from the entrance of Autumn Forest. Having reach of customers destination. Mariah gives Sky Child as pat on the head. Signaling for her to stop. Sky Child does as instructed. Allowing Xiaoyu and the others to exit the carriage

Xiaoyu: Out of all the forests I have seen. This one takes the cake. It's absolutely beautiful

Okubi:  But deadly. Not only is this forest very difficult to navigate for inexperience travelers. Many deadly creatures dwell within the Autumn Forest. Thankfully I know my way around this place

Apollyn: That was a nice ride. Apollyn wish it didn't end so soon

Mariah: It was a pleasure traveling with you folks. Guess I best be going

Eligos: That would be splendid

Mariah: Course I can't just leave. Not at least a kiss from my favorite spirit first

Eligos: Oh no

Okubi: Oh yes. Go and kiss Mariah on her cheek or else!

Doing as Okubi had command. Eligos reluctantly makes his way towards Mariah. Once Eligos is close enough to Mariah. The rider swiftly grabs Eligos and begins kissing and hugging him. Okubi watches on as Eligos endures the most perkiest of torture

Xiaoyu: I never seen Eligos look so miserable. Mariah is a good person though so...

Eligos: Master please get her off of me... please!

Okubi: Just a little bit longer Eligos

Eligos: Xiaoyu, Apollyn! Please help me!

Xiaoyu: Okuni!

Okubi: Fine! Eligos return

Upon being called by Okubi. Eligos disappears out of  Mariah's hands and appears on Okubi's shoulder

Mariah: Thank you Okubi

Okubi: The pleasure is mine

Eligos: Yet I was the one that gotten her yucky kisses. Why do you love torturing me so?

Apollyn walks over and gives Sky Child a hug before Mariah and her get ready to leave. Okubi, Xiaoyu, and Apollyn wave goodbye as Mariah and Sky Child heads back to Jubilee Town

Eligos: Finally she's gone

Xiaoyu: Oh it wasn't that bad Eligos

Eligos: Hmph! Speak for yourself

Okubi: Okay enough pointless chit chat. We're about to enter the Autumn Forest. Despite the forest obvious beauty. There are creatures and beings the live within this forest. While most of them keep to themselves and harmless. Few of the beings in this forest may try to attack us. So please, be on your guard

Xiaoyu: Not a problem

Apollyn: Apollyn will hit and bugger with a hard piece of candy corn. Apollyn ain't the one to mess with

Okubi: Well okay then Apollyn. Anyways let's continue forward shall well?

Okubi, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Eligos enter the forest. While the first half hour was rather peaceful. The group soon encountered various troubles. First battling Flower Spiders which Okubi made quick work of. Then the group encountered four Wildly Fairies. The fairies were defeated by Apollyn. They then encounter a Manticore. Before Xiaoyu made any sudden moves. Okubi quickly and gently grabs her hand

Okubi: Xiaoyu while in most cases, Manticores are dangerous. This particular one isn't looking for a fight. It's just checking to see if we are a threat

Xiaoyu: Are we not?

Okubi: A threat we are indeed, but only those who seek to threaten us. As a detective I would expect you know a threat when you see it. Does the Manticore look like it wishes to harm us? We do not harm what doesn't wish the same to us Xiaoyu

 Okubi then releases Xiaoyu's hand and makes his way to the Manticore. Once standing in front of the fearsome creature. Okubi calmly kneels before the Manticore and begins to pet the beast. Seeing how Okubi handled such a beast. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn no longer are in a fighting mood. No longer viewing either Okubi or the women as threats.  The Manticore allows Okubi to pet him some more. Before gesturing for Okubi to let him leave. Once the Manticore has disappeared into another part of the forest. Okubi and company continue making their way to the Royal Lands. An hour and a half later towards their destination. The heroes begin to hear a sound of a vehicle approaching

Okubi: What an irksome noise

Eligos: Sounds very much like a motorcycle. I so do hates those noisy things

Apollyn: Well Apollyn likes it

Xiaoyu: I don't think that's a motorcycle Eligos. Sounds more like a moped to me

Okubi: That loud?

Surely enough Xiaoyu was right as a young man passes by riding a orange moped. Suddenly a strange feeling courses through Xiaoyu's body. Xiaoyu stares at the mysterious rider with amazement and concern. Okubi immediately senses something was bothering Xiaoyu

Okubi: Xiaoyu what's the matter?

