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Forbidden Chapter 9

Forbidden Chapter Nine- Urgent Matters

Not too long after waking up in an unknown room. Okubi was reunited with his demon spirit servant, Eligos. Shortly after the door to his room opens. Appearing before him was no other then the King himself, Onyxe

Onyxe: Hello Okubi. I been expecting you. How was your nap?

Okubi: It was pleasant enough. Your majesty, how did I get here? Where are my friends?

Onyxe: Oh that would be my doing. I didn't want anyone to see your friends and you enter my castle. So I put you all to sleep and had my guards bring you in. Both your friends Xiaoyu and Apollyn will be up here shortly.

Okubi: I certainly hope they have my clothes and things as well. Goodness knows I don't want to know I got into this bed gown

Onyxe: Oh believe nothing of ill nature has befallen your friends nor you in my castle. I just had my servants put you in the bed gown. While your clothing were being cleaned. The outfit you worn in particular was rather hard to wash. Never have my servant dealt with such expensive material, None the less we managed to do well. Course their are clothes in the drawer by the bed. I'm very certain they will be to your liking.

Okubi: I certainly hope so. I refuse to wear anything gaudy

Eligos: Master! This is the King you're talking too? Mind your manners

Onyxe: Oh no need to worry Eligos I don't take myself that seriously. I personally love it when people talk to me as I'm a commoner. I feel more comfortable that way. Along with keeping my ego in check. By the way if you need to shower. The bathroom is three doors to your right. Also Okubi I want to know I want you to know. I'm having a huge feast for all my guest. That includes you as well. As you should know already. I didn't bring to my castle for a slumber party. I have urgent matters I my discuss with your friends and you.  So when you're ready. Please come down stair to the dinning area. I look forward to speaking with you.  Anyways see you later Okubi and Eligos

Eligos: We shall be there as soon as possible King Onyxe

Okubi: Will you stop being such a suck up?

Onyxe: Okay then I will be leaving now

Okubi: Onyxe before you go. I have an urgent question to ask you? When you brought my friends and I to your castle. Their was a blonde woman within our company. Not only is she not my friend. That very woman had made two attempts on my life. I like to know what has been done with her?

Onyxe: You're speaking of Ms. Momo Mifune A.K.A. Angelina? I know about her condition and I will explain everything to you at dinner tonight. Anyways I must be going now. In the meantime you can speak with your friends. See you at dinner Okubi

As the King exits the room. Enters both Xiaoyu and Apollyn. The two woman greet Okubi and Eligos with friendly smiles. Xiaoyu and Apollyn then gives Okubi a hug. Happily to be reunited with his trusted friends. Xiaoyu immediately begins to speak

Xiaoyu: Am I glad to see you mister

Okubi: The feelings mutual my dears. Glad to see the two of you are okay

Apollyn: Apollyn missed Okubi and Eligos BIG TIME!

Xiaoyu: By the way Okubi, guess who I spoke with?

Okubi: Xiaoyu my dear, I'm not a telepath. Nor do I care for guessing games. So please just tell me before I take my shower

Xiaoyu: It was my commander Dong Fa back in China. I gave him an update about my ongoing investigation. My commander along with my friends were happy to hear from me. Having been so busy chasing down The Children of Ruin. I haven't realize it's been nearly a week since I arrived to Mayland. Thank goodness for King's Onyxe's Global Communicator

Okubi: That's good to hear. I only wish we could gotten more intel on the whereabouts of the Children Of Ruin's hideout. Am personally starting to believe it's in the Underworld itself. Course if that's true. There is no way you can come with us

Xiaoyu: So I guess the rumor about the Underworld corrupting a non demon is true

Apollyn: It's not a rumor if it's true. Apollyn don't Xiao to be corrupted!

Eligos: Apollyn actually knowing something? Talk about shocking

Xiaoyu: Oh behave yourself Eligos. Okubi is what Lynn said really true?

Okubi: It is indeed! The Underworld is no place for none demons. Should a mortal being ever step foot into the Underworld. They are destined to suffer a dark fate. Either be eaten by a demon or transformed by the Underworld. Depending on the state of the individuals souls. One will either become a demon or a darken!

Xiaoyu: A darken? Exactly what is that?

Okubi: Based on what my mother and father told me. A darken is a individual who loses their morality. Neither human nor demon, but a being of malice. A darken is the result of a good nature human falling into the Underworld. Fortunately most human brought to the Underworld are usually eaten. However  I heard myths about demons taking humans into the Underworld. Allowing them to transform into darkens. In order that said individual may serve them. Course someone as strong as you would never be targeted by a demon. Not for those reasons anyways. None the less if the Children Of Ruin are located in the Underworld. It would be impossible to bring you along.

Xiaoyu: So that would happen if I were to enter the Underworld? Talk about a terrible fate. Hey wait a second? Didn't you also say someone can turn into a demon? I thought only demons can give birth to demons? Never thought a non demon can be turned into a demon

Okubi: Course they can my dear. However one must malice in their hearts. In order to be transform into a demon. Examples being an assassin or a dark sage. Now if you'll excuse me. I need to go take a shower. Afterwards I need to go speak to the King.

Xiaoyu: Oh yeah the dinner. I can't believe how much guest King Onyxe has. So many of them being women

Okubi: I wonder who these guest are? Anyways have you seen Nara? Not that I care, but I do wonder how he's fairing

Apollyn: Nara is fine. He's down stair with the other descendants

Eligos: There are other descendants here?

Okubi: Exactly why you didn't mentioned that earlier?

