Thursday, September 11, 2014

Profile: King Onyxe


Name: Onyxe Charise

Age: 59

Gender: Male

Likes: James, Yura, his foster parents, napping, salmon, rice, & corn, mozzarella & caramel empanadas, justice, peace, making new friends and allies, regaining memories, fruit and ice cream flavored lip balm

Dislikes: Injustice, bigotry, loud noise, sorrow, killing, Queen Golda, lost memories

Magic Name: None! Onyxe mostly uses his demonic powers. Although Onyxe has learned a few spells from various magic laws

Magic Powers: Demonic Based: Onyxe has inhuman strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. Onyxe possess vast precognitive powers along with the ability to read minds and alter personalities. Onyxe can self regenerate when damaged, create fire from thin air, absorb life energy, and create thunderstorms. Onyxe is also immune to poisoning and high resistance to mental assaults

Magic Based: From the magic art of Hada, Onyxe can create sleeping powder. The magic art of Eater,  Onyxe can summon pirahnas

BIO: Before becoming the first half demon King of Mayland. Onyxe once lived an ordinary life among his foster parents, Sam and Martha Charise. Born from a half human half demon assassin by the name Vanessa Lowlife. His father was no other than the Grim Reaper himself. Long before his birth, Onyxe's parents relationship had ended. As Vanessa prepared for birth of her child. The half demon had officially retired from her assassin life. Unknown to Vanessa, she and her baby were targeted by a group of demons. Demons that were ordered by an unknown woman to kidnap Vanessa's baby. Once Vanessa had given birth and named her child. The demons immediately swarm in and attacked her. Despite her best efforts, Vanessa could not defeat her many attackers. The demons had managed to kill Vanessa and steal her child. Taking Onyxe to their lair, the demons began experimenting on him. While the experiment was going according to plan. This had caused Onyxe great suffering, suffering his father had felt. After tracking down his son's whereabouts, the Grim Reaper had attacked his child's kidnappers. The Grim Reaper had managed to kill majority of the demons, with only two escaping his wrath. As the two surviving demons ran off with a giant tube. The Grim Reaper took Onyxe to safety. Having felt great regret for abandoning Vanessa. The Grim Reaper deemed himself unfit to raise his son. The Grim Reaper traveled with his son to Asira, leaving him on the doorsteps of the Charise family. Upon opening the door, the Charise family gladly took the child in. Never knowing the true origin of the baby. Unable to remember any of the events in the Underworld. Due to both his infant age and father's magic. The next nine and a half years of his life. Onyxe lived a life filled with joy. Never could one hope to be so fortunate. Having a loving mother and father to love and nurture him. Unfortunately Onyxe's happiness was never meant to last.

Little did Onyxe and his parents knew. Mayland's current Queen Golda had put a hit out on them. Prior to becoming Queen, Golda had planned on asking Sam to marry her. Unfortunately for Golda, Sam had married her sister Martha instead. Afters years of bitterness, Golda finally decided that all parties must be killed. Sending one of her most ruthless assassin to do the deed. Golda would finally get back at Sam and her sister. While the assassin would surely succeed in killing both Sam and Martha. The assassin was also destined to fall doom to Onyxe. Coming home from shopping on a Friday evening. Both Onyxe and Sam had felt something evil within the home. Fearing something terrible had befallen Martha. The two men had dropped the groceries and ran to the house. Entering the house, they saw a cloak man holding a bloody knife. Laying in front of the man was no other than Martha. Mortified by his mother's death. Onyxe had frozen in utter shock. Sam on the other hand immediately began to raged. As the assassin escaped out of the kitchen window. Sam had ordered Onyxe to stay inside. Sam then grabbed his gun and went after the assassin. Still paralyzed by the shock of his mother's death. After a few minutes have passed. Onyxe began to worry about his father. Risking his father's fury. Onyxe had left the house to aid his father. Onyxe had ran from the house into the forest. Upon arriving to the forest. Onyxe witnessed yet another unfortunate site. Watching his father's life less body on the ground. The assassin had now set his sites on Onyxe. Unknown to the assassin, Onyxe was no ordinary boy. Driven mad by the lost of both parents. Onyxe began transforming into a monstrous being. Paralyzed by great fear. The assassin watched as Onyxe turned from human to demon. Upon his transformation, Onyxe gained incredible powers. One of those powers being telepathy. Using his powers to read the assassin's mind. Onyxe had discovered that Queen Golda had ordered the extermination of his parents. Now knowing the truth behind his parent's demise. Onyxe created a electric crimson colored flames in his right palm. He immediately threw the ball of fire at the assassin. As Onyxe watched the assassin burned to death, he began to revert back to normal. While Onyxe succeeded in killing the assassin. Onyxe was once again parentless. Filled with great anger. Onyxe had decided he was going to avenge his parents. Thus he was going to kill Queen Golda. After burying his parents and packing his book bag. Onyxe began his journey of vengeance.

During his travel to the Royal Lands, Onyxe had spotted a group of demons surrounding a lone male. Despite of his telepathic abilities. Onyxe went with his gut instincts instead. As the group of demons prepared to attack the lone male. Onyxe had attacked and killed the demons, saving the lone male. Thankful to have been rescue. The man introduces himself as James Del Soto. Onyxe instantly became fond of James as James was to him. After explaining their situation to one another. James had promised to help Onyxe get his revenge. In exchange, Onyxe would keep James by his side. A week later both Onyxe and James arrived to the Royal Lands. Fortunately they arrived on time for the Devilry Combat Tournament. Onyxe and James had entered the tournament. Their goal being to get Onyxe to Queen Golda. Once James and Onyxe defeated the other competitors. James had eliminated himself so that Onyxe could face Golda. Before the fight between Onyxe and Golda began. Onyxe told Golda his reason for fighting her. Enraged by such a revelations. Golda was determine to destroy Onyxe. Unfortunately for the Queen, she was no matched for the young demon. Having defeated and killed Queen Golda. Onyxe was now crown the newest ruler of Mayland. Onyxe had officially become Mayland's youngest King, but also the first to be a demon. Despite earning his title as King fair and square. Many of the asirian citizens did not like having a demon as King. In spite of his many critics. With James by his side, Onyxe proved to be a fitting King. Over the many years as King, Onyxe made many friends. Friends that would dedicate their lives to serving him. Course the most loyal of his subjects were James and a woman named Yura. While preparing for the upcoming Devilry Combat Tournament Qualifications. Onyxe has also been dealing with another crisis. Many sages throughout Asira being murdered. Upon learning the caused of the travesty. Onyxe has foreseen the solution to this problem. That solution being Okubi Nox & The Great Heroes!




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