Xiaoyu: Okubi! That guy who just passed us. He is a descendant. I saw a bluish green aura around him when he passed by us

Okubi: A descendant? Apollyn stay by Xiaoyu's side. I gotta hurry up and stop him. Eligos come with me

Eligos: Yes Sir!

Leaving the girls behind. Okubi and Eligos gives chase the mysterious rider. Left then three minutes later. Okubi and Eligos catches up with the unknown rider

Okubi: Now how do I stop this guy without startling him? If he was only on foot instead of that moped. I could had caught him in a matter of seconds.

Eligos: I can appear in front of him. Maybe I'll cause him to stop

Okubi: I don't know what that guy is capable of Eligos. I won't put you in danger like that

Eligos: Yet you let Mariah torture me

Okubi: I can't believe that you are still upset over that. Get over it Eligos. Anyways I guess I got no choice... DARK POSSESSION!

Okubi's eyes instantly turn pitched black. Okubi then attempts to take over the man's mind

Eligos: Did you posses him sir?

Okubi: I tried, but I can't posses him. This has never happened to me

Eligos: But he's stopping

Okubi: Certainly no doing of mine

The rider makes a sudden stop. Removing his helmet, the rider turns to Okubi and Eligos

Eligos: He looks pissed!

Okubi: I would be too if someone had attempted to posses me. Hopefully he'll listen to reason

As the man starts to approach Okubi and Eligos. Xiaoyu and Apollyn swiftly arrive to their friend's side

Xiaoyu: The guy looks ticked off. What happened?

Okubi: I didn't want to accidently cause him to crash into anything. So I tried possessing him in order to stop him. Not only did I fail to posses him. I think he realizes that I attempted to do so.

Xiaoyu: Understood. Leave the explaining to me

Apollyn: That man's demeanor is rather nasty

Eligos: Well that's because he's very pissed off Apollyn. Hopefully Xiaoyu can reason with him

One the mysterious rider stands before the gang. He looks directly at Okubi as he begins to speak

Rider: You! How dare you try to posses me! Obviously you don't know, but I'm immune to that telepathy bullshit or any other types of mental invasion

Xiaoyu: My friend had no ill intentions when he attempted to posses you. We were trying to get your attention, but you had your helmet on. We didn't want to frighten you and cause an accident. Please do not be angry with him. It was my suggestion to have him posse you sir

Okubi: Xiaoyu don't put all of this on you

Rider: Exactly who the fuck are you people? I swear can't a ma travel in peace?

Xiaoyu: No need for such a harsh tone sir. My friends and I mean you no trouble

Okubi: Course that's depends on how you behave

Xiaoyu: Okubi now isn't the time to be rude. Anyways I'm detective Jia Xiaoyu from China. These are my friends Apollyn, Okubi, and his servant Eligos

Rider: Wow talk about fucking bizarre. A mortal traveling with a bunch of demons. How fucking twisted

Okubi: Excuse me?

Xiaoyu: Twisted? The fuck you got against demons dude?

Rider: Other than the they are the scum of existence. Demons are okay with me... NOT!

Okubi: I know this piece of cur did not just insult me?

Rider: Yeah what if I did sugar cakes?

Eligos: This man must have a death wish. How dare this peasant speaks to Master Okubi like that?

Okubi: Looks like I need to beat some respect int this one

Apollyn: Apollyn will gladly help

Rider: Just my fucking luck. A bunch of unruly demon for me to beat up. Okay this will be a nice warm up for me. After all I do plan on fighting King Onyxe at the Devilry Combat Tournament in the near future. If I can beat the two of you lesser demons. I know for a fact I can kick our current demon king's ass

Okubi: I do not wish for you assistance Apollyn. I can handle to piece of cur on my own

Xiaoyu: HEY WAIT A GODMAN SECOND! We didn't come all this way to fight him. Remember what we came here to do guys. Besides let's not prove this bigoted asshole right

Nara: Hey I'm not a fucking bigot chck! I just know not to trust those monsters. I didn't mean to offend your demons friends

Xiaoyu: I can't believe we traveled all this way to save a loser like you. Anyways we did not come here looking for a fight. At least not with you anyways

Nara: Then what the fuck do you and your demons friends want?