Xiaoyu: Well you didn't ask nor am I a telepath. Anyways the King and his friends have been rescuing descedants. Currently residing within the King's castle are Naznim Sherawat, Oriana Violet, Ann-Marie Cyrus, Kira Yosei,, and Abrafo. Along with both Nara and you. Making a total of seven descendants within the castle. Also in the King's company are his guardians James and Yura. I also meet a samurai named Hisako. Boy I can't tell how embarrassed I was earlier. I accidentally notice a Amethyst crystal on Hisako's vagina. Despite her scantly clad appearance. Hisako was surprising very boyish

Eligos: An Amethyst crystal on her crotch? Master Okubi, are you thinking what am thinking?

Okubi: Indeed Eligos! Sounds to me this Hisako woman is wearing the ultra rare Luxury Gem! A gem specifically used to resurrect the dead

Xiaoyu: That dead! So Hisako is some sought of Jiangshi?

Okubi: Hisako is not a Hopping Vampire Xiaoyu! Hisako won't be going about absorbing someone's life force. Onyxe must had sent one of his servants to resurrected Hisako. I would assume Hisako was resurrected to aid Onyxe with dealing with the Children Of Ruin

Xiaoyu: Oh my goodness! The King had deliberately resurrected the dead? Talk about a vulgar act! I can't believe I was starting to trust him

Okubi: Don't feel that way Xiaoyu. Even with my suspicious nature. I can sense  Onyxe is a good man. Like any King or Queen. Onyxe may do some questionable things. Least his actions are for the  better of Asira. Unlike some of  those before him. Now if there isn't anymore questions. At least questions that can wait. I truly must start preparing for my shower.

Xiaoyu: By the way Okubi. Did Onyxe mention anything about Angelina? I haven't seen her since we arrived here. I assume he killed her, but my instincts tell me different

Okubi: Your instincts have serve you well Xiaoyu. Angelina is indeed alive.  Onyxe would explain more at tonight's dinner. I'm very curious to know why he kept her alive. That having been said. It's time I go take myself a shower. I'll be back in a few. Eligos you better behave yourself around the girls.

Eligos: No need to worry my Master. I know how to be a gentlemen in the company of women

Apollyn: Bye bye Okubi! Apollyn will miss you

Okubi: Am only going to the bathroom you buffoon. I'll be back shortly Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: Oh take your time Okubi. We'll be waiting for you

Having grabbed his essentials out of his traveling bag. Okubi immediately heads out the bedroom. Making his way towards the bathroom Upon hoping to the shower. Okubi cleans his body off with his cotton candy soap bar. Along with using his vanilla & plum body wash. Twenty minutes later, Okubi exits from the bathroom. Returning to the room with his towel wrapped around him. Okubi ask both Xiaoyu and Apollyn to exit the room for ten minutes. Once the girls exit from the room. Okubi goes inside the drawer. Looking through the exquisite selection of evening gowns. Okubi spots a lavishing purple satin gown. Eligos immediately flies over to his Master's side. After expecting the purple gown for himself. Eligos confirms the gown will fit his Master perfectly. Having already tended to his hygiene. Okubi then puts on the gown. Finished with getting dressed. Okubi signals for Xiaoyu and Apollyn to re-enter the bedroom

Xiaoyu: Okubi you look so gorgeous

Apollyn: That dress really suits your figure Okubi

Okubi: Thank you girls. Now that I'm dressed/ Are we ready to go see the King?

Xiaoyu: As ready as we're ever going to be

Apollyn: Apollyn just wants to eat some yummy desserts

Okubi: I bet you do. Well there's no point in stalling. I'm just no really in the mood for bad news. I absolutely detest negative information. Course considering our situation. Any news is better than none at all. The beauty of being an adult. Having to stomach one problem. Just to make room for the next

Xiaoyu: Why do I feel the Angelina situation is what bothers you most?

Okubi: Because it is! Considering Onyxe is a telepath. He should know what that mad woman has put us through. The thought of her still being alive makes my blood boil. Regardless based on Onyxe's body language. Angelina is the least of our worries. Which is why I'm doing my best to remain civil. Now if theirs nothing else we need to discuss. I think it's best we start heading downstairs

Xiaoyu: I couldn't agree more

Apollyn: HOORAY! Apollyn can finally go and eat!

Eligos: Times like this makes me wish I posses her intellect

Okubi: Don't speak such nonsense! One must have their wits on order to deal with madness

Xiaoyu: Okay I'll lead the way. It's a few flights down, but it makes for good exercise

Xiaoyu then opens the door, making her way towards the stairs. Apollyn following joyously behind her. Okubi and Eligos walk a few steps behind. While Okubi remains quite walking towards the stairs. Eligos can't help but notice how worried his Master is. Despite his inner feelings, Eligos decides not to say a word. Instead the demon spirit grabs ahold of his Master's hand. The two then begin walking down the long stair way, Arriving down stair s a few minutes after. Xiaoyu leads her friends directly to the dinning area. Entering the dinning room, the group are immediate spotted by Nara. Followed by the King and the rest of the guest

Nara: About time you losers showed up. We couldn't even eat appetizers until the four of you arrived

Okubi: Had I know I would had prolonged your starvation. I would had taken a longer shower

As Okubi looks around the table. He spots Angelina sitting at the far end of table. Mildly stunned by her appearance. Angelina normally has the race of a crazed killer. However her facial expression now seem rather mournful. Okubi begins to wonder what has Onyxe done to her. However before he can even say anything. The King calls out to him

Onyxe: So glad you finally made it down here. Why don't your friends and you take a seat Okubi?

Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, and Apollyn move towards the table. Taking their seats right across the King. Eligos floating over his shoulder. Okubi sits across from Onyxe, Xiaoyu across from James, and Apollyn from Yura. Sitting next to Xiaoyu is Nara.  As for the remaining guest. They are all seated on the side King Onyxe sits. Once everyone has been seated. Onyxe calls for his chefs to bring the appetizers. While waiting for the food to arrive. Onyxe begins to speak to Okubi

Onyxe: Now that everyone is here at the table. I can discussing the matters at hand. Course before getting to the important stuff. I would like for everyone to introduce themselves. James will you mind going first?

Rising from his seat begrudgingly. The tall and muscular tan skinned demon begins to speak

James: Hello my name is James Del Soto. The right hand man of the King Of Mayland. Please be advised I don't tolerate rudeness towards the King. So let's make this quick and easy for everyone here.

Xiaoyu leans over to Okubi's left ear

Xiaoyu: Oh I forgot to mentioned earlier. The King's right hand man is an asshole

James: Excuse me China girl? Got something you wanna say to me?

Okubi: Obviously not if she was talking to me

James: I obviously wasn't talking to you! So mind your business!

Okubi: Her business is my business! Your majesty please calm your dog down or I will!

James: The fuck you just say? Look here--

Onyxe: James please! Now isn't the time to be a macho head

James: But Onyxe they are the ones that started it

Onyxe: Correction! You started it by threatening everyone. I don't need you help with handling rudeness James.

James: Sorry O. I know I stepped out of line. I'll try not to do it again

Onyxe: It's fine my dear. Moving onto my Leading Lady. Yura will you please stand up

Standing up with confidence, the young beautiful fulvous haired woman introduces herself

Yura: Hello I'm Mikan Yura! The Leading Lady of King Onyxe. It's nice to meet you all

 Excluding Okubi, Naznim, and Angelina. Everyone else was in awe of Yura's presence. Just hearing the kunoichi speak. The mood around the table quickly became positive. Having finished introducing herself. Yura goes back to her seat

Onyxe: Okay next is Naz-

Naznim: Not interested! Move onto one of the others

Onyxe: Okay then. How about Ann Marie? Following behind Kira, Oriana, Abrafo, and Hisako

Ann Marie: Well hello everyone. My name is---

Okubi: This is meaningless!

Eligos: Master Okubi!

Onyxe: Excuse me Okubi? Is there a problem?

James: Besides his shitty attitude?

Eligos: You'll have to forgive him your majesty. My Master is currently not in the best of moods

James: Looks like the type that's always in a nasty disposition. I feel Mr. Feminine needs a lesson in manners

Okubi: As if a fool like you can teach me anything? Unless you wish to incur my wrath. I suggest you shut the hell up!

James: Oh that fucking does it! Get yourself ready for a Del Soto style ass kicking

Okubi:A "Del Soto" style butt whooping? Sounds dreadfully mediocre. However the beating from a Vice is something truly fearsome

 Okubi and James ready to engage in combat. Causing heavy tension around the dinner table. Angered by the level of disrespect before him. King Onyxe decides to intervene. In order to keep the situation from becoming worst

Onyxe: James and Okubi! Such behavior is absolutely unacceptable! The both of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Acting like unruly children at the playground. Both of you need to get control of your emotions. James I know you only have my interest at heart. However that does not give you the right to be rude. I know the last few weeks have been stressful. Regardless not only as my Right Hand Man. As my friend, I expect more from you.

James: My apologies Onyxe. I just didn't want anyone taking advantage of your kindness. Something I feel has been happening a lot lately

Naznim: Sorry if we aren't exactly thrill to be here

Oriana: I would much rather be back at my mansion. Enjoying myself a nice dinner in bed

Kira: Man this dinner is a total bummer! So damn noisy

Ann Marie: I just want to eat already

Apollyn: That goes double for Apollyn. Apollyn wants some dessert

Xiaoyu: I totally vexed by all these people here. Something I hope Onyxe eventually expalins

Okubi: Along with why blonde is sitting with us. That derange woman has no place with civil individuals.

Angelina: Okubi I..

Okubi: Are you seriously addressing me right now? As if you and I are good friends? How dare you! Wasn't it not too long ago. You tried to kill me for the second time? Along with trying to kill Xiaoyu and Apollyn. It's taking every bit of restraint I posses. Not to run to the end of this table. Ripping your head off!

Nara: A killer at the table? What kind of fucking crazy shit is this?

Xiaoyu: Well we did try to tell you earlier at Autumn Forest. Course you were too busy being an asshole

Nara: I was being an asshole? Funny considering you're the Queen of assholes

Xiaoyu: What did you just fucking say to me?

Yura:  (sigh) What a lovely evening this turned out to be

Hisako: Talk about entertainment, Okubi arguing with James and threatening the blonde, China girl arguing with spiky hair dude. Naznim being her usual uptight self, and almost everyone else complaining about trivial things. Poor Abrafo looks so annoyed

Abrafo: Please don't bring me into this nonsense samurai

Hisako: Well I hate to tell you this, but you're here alongside the rest of us. This has turned out to be quite the dinner Onyxe

Nara: What fucking dinner? We didn't even fucking eat yet. Boy I can't wait until I dethrone Onyxe. First thing I'm going to do is fire those slow ass chefs

James: As if a simpleton like you could ever defeat Onyxe? I don't even see lasting in the Devilry Combat Tournament tomorrow. That's if I don't kick your ass before then

Okubi: Looks like someone doesn't respect their friend. Didn't Onyxe just tell you to shut up!

James: You fucking bitch! I'm going to fucking kill you!

