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The Four Divas

The Four Divas 

1. Naznim Sherawat

Queen Of The Blue Sand

Hailing from Jugoslavia, Naznim is the self title "Queen of the Blue Sands". User of the magic art Sapphire! Naznim is able to create and manipulate blue colored sand. Naznim can also hypnotize enemies by looking into their eyes. The Sapphire also grants Naznim immunity against sheer cold and blazing heat. The youngest of the four divas. Naznin is also the strongest. Out of all the four divas. Naznim was the only descending sage that defeated her demonic assassin solo

2. Oriana Violet

Celebrated Summoner

Famous supermodel and actress. Before being discovered, Oriana was once just a typical mage in training. Ever since she was six. Oriana had wanted to learn magic. Her parents didn't like the idea of her learning magic at first. After a lot of begging and pleading. Oriana's parents gave into their daughter's desires. Oriana was enrolled in Nox Summoning School. After her first five periods of general educations. Oriana went to her six and final class, Summoning! Her first day of class, Oriana had shocked her teachers and classmates by summoning a flying fiend. An instant connection was made between Oriana and the newly summon creature. She had name the creature Ricky and the two remain by each others side. During her days at Nox Summoning School. Not only did Oriana learned how to summon even more powerful creatures. Oriana discovered a unique talent to turn her skin into Chocolate Diamond. After finishing school, Oriana had intended to stat a journey in searching for other sages to fight. In order to improve her ever growing magic. During Oriana and Ricky's journey. Oriana was discovered by a group of talent agents. After some convincing, Oriana had decided to start modeling. Eventually Oriana began to both model and acting. While Oriana was happy and grateful for her success. Oriana was sadden due to feeling she had abandon her magical life in pursuit of fame. Oriana then decided to take a break from modeling and acting. Oriana would enter various magical tournaments. Battling against various mages of various powers. Recently Oriana was nearly killed by a demon that wanted to sacrifice her. Luckily Oriana was saved by no other than the King Onyxe himself. 

3. Ann Marie Cyrus

Beautiful Mermaid

A citizen from Sapres. Ann Marie is a young and beautiful woman. A free spirit, Ann Marie lives life on her own terms. At a young age, Ann Marie discovered that she could heal trees and grow fruits instantly. As Ann Marie gotten older. She discovered her ability to create and manipulate water. Along with turning herself into a mermaid. Connecting with nature in a profound way. Ann Marie had left Sapres and created herself a home in the Jordy Blue Forest. While enjoying herself in her home as usual. A demon by the name Vlad had came to kill her. Luckily a samurai by the name Hisako was by her side. Together the two women had slain the demon. After the horrifying encounter. Hisako had taken Ann Marie to the Royal Lands. Once found by the King. Onyxe had kept Ann Marie in his castle along with the other divas. In order to keep her safe. Ann Marie is the oldest of the four divas

4. Kira Yosei

Nature Girl

Kira Yosei is a adventurous sage from Nishio, Japan. Kira was taught by her parents how to use her natural magic. From communicating with insects to summoning boulders out of thin air. At the age of twelve, Kira had fully master her powers. Kira had remain in Japan until she turned sixteen. Kira had left to the Maylands in pursuit of a photography career. Kira had lead a pretty decent life since moving to the Maylands. Visiting her parents every couple of months. Returning home from Azerbaijin, Kira was attacked by a demon. Luckily a man by the name James was near. James had slain the demons and taken Kira to the King's castle. Despite her boredom with her newly confine life. Being the first of the four divas to arrive to the castle. King Onyxe had made arrangements so Kira is comfortable. Kira hopes these demons are found and killed. So she can return to her old life

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