Xiaoyu: What my friends and I fucking want to rescue your rude ass before a group of demons called the The Children of Ruin find your sorry ass

Nara: So a group of demons and a single mortal is here to rescue me from another group of demons? Talk about some real craze ass bullshit. Now if you losers will excuse me. I got better shit to do than stand around listening to this nonsense. Also if any of you continue to pursue me. I will fight you fuckers

Okubi: Xiaoyu are you sure to disgusting creature is one of the descendants?

Xiaoyu: Unfortunately this man is indeed a descendant of the Great Sages

Eligos: Oh what is life?

Rider: Descendant of the what sages?

Okubi: Wow he's death and stupid. Obviously is woefully unaware of the dangers his kind as been facing

Rider: Okay now you fuckers got me curious. What in the hell is going on here?

Xiaoyu: First tell me your name and I'll gladly explain our dire situation to you

Nara: Nara, Nara Cbabla of the Island of Pina

Okubi: Very far away from home young man

Nara: Well I'm on a journey after all. No such thing as a short journey. Especially when your destination is the Royal Lands

Okubi: I seriously can't believe you wish to become Mayland's next King. Let alone believe you can defeat Onyxe

Nara: I'm capable of a lot of things

Okubi: The impossible isn't one of them dear

Nara: Anyways I wasn't talking to you. So explain to me what's going on here China girl

Xiaoyu: Ugh what a dick

Nara: A huge one I might add

Xiaoyu: Anyways my friends and I are here to rescue young sages like yourself

Eligos: Sages which are descendants of The Great Sages. The very group of sages that sealed the Demon Lord Mastema in the book Forbidden. Both Master Okubi and you are descendants of the Great Sages. Along with many other sages those bloody Children of Ruin managed to kill

Xiaoyu: Which is why it's fortunate we found you before they did

Nara: Okay so you're telling me these demons are hunting sages like me and Okubi?

Okubi: Well sages like you actually. Due to my demon heritage. The only thing I'm good toThe Children of Ruin is simply dead. You on the other hand they would use as a sacrifice

Nara: A sacrifice for what exactly?

Xiaoyu: In order the weaken the seal that holds Mastema within Forbidden. The Children of Ruin are hunting young descendants like yourself. Using your blood and essence to weaken the seal holding Mastema prisoner within Forbidden

Nara: Wow.... I can't believe this shit is fucking happening. I swear demons ain't worth a damn

Xiaoyu: HEY ASSHOLE! Didn't I just say The Children of Ruin are the bad guys? Not all demons are fucking evil you know

Nara: Well excuse the hell out me. No need to be such a bitch

Xiaoyu: Apollyn, Okubi, and Eligos. I'm truly sorry for this guy's behavior

Apollyn: Why is Xiao buddy apologizing to Apollyn and friends? You're not the one being racist to demons

Nara: Anyways thanks for the heads up about the Children of Ruin. i'll make sure I don't join the ranks of their other victims

Xiaoyu: I most certainly hope not for your sakes. I  only wish my dear friend Wei was as lucky

Nara: Sorry to hear about your friend detective

Xiaoyu: Would you be so sympathetic if he were a demon? Anyways I think it's best we travel together. At least until we reach the Royal Lands. Then we'll leave you to do whatever you please

Eligos: Do we really have to travel with this clown?

Okubi: Much as I detest the very notion of traveling with Nara, Eligos. I would rather not lose another innocent to The Children of Ruin. Even if it means protecting a worthless cur like him

Nara: I can protect myself thank you. I'm only agreeing so the detective will get off my back

Xiaoyu: Trust me I hope we get to our destination soon enough

Apollyn: Apollyn really doesn't want to travel with this meanie Xiaoyu buddy

Xiaoyu: I know how you feel Lynn. Unfortunately doing the right thing isn't always pleasant

Okubi: Let's just hurry on up to the Royal Lands

 After having a less than savory encounter with the latest descendant Nara. Okubi and his friends reluctantly decide to travel with Nara. In hopes of ensure he doesn't become another victim. While traveling towards the path leading to the Royal Lands. Okubi and the others begin feeling a sinister presence lurking within the forest. A presence Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, and Apollyn had felt before

Okubi: Xiaoyu please tell me  I'm not sensing that woman again?

Xiaoyu: So Wei's killer dare shows her face here?

Xiaoyu: So much for Apollyn and buddies avoiding those nasty Ruining Children

Eligos: Children of Ruin my air headed sweetheart

Nara: Well so much for you guys protection

Xiaoyu: Oh will you please shut the fuck up!