Having his full of Okubi. The furious James transforms from his humane form into his demonic form

Okubi: So you really are a fool! If it's a fight you want. I will be more then glad to give you one. Course I have a bad habit of killing my opponents. Let's see how long you'll last?

Rising from his chair. Okubi swiftly summons a ice rapier into his hand. The chaos at the dinner table becoming too much. The King decides to respond with a more drastic approach

Onyxe: EVERYONE CALM DOWN NOW!!! Nearly each and every one of you are acting like degenerates. James I already ask you not to behave like this. I know Okubi has been pressing your buttons, but I need you to get a hold of yourself. As for the rest of you. I will not tolerate anymore outburst or else

Okubi: Or else what?

Eligos: Master Okubi please don't do this

Okubi: Zip it Eligos! I had it with my time being wasted here. My friends nor I didn't come all this way for a meaningless dinner. We came here to learn more about The Children Of Ruin. Hoping you are also aware of this situation

Onyxe: Well I'll have you know I'm very aware. After all I'm the King of Mayland. It is my duty to knows what danger threatens my land. Perhaps had you decided not to be such a bitch. Maybe you would had learned something interesting about our guest. Especially the four women sitting near me

Okubi: Did you really just cursed me out? Anyways exactly what's so special about those girls?

Onyxe: Well I can answer that... after we had our dinner first

Upon finishing his remark. Both Onyxe and James break into laughter. Causing Okubi and the other great annoyance. Before anymore disturbances take place at the table. Nine chefs appear from behind the kitchen door. Holding various plates and bowls of food. The chefs arrive to the table. Placing dishes for each individual at the table. Having received her plate first. Apollyn immediately removes the lid from her plate. Discovering her most favorite dessert, Raw Black Forest Cheesecake. Along with her delicious cake. The chef gives Apollyn a tall cup of mint chocolate chip milkshake. As the other guest receives their meals. Xiaoyu receives a plate of  Gong Bao Chicken. Nara is given a of plate of Sticky Chicken, Stuffing, Potato Salad, and Macaroni & Cheese.  Naznim is given Manakeesh with Spicy Pineapple Rum Sorbet. Ann Marie receives a bowl of garden salad with a glass of soy milkshake. Oriana receives two plates of food. One with Foie gras along with a glass of grape wine. The other plate obtaining miniature hamburgers covered in cranberry sauce. Having realize who this dish was for. Oriana summons her familiar to the dinner table. Appearing out a thin air. A small red creature with a ball shaped body. Along with pointy bat ears, two small horns, and a devil tail. After greeting his master with a kiss. The creature begins to eat his meal. As plates continue to be passed around. Both Yura and Abrafo receive a plate of Tako Nigiri. Along with a glass of mango wine. Kira has a barbeque cheeseburger with French fries and raspberry soda. Hisako receives a bowl of Chazuke with umeboshi and chicken fillet. Finally the remaining guest are given a plate of barbeque ribs. Along with yellow rice and cabbage except for James. In place of the yellow rice and cabbage. James is given French fries and corn on the cob. Everyone having received their meals. Almost everyone overjoyed by the fact of having received their favorite meals. With the exception of Apollyn and Oriana's familiar who continues to eat. Everyone else turns their attention to Onyxe

Kira: I can't believe you had your chefs cook all this. Barbeque cheeseburger with French fries and raspberry soda. My absolute favorite things to eat. This totally changes my opinion about you Onyxe. You're the absolute best!

Onyxe: *face turns red* Well thank you Kira. I would had my chefs made this for you sooner. However the menu was pre planned when you first arrived. Today however I made sure they cooked your favorite

Nara: It looks like your chefs made my favorite too. How did you know this was my favorite food to eat?

Onyxe: Well it certainly wasn't because of my telepath. Luckily I posses good intuition. I figured you were a hearty meal kind of guy. Thank goodness I guessed right

Xiaoyu: Thank you so much for this wonderful meal King Onyxe. I do apologize for my behavior earlier

Onyxe: No need to apologize my dear. It's already in the past. I'm just glad that everyone has finally calm down

Ricky: Thanks for summoning Lady Oriana. These cranberry soaked hamburgers are the business

Oriana: Not a problem Ricky. However it's King Onyxe you should be thanking

Ricky: Thank you for this meal your majesty. I knew you weren't a total stiff

Onyxe: Well coming from you. That's certainly a compliment. Anyways enough with the compliments everyone. Seeing your happy faces is enough of a thanks for me. Now please enjoy your wondrous meals. Once everyone has finished eating. I have urgent matters I must discuss with you all.

Nearly everyone begins to enjoy their meals. All with the exception of Okubi. Still irritated with both Onyxe and James. Along with the fact that barbeque ribs is far from his favorite meal. Noticing his Master's displeasure. Eligos makes an attempt to comfort him

Eligos: Master Okubi can I help you with something?

Okubi: Nothing at the moment Eligos. Why don't you go chat with Xiaoyu and Apollyn?

Eligos: I would remain within your company if you don't mind?

Onyxe: Okubi as you may have guessed. I used my telepathy to figure out your friend's favorite dishes. When you were still asleep. I had used my telepathy to find out your favorite dish. Having discovered it was Dragon Stew. I felt rather awful knowing I couldn't have it cooked for you. Not only do dragons often keep away from the Royal Lands. Even if I were to find a dragon. It would not had been prepared along with the other meals. At least not to your liking. If you would like. I can call my chefs to bring you some raw pig. Perhaps that would be more to your liking?

