Thursday, September 11, 2014

James Del Soto

The King's Right Hand Man

Half demon half crotaphytidae. James Del Soto is the youngest son of the notorious demon pirate, Rico Del Soto. Life as a hitman and the burden that comes with it. James had found himself faced with more problems than he could handle. In order to escape his pursuer. James had left the Underworld to Asira. He managed to avoid his pursuers for a short while. Unfortunately James pursuers had soon caught up to him. While fighting for his life, a young man named Onyxe appeared. Together both James and Onyxe had annihilated his pursuers. Thankful for the young demons kindness. James had promised to remain by his side. After Onyxe defeated Golda and became King of Malyand. James was immediately appointed as his right hand man. Ever since Onyxe's rulership, James has remained by his side.

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