 Appearing from around the corner is no other than Brutality. However Brutality did not come alone. Alongside the summoner was another equally fearsome demon

Okubi: Who's your friend Brutality?

Brutality: This is my comrade Boruta, the demon of explosion. After our last encounter half demon. I decided to bring a friend to help me kill you

Boruta: I look forward exploding you to pieces half demon. Along with the rest of your pathetic friends

Xiaoyu: Come on and try it ugly

Brutality: Also thanks for making our next prey much easier to find. I cannot wait to sacrifice him for Lord Mastema

Nara: First and foremost, ain't no one sacrificing me to some evil Demon Lord. Second you are about to receive the ass kicking of your life

Brutality: I had about enough of their senseless prattle. Boruta take care of Okubi while I handle the rest

Boruta: It will be my pleasure Brutality

Xiaoyu: It's high time I get revenge on you for killing my partner Wei

Brutality: Silly like Chinese bitch! Do you really think you have the power to kill me? Had it not been for that bitch Okubi. Neither the dessert demon or you would be alive right now. Fortunately I fully intend to right that wrong here and now. I summon to the battle field Nox Edimmu, Nox Victoria, Nox Gagana

 Brutaliy swiftly summoning her Nox creatures onto the battlefield. The first creature, Nox Edimmu. The balloon shaped clown like creature the heroes had fought before. Alongside Nox Edimmu were Nox Victoria, a amazonian looking lilin. Along with Nox Gagana, a eagle with an iron beak and copper talons. 

Nara: So you want to play the fucking summoning game eh? Well I too can summon a unique warrior to my aid bitch! Okay c'mon out LIONHEART!

 Nara's once brown eyes changing into silver. Instantly a majestic knight with a javelin and shield appears before Nara

Okubi: Xiaoyu! I'm leaving you in charge of Apollym and Nara. The three of you will combat Brutality and her Nox summonings. I will handle the molecule manipulator Boruta. Eligos go and give Xiaoyu and the others any support they might need

Eligos: What about you sir?

Okubi: I will be fine. Now please do as I commanded you

 Eligos quickly making his way towards Xiaoyu and the others. As Xiaoyu and her team fight against Brutality and her Nox summonings. Okubi prepares to battle against the demon Boruta

Boruta: Foolish half demon! Do you really think you stand a chance against me?

Okubi: I'm not afraid of mere explosion lowly creatures. Now get ready to regret your very existence demon

Boruta: It's you who will be doing the regretting! DOUBLE EXPLOSION!

 Boruta quickly snaps each of his fingers. Causing two big explosions around Okubi's surrounding. Witnessing the deadly explosion having completely engulf Okubi. Xiaoyu and the others had began about Okubi's safety. Fortunately as the dust had settled where the explosion taken place. A barrier made of ice appeared. Within the barrier of ice was no other than Okubi. Relieved of their friend and leader's safety. Xiaoyu and the others turned their attention onto Brutality and her summonings. Breaking free from his barrier. Okubi now held in his hand, a rapier made of ice. Boruta stared at Okubi with great hostility

Boruta: How did you manage to create a defense so fast?

Okubi: How did I do it you ask? It's real simple my dear. Knowing a simple creature like you would use such a simple attack. I had began creating an aura of ice. Allowing me to create a barrier to protect myself at a faster pace. Thus rendering your attack utterly useless. Now it's my turn to strike you down!

 Using more of his magical powers. Okubi then summons two shadows clones of himself. Each clone also holding it's own ice rapier

Boruta: So it's three against one now? It's bad enough you're a half demon but a fucking coward as well?

Okubi: I would be a fool now to use the tools accessible to me. Don't blame me for you lack of abilities. Furthermore even with my shadow clones beside me. It is my fighting capabilities that determines the proficiency of my clones. Unfortunately my fighting skills only pale in comparison to a Demon Lord. Sadly a lesser demon like doesn't stand a chance.

Boruta: Self important little shit! Your arrogance will be your undoing

Okubi: Perhaps someday, but not to a worthless demon like you

Boruta: FOOLISH BOY! Words have consequences! RIOT EXPLOSION!