Okubi: Thanks but no thanks. I'm not much in the mood to eat anyways

Xiaoyu: Are you sure about that Okubi? I wouldn't mind sharing with you some of my food

Apollyn: Yeah Apollyn can share some of her cake with Okubi

Okubi: As if you have any cake left to share

Apollyn: Oops! Apollyn didn't realize has fast Apollyn eats

Okubi: Anyways I will be fine Xiaoyu, but thank you

James: There's just no pleasing some people

Okubi: Mumble a little lower next time. Perhaps I'll have a harder time making out your words. Even if I wasn't a half demon. I could hear the stupidity spewing from your mouth

James: As much as your existence irritates me. I'm enjoying these ribs too much to argue right now

Onyxe: Thank goodness for that. Well I'm sorry that you aren't in the mood to eat

Okubi: No need to feel any sympathy for me. If it's anyone who needs sympathy. Angelina certainly looks like she can use it

The King then turns his head. Noticing Angelina has yet touched her food. Feeling that great guilt radiating from Angelina's soul. Realizing nearly everyone has finished eating. Onyxe decides to tackle one of the biggest issues at the dinning table

Onyxe: Looks like a good of a time as ever. Okubi do you want to know why I spared Angelina's life?

Okubi: Nothing that would change my mind about her, but yes of course

Onyxe: Well once you learn the truth about Angelina. I highly doubt you will feel that way. Anyways as a demon of many powers. One which includes telepathy. I have the ability not only to read minds. I can also view a person's memories like a book. When I first had my servants bring you into my castle. I immediately notice Angelina's dark energy. I could literally smell the blood of her victims. My first reaction was to have her killed. However my Leading Lady had reminded me of something very important. Having change my mind, I decided to view Angelina's mind instead. Depending on what I saw. I would either spare or kill her. Once I began to view Angelina's history. What I discovered was not only a woman with a lonely past. I also learn that very woman's soul was consumed by a great evil! However before I continue to proceed... I first need Angelina's consent. My servants and I know the truth about Angelina. Now it's up to Angelina if I can share that truth with the rest of you?

Everyone turning their attention onto Angelina. Mostly stares of curiosity and concern. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn stare at Angelina with annoyance. Okubi shoots Angelina a very vengeful stare. Many negatives emotions begin running through Angelina's head. Fearing even if everyone knew the truth. They will still hate her just the same. Struggling to fight against her fears. Angelina then remembers a common, but wonderful saying "Kishi Kaisei!" An instant surge of positive emotions run through Angelina's body. Giving her the courage to speak her truth

Angelina: King Onyxe if you don't mind... I would like to tell my own story

Instead of answering Angelina. King Onyxe simply gives her a thumbs up. Having received the King's permission. Angelina rises from her chair and faces her audience

Angelina: Prior to becoming the woman I'm today. I was born as Momo Mifune. Growing up in Japan was a struggle. Nearly all my life I was made to feel unloved and unwanted. Being born an only child. I was raised by parents who did only what they needed to do. Never showed me any affection. Never took the time to get to know me. Made every attempt to show they didn't love me. Not only did my own parents despised me. Ever since I could walk or talk. Not a single child wanted anything to do with me. It's not like I was a bad person. No one just wanted to be bothered with me. That was my entire life for the next seventeen years. After completing High School. I had all I could stand of my home country. Having learned about work as an Exorcist in Mayland. I immediately packed my things and left. What had hurt the most about leaving Japan. There was absolutely no one to say goodbye too. No one who would even cared I was gone. Having moved to Mayland. I immediately began work as an Exorcist. In the very first time in my lonely existence. I was surrounded by people who actually cared about me. Never in a thousands of years. I would imagine having people who genuinely care about me. Since joining the Exorcist Corp. My life had finally changed for the better. The next few years along side my friends. I had fought off evil spirits and help remove curses. My life was perfect, perfect until one very unfortunate night. After removing a curse from our client Thomas Racer. On the way back to HQ my friends and I were attacked. Our attacker was a fearsome demon. The very demon that had cursed Tom and now wanted revenge on those who removed her cursed. That very demon was the Demon Lord Lilith! Being an Exorcist. We always run the risk of encountering a demon. However none of us had expected to encounter a demon of Lilith's power. At that very moment. My comrades and I knew we were doomed! In spite of being confronted by such a powerful demon. My comrades decided to stand their ground. I on the other hand... I... I ran from Lilith. As I abandon my friends, running into the bottom of the ship. That very moment I had realized why no one in Japan bothered with me. I... I was a coward! 

Tears then began forming from Angelina's eyes. Causing her to take a moment to breath. Having heard a fair amount of her story. Nearly everyone at the table felt sorry for her. After taking a few seconds to compose herself. Angelina continue to tell her tale