 Quickly snapping his fingers on each hand multiple times. Boruta creates deadly explosion around Okubi and his clones. In hopes of killing off the arrogant half demon. Sadly like his previous attack. Okubi and his clones dodges the explosion with little difficulty. Meanwhile Xiaoyu and the others struggle against the demon Brutality. Knowing his friends can only hold Brutality off for so long. Okubi knew he needed to finish of Boruta. Successfully having dodged Boruta's attack once again. Okubi was prepared to finish him off. Alongside his shadow clones, Okubi began charging towards Boruta with a killer intent. Seeing Okubi and his clones charging towards him without caution. Boruta began preparing to unleash his ultimate attack. Okubi and his clones only seconds away from striking him. Boruta unleashes his ultimate attack HELLISH EXPLOSION! Creating a massive explosion to tale out Okubi and his clones. After having completed his deadly attack. Boruta used his demonic abilities to sense if Okubi was dead. Before Boruta realized that Okubi somehow avoid his deadly attack. The demon found himself pierced through the heart by Okubi's ice rapier. Now only moments away from death. Boruta began to speak to his killer

Boruta: *Cough* H... how? How did you dodge my attack? How did you manage to beat me?

Okubi: Ir was all so easy my dear Boruta. Never did I imagine you using your powers so recklessly. After I predicted your attack pattern. I quickly came up with a way to defeat you. I just needed to create the perfect opening. Once I tricked you into using your Hellish Explosion technique. Just right before your explosion could strike me. I quickly sacrificed my clones and opened a dark portal for my escape. Once your attack had ended and you were vulnerable. I reappeared from behind you and the rest speaks for itself. Now it's time I end your meaningless existence... YUKKI-ONA!

 Using the freezing powers of his ice rapier. Okubi begins to quickly freeze Boruta's body from within. Blocking the demon's natural healing abilities as he kills him. Once Boruta's body had completely frozen. Then using his demonic strength. Okubi balls up his right fist and punches Boruta's body. Causing the demon's body to break into many pieces. Now having defeated and killed Boruta. Okubi can now focus on aiding his friends against Brutality. However right before Okubi could make his next move. Okubi along with the others senses another evil presence. Appearing before the heroes is the demon Angelina. The very demon that had nearly killed Okubi and company just a day ago. Anger by his arch nemesis sudden appearance. Okubi begins questioning Angelina with high hostility

Okubi: What in the hell are you doing here? Didn't I tell you the next time we crossed paths. I was going to finish you off!

Angelina: Fuck you half demon! I did not come all the way here to bother with you. I want my Zyra Blade! That bitch stole it from me the other night

Brutality: I didn't expect to see you again worthless cunt!. Anyways that knife of yours is already with my Master

Okubi: Why in the hell would your master need the Zyra Blade?

Xiaoyu: A weapon like the Zyra Blade isn't use for common sacrifices

Brutality: My master wanted the knife. Plain and simple. His intentions with it is neither my business nor any of yours

Okubi: Brutality you truly are pathetic! Serving any master without question is plain foolishness

Brutality: Perhaps it's just me, but that seems very hypocritical coming from you! I highly doubt you were also kind to your pitiful spirit servant

Eligos: Silence your tongue evil woman! You know nothing about our relationship

Brutality: Nor do I give a shit!

Angelina: Okubi! Both you and your loser friends help me beat this bitch! Maybe a good ass kicking will force the location of my knife out of her

Okubi: How dare you expect either my friends or I to help the likes of you?

Xiaoyu: Especially after had tried to kill us just the other night?

Apollyn: Apollyn would rather eat a cucumber before helping you!

Angelina: Are you bitches really still salty about last night? I want my fucking knife back. I don't care what I have to do to get it back. Even if it means playing nice with you

Nara: I really don't know what the fuck is going on here. However let's deal with the summoner first. Save the other bullshit for later

Brutality:" Now with Boruta dead. I'm completely out numbered. Sadly I won't be able to kill this young descendant. Anyways time to make my getaway" Nox Edimmu, I command you to use FOG!

 Doing as command by Brutality. Nox Edimmu releases a heavy fog towards the heroes. While the heroes are dealing with the fog. Brutality and her summonings make their exit. After using his technique Arctic Wind to clear the fog. Okubi immediately goes to check on his friends

Okubi: Is everyone okay?

Xiaoyu: Everyone is fine Okubi. Just minor scrapes and bruises. Nothing a little light magic can't fix

Apollyn: Apollyn's breast are huge due to all this fighting. Apollyn needs to calm down before Apollyn becomes very feisty

Nara: Man this has been quite the day of bullshit

Angelina: You can say that shit again

Xiaoyu: Speaking about bullshit! Is this murderous demon going to be traveling with us Okubi?