Angelina: Hiding myself within the bottom of the ship. All I could hear is my friends ear shattering screams. I could only imagining the pain and suffering Lilith had inflicted on them. Being the fooled that I was back then. I thought once Lilith had killed my former friends. That would satisfied her enough not to come after me. Unfortunately I quickly discovered how wrong I was. Making her way to the bottom of the ship. I could sense Lilith's murderous intent the closer she approached. Trying my hardest not to be discovered. Sadly as a mortal being. I could not possibly hide myself from a demon. Especially a fiend as powerful as Lilith. Once Lilith had found me. Lilith had grabbed by my neck with her left hand. Holding my head near her breast. Like the pathetic woman I was. I immediately began to beg for my life. Unfortunately all my tears and pleading did nothing. Nothing but increased Lilith's desire to kill me. After a bit of teasing and torment from Lilith. The Demon Lord began sucking the life fore out of me. As I felt myself slowly fading to nothingness. A feeling greater than fear began to take over. That very feeling was the desire to live! At that very moment I remember a gift I received. A unique knife given to me by Mr. Racer. Using the last bit of my strength. I reached in my pocket and grabbed the knife. Lilith completely unaware what I managed to do. I gripped my knife and stabbed her in her stomach. Honestly I thought it wouldn't do much to save me. After all a single stab to a demon's stomach is like bopping a child with styrofoam. Just about every demon can handle a stab to the stomach. However once Lilith had immediately released me from her grip. Holding her own stomach in terrible pain. Realizing something unexpected had just happened. I look at the blood stained knife. The blade immediately began to glow with a sinister green aura. Having completely fallen to the ground. Lilith gave me a look mixed with rage and fear. Once Lilith had taken a look of my knife. The Demon Lord's face had sole became fear. Lilith had then began to die before my very eyes. The Demon Lord began to say to me "Foolish girl! You have no idea what you just done. That very knife you managed to stab me with was the cursed Zyra Blade! A blade created by a dark sage many centuries. Possessing the power to rob a single demon of their very power. No matter how weak or strong that demon maybe. Once the user has successfully stabbed their targeted demon. The user then becomes the very demon they managed to stab. While you may not die here girl. The life you once knew shall end tonight! Once my life force and powers enters your body. It will only be a matter of time before you too become corrupt! So do make sure to savor this moment. Because once I fade to nothingness. I shall live on within you!" Having spoken her final words. Lilith's powers and life force had enter into my body. That very moment I was changed from human to demon. However I still felt like my old self. Having managed to arrive back home safely. I decided not to return to the Exorcist Corp. I would rather they think I died a noble death. Instead of being a coward that manage to survive. Using my newly found abilities. I alter my appearance, but not to rid myself of my Japanese appearance. Along with changing my hair from jet black to pale yellow. My eyes however weren't my own change. When I first became a demon. My right eye became neon red and my left eye electric yellow. Shortly after I began my new life as a one woman guild. Using my powers to help anyone I can. Unfortunately I failed to heed Lilith's warning. The more I continued to use my powers. The more the darkness grew within me. Eventually I became completely corrupted. I began behaving like the very demon I slain. Causing havoc and death wherever I ventured. During my many years of evils. I eventually encountered you Okubi. After we fought and I was defeated. Had I posses my old morals. I would had never thought to get revenge against you. Unfortunately I possessed the morals of a sociopath, After our second encounter and having retreated. I then encounter the demons Brutality and Boruta. Due to my condition back then. They managed to rob me of my Zyra Blade.

Xiaoyu: Then a day later. That's when you bumped into us in Autumn Forest

Nara: Well I do remember her stating something about a stolen blade

Xiaoyu: So do I. Who asked for your input anyways? That would explained why you didn't attack us at Autumn Forest

Angelina: Correct! Even with Lilith still behind the wheel. Both she and I share a displeasure of having something taken from us. Even with Okubi in my sight. I desire to retain my stolen knife. I only wished I knew why Brutality stole it in the first place? Well back to my story and it's long waited conclusion. Upon meeting the rest of you at Autumn Forest. After Okubi killed Boruta and Brutality escaped with my knife. Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and myself were put to sleep by Onyxe. Having arrived to Onyxe's castle. Onyxe had used his telepathy to cure me. What Onyxe exactly did will be for him to explain

Onyxe: And explain I shall. Course before doing so. I want you Angelina to take a seat next to Apollyn. Once they here my part of your story. Everyone with heart or conscious will know you're not some terrible evil, but a victim of a dark circumstance

Grabbing her plate of food. Angelina walks over to the empty seat by Apollyn. Before Angelina takes her seats. Angelina faces Apollyn, Xiaoyu, and Okubi

Angelina: Even before Onyxe explains the rest of my situation. From the very bottom of my heart. I apologize for the terrible things I had done to you three. Please know from this day forward. I would never purposely try to harm any of you. Should you choose to forgive me. I will do my best to show you a better side of me

Having spoken her peace. Angelina hesitantly lay her plate down and began moving her chair. However before Angelina could take her seat. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn rise from their chairs. The girls surrounded Angelina and wraps their arms around her. As the girls give Angelina a heartfelt hug. While having received both Xiaoyu and Apollyn's forgiveness. The forgiveness Angelina desires most is Okubi. The girls then take their seats. Allowing King Onyxe to speak

Onyxe: Now the part everyone, but especially Okubi wants to hear. How did I cure Angelina?

Okubi: Obviously with your telepathy. Out of all the underhanded things you could do. Using your mental powers to revert Angelina's personality... what a cop out! Absolutely shameful!

Eligos: Agreed! Even if her actions were influence by a great evil. Angelina is very much indeed still a threat! 

Onyxei: As she should be. After all she's one of us... a demon! Now back to my story before I was rudely interrupted

 Both Okubi and Eligos roll their eyes

Onyxe: Well to be truthful I did not cure Angelina. When I first began  my mental surgery on Angelina's psyche. I discovered that Angelina wasn't evil by her own accord. Instead being control by the dark emotions of Lilith. However due to the Zyra Blade's powers. I could not separate Lilith's conscious from Angelina's. Risking the possibility of lobotomizing her. So I opted for the next best option. Using my powers, I pushed Lilith's conscious into the deep recessives of Angelina's mind. Bringing forth Momo or better known as Angelina's conscious into the forefront. While I managed to return Angelina's to her true self. Along with keep her history and past deeds intact. Remnants of Lilith's conscious still remain. Course that side of Angelina should only appears when she's in battle. The more effort Angelina puts in a fight. The more of Lilith's her attitude becomes. Even should that happen, the chances of Angelina hurting her comrades is slim. Even if her Lilith persona appears during battle. Angelina obtains the superior will. Now that Angelina's innocence has been proving. Time to more on to more urgent matters. Starting with the very reason I gathered you all here. 