Nara: So it's okay for you to speak ill about demons, but not for me eh?

Xiaoyu: The difference between Okubi and Apollyn compared to Angelina. My friends are good demons while Angelina is a savage murderer. Just like their are good and bad people asshole

Nara: I swear how many more times are you going to call me out my name?

Xiaoyu: As many times as I need to shit head. Until you change your bigoted ways

Angelina: Damn for a Chinese woman, you have quite the dirty mouth on you

Xiaoyu: Not all women from China are diligent flowers succubus!

Nara: Anyways can we please just get going now? I would like to reach the Royal Lands before nightfall. Definitely don't want to be caught in the Autumn Forest during those hours

Okubi: For once you said something that merits intelligence Nara. The Autumn Forest is a very treacherous place during the night hour. Xiaoyu, has Apollyn reverted back to her breast less self?

Xiaoyu: My light magic has calm Apollyn's feisty spirit Okubi. No longer is our dessert loving friend in fight mode

Apollyn: Apollyn feels all better now

Eligos: I think we're ready to go now Master Okubi

Okubi: The let us proceed shall we

Angelina: So you fuckers are going to the Royal Lands. I'm guessing you all have business with King Onyxe?

Okubi: We do indeed Angelina and you're not coming with us!

Angelina: The hell I'm not! I still have yet to retrieve my precious knife. If you guys are going after that bitch. I fully intend to travel besides you losers.

Xiaoyu: After how you almost killed us the other night. How can any of us expect to trust you Angelina?

Angelina: I want my Zyra Blade back more than anything. That blade means more to me than you can understand. Anyways the retrieval of my blade is all that matters. Even if I must play nice with you bitches. Meaning none of your lives will be endangered with me around

Okubi: At least for now anyways

Eligos: Are you really going to allow Angelina to travel with us Master Okubi?

Okubi: In spite of my deep hatred towards Angelina. I know Angelina means what she saids. Not only can we use the extra help. I can keep a careful watch over her. Making sure Angelina doesn't become a hindrance to any of us

Nara: Great another demon

Xiaoyu: Mumbling underneath your breast is pointless to a woman who can read lips

Angelina: Also we demons have a very sharp sense of hearing asshole

Xiaoyu: I can't believe I'm actually saying thins, but I prefer Angelina's sinister company over Nara's bigoted ass

Nara: Okay I won't make anymore comments about demons. I know all of you aren't bad. I just have my issues with them

Xiaoyu: I'm pretty certain many mortals have issues against demons due to their history. However it doesn't give you the right to view all demons in a negative light. Furthermore the next nasty remark you makes about demons. I'm going to unleash a burning blast of light at your face!

Angelina: Wow Okubi, your girlfriend is feisty. Too bad her battle capabilities don't match her fiery attitude

Okubi: Xiaoyu is not my girlfriend and her fighting capabilities are just find. Room for improvement but far from terrible. Now enough senseless chit chat and let's get going. The night hour is approaching us

 Finally having settle their differences. Okubi and company continue their way through the Autumn Forest towards the Royal Lands. After traveling for nearly an hour. Merely only fifteen minutes away before arriving to the Royal Lands. Suddenly a rain of pink fairy dust falls upon them.

Xiaoyu: Where is this pink dust coming from?

Angelina: It came completely out of nowhere

Nara: I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to feel sleepy. I knew I should had rode faster on my moped. That's what I get for being considerate

Apollyn: It's too early for Apollyn to fall asleep

Eligos: I can tell you right now. Someone deliberately caused this to fall on us

Xiaoyu: I pray this isn't the doing of Brutality

Okubi: Something about this doesn't have a malice intent to it. Regardless I can no longer fight to need to sleep

Unable to resist the effects of the pink fairy dust. Okubi alongside Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, and Angelina fall into a deep sleep. Two hours later after falling asleep in the Autumn Forest. Okubi finds himself awaken in a unknown bedroom. Floating right above his face was his servant Eligos

Okubi: Eligos! Am I glad to see you

Eligos: I been by your side since you and the other were brought here

Okubi: Where are we exactly?

Eligos: You can't tell by the fancy bedroom? The King's castle of course

Before Okubi could ask any more question. The door to his room opens. Standing at the door was no other than Mayland's current ruler, King Onyxe. Sitting up in his bed. Okubi looks back at Onyxe with both shock and amazement

Onyxe: Hello Okubi. I been expecting you


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