Okubi: Finally! Course before you begin to speak Onyxe. There's something I must do first

Okubi then gets up from her chair. Making his way towards Angelina. Once inf front of the pale yellow haired woman. Okubi sticks out his right hand before her

Okubi: While I will always be suspicious of you. As of now I shall forgive you. Now having heard the truth for myself. I cannot possibly harbor any hatred towards you. At least not enough to kill you on sight

James: If that wasn't to most insincere forgiveness speak I ever heard

Okubi: Onyxe, your dog is acting up again. Get him together before I do

Onyxe: James please be silent! This is between Okubi and Angelina

Angelina: Well if that's the circumstance of your forgiveness. I gladly accept

Angelina then sticks out her left hand and grabs a hold of Okubi. After making nice with Angelina. Okubi returns to his seat

Okubi: Now getting back to the topic at hand. As I'm certain you all are aware. For the past few weeks. Throughout the world of Asira. A group of demons called The Children Of Ruin. Have been going around killing descendants of the Great Sages. Not only are innocent sages are being killed. The reasons for these gruesome killings are what's more troubling. The Children Of Ruin are a dangerous group of demons. Who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. That goal being... the release of the Demon King Mastema! A terrible and powerful demon that nearly destroyed Asira  hundred thousands of years ago. Thanks to a group simply called The Great Sages. Using their magnificent powers. The sages managed to seal Mastema within a book called Forbidden! A powerful book which carries nearly infinite numbers of dark magic spells. After successfully sealing Mastema within Forbidden. The Great Sages had hid the book somewhere no ordinary being could find it. Rather they be human, beast being, demon, or something other. Forbidden remained hidden for a very long time. Unfortunately the Great Sages did not keep in mind. That every few centuries. The landscape of Asira changes. Thus changing the location of Forbidden. Shortly after the location became easier to reach. A unknown demon, the leader of the Children Of Ruin discovered it. Once discovering that Mastema was sealed inside the book. This mysterious demon began to plot a way to release Mastema from his prison. Traveling throughout the Underworld. Recruiting demons that will faithfully serve his cause. Once the unknown demon gathered enough demons for his scheme. He began ordering the deaths of the descendants of the Great Sages. Descendants both young and high in essence

Xiaoyu: There's that word again. Essence!  Didn't we meet a girl name Vanessa earlier in our journey.

Apollyn: Oh yes Apollyn remembers. Vanessa was the girl that ugly Jonaki tried to kill. He pacific--

Okubi: Specific!

Apollyn: Specific wanted Vanessa dead due to her pure essence. Is that right Okubi?

Okubi: Correct! However I think it would be wise to let Onyxe finish speaking

Xiaoyu: Sorry your Majesty

Apollyn: Apollyn is sorry

Onyxe: No problem ladies. Hearing that bit of information. I'm certain you'll easily be able to follow everything else I need to tell you. Now where was I... oh I remember. The Children Of Ruin are going around. Killing descendants of the Great Sages. Which each death the seal holding Mastema within Forbidden greatly weakens. While theirs no such thing as a fortunate death in my book. At least when referring to an innocent. None of the slain descendant thus far posses a high level of essence. Minus Nara who currently posses a light level of purity within his essence. Along with Okubi who doesn't have any purity due to his demon bloodline. The remaining descendants within my castle posses a high level of purity within their essence. Especially the four ladies seating amongst us

Okubi: King Onyxe may I take a guest about these four woman?

Onyxe: I know a smart man when I see one. I knew once you heard my story. You would quickly figure out who these four woman were. Along with why rescuing them was vital in order to delay Mastema's release

Okubi: Ann Marie Cyrus, Oriana Violet, Kira Yosei, and Naznim Sherawat. They are the Four Divas!

Xiaoyu: Four Divas? I never heard anything about that

Angelina: I heard about the Four Divas before. Course I don't know much about them either

Okubi: Then listen up while I drop some knowledge on you all. The Four Divas are four special woman. Born possessing not only an abnormal high level of purity. They are also born with unique ability no common sage posse. Ever half a century or fifty years to the slow folks. Four women are borne possessing great magical powers. While normally being one of the Four Divas is a honor bestowed by the Heavens. Unfortunately due to our current situation with The Children of Ruin. Descendants of the Great Sages are being hunted like animals. Even worst four the descendant also being this quarters centuries Four Divas. Thankful that King Onyxe and his servant managed to find them. By the way King Onyxe. Exactly how did you manage to find the Four Divas? While the timing of their birth is consistent. Not even til this day. Can an individual spot out a regular female sage from a diva.

Onyxe: That reminds me. I never told any of you my precognitive abilities. Well not counting James and Yura of course. 

Okubi: That would certainly explain how you know certain things. Things the average individual could never possibly guest

Onyxe: Well I appreciate my precognitive abilities. I do wish they work more favorable. None the less it helped me locate Oriana along with leading Hisako towards finding and rescuing Ann Marie. James actually found Kira on his way back to the castle. As for Naznim.. Naznim found me

Okubi: So Naznim wasn't rescued?

Naznim: I certainly was not. Hailing from Jugislavia. While was in my palace practicing my magic. A demon had unexpectedly entered my castle and tried to kill me. What a foolish attempt on his part. Using my sapphire sand magic. I easily defeated and murdered my assailant. Course before I killed him. I made him tell me everything I needed and wanted to know. From there I decided to seek out Onyxe. Considering past dealings with Mayland and Jugoslavia. I first thought Onyxe had sent a demon to assassinate me. However once I arrived to his castle. Onyxe had rushed me in so fast. I instantly knew he had no association with my attacker. That's when I meet Kira and Oriana. Shortly after thanks to one of Onyxe's servants. I along with Oriana and Kira discovered we were three of the four divas. A few days later Hisako had returned with Ann Marie. Following the arrival of Abrafo. Who too managed to eliminate his demon attacker. Once we became aware of our situation. Onyxe had ordered we remain in his castle til otherwise. I was immediately furious by his suggestion. Unfortunately I hold no power here in Mayland. Course I knew Onyxe would never have me killed. I just wanted to return back to my country. Unfortunately as long as the Children Of Ruin are at large. My life is in even greater danger than usual. Meaning it would serve me well to follow Onyxe's lead. None the less I'm very pissed!

Okubi: Well you have my genuine sympathy. Prior to meeting Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Learning about their troubles with the Children Of Ruin. I was journeying to Logus Island

Onyxe: Logus Island? That dreadful place. Why were you planning to go there?

Okubi: That reason is for me to know and for me to know alone! Don't go digging into my mind

Onyxe: I wouldn't dare do such a thing. I don't believe in using my powers to invade another individuals privacy

Nara: So happy no telepath could ever enter my mind

Onyxe: Never say never Nara. Because you posses natural immunity to telepaths. Doesn't mean it's impossible to have your mind invaded. Rare as they are. Their are sages that have magic to counter one's immunity. So please be mindful before you make such silly comments.

Xiaoyu: Ha! He got you good

Onyxe  As for you Xiaoyu. Being a dick to someone for giggles isn't cute. Unless you're planning to sex Nara in the future. Please stop being a ass to him. At least while your in my castle.

Nara: Looks like he got you even gooder

Xiaoyu: That isn't even a word. Just shut up!

Okubi: Okay now that we all are aware of the obvious. Exactly how do we go about eliminating the remaining of the Children Of Ruin? Do you have an ideal where they are hiding?

Onyxe: Well I do have a ideal where a few are the members are. Perhaps I should say where they will be. However as for their main base of operations. I absolutely have no clue. What I can tell you it's certainly isn't within the Underworld

Okubi: How can you be so certain?

Onyxe: Because my associates of the Underworld would had told me otherwise

Angelina: Exactly how do you know these associates aren't also involved with The Children Of Ruin?

Onyxe: Oh did I say "associates". I meant an associate. The Queen of Babylon, Othello Thalia Simone Strong

James: That bitch!

Okubi: That's quite the reaction Mr. Del Soto. Exactly what you do to piss Othello off?

James: What I did? Little man you don't want to open those can of worms

Onyxe: I actually agree with James on this one. You have no idea what Othello has done to James. Do not think because James rubs you the wrong way. That automatically makes him a bad person. James wouldn't be my dearest friend if he was just another demon... well a half demon

Okubi: So if that's the case. Why are you associates with this Othello?

Onyxe: Simply because I need to be. While I have all the alliance I need in Asira. Having an associate like Othello is very beneficial to me. Since I can't visit the Underworld on a whim. However when I do visit the Underworld. Othello tells me what's going on within the Underworld. Keeps me up to date with the various power players. Course I know she keeps a few things from me. None the less it isn't anything I need nor want to know. That being said. If Othello knew anything about the Children Of Ruin that would help me. Othello would had already told me. Unfortunately Othello is going through her own stuff. Speaking of Othello. I'm going to need you Okubi to go to the Underworld. 

Upon hearing Onyxe's request. Okubi's face has frozen with shock. Remembering a previous conversation he had with Othello. Onyxe then remembers Okubi's hatred of the Underworld.

Onyxe: I almost forgot. If my conversation with Othello is correct. You don't much care for the Underworld. Especially after your mother had died

Okubi: Yet my mother's death did not take place in the Underworld. It's been nearly nearly three hundred years since I abandon the Underworld. Exactly why must I go back now?

Onyxe: That's what I was just about to explain. As I already mentioned earlier. I can see future events. While most of my visions could a use a bit more details. Certain vision I have come in clearly. One of those visions beings the successful releasing of Mastema!

Immediately upon hearing Onyxe mentioned the release of Mastema. Everyone at the table including James and Yura became struck with fear

Ann Marie: Mastema to be release?

Xiaoyu: Meaning that monster will make his way back into Asira? That just can't be allowed to happened

Okubi: It absolutely must not happened! Onyxe tell me if there's a way to stop that from happening?

Onyxe: As I mentioned earlier. I need you to go to the Underworld

Xiaoyu: Exactly what will do to stop Mastema from being released?

Onyxe: I'm sending Okubi to retrieve a powerful demon. A demon who I believe will have enough power to combat Mastema. Should he managed to be released upon Asira. The demon I'm sending Okubi to retrieve is the daughter of Othello. Her name is Hellin. Othello's second daughter and the Babylon's future ruler.

Okubi: Which means I must see Othello first?

Onyxe: Indeed! For the last time I visited Babylon. Hellin was nowhere to be found. Othello wouldn't tell me the details. She just told me to send you once you arrived to my castle.

Okubi: Exactly how does Othello know about me?

Onyxe: The very same way she knew about me. Anyways it's vital that you successfully retrieve Hellin. The fate of Asira depends on it. Should my vision prove true and Mastema is release. Hellin and perhaps with your assistance. May just be enough to defeat Mastema.

Xiaoyu: What if we just find and kill off the remaining members of the Children Of Ruin?

Onyxe: That's exactly what I'm sending Apollyn, Angelina, Nara, and you to do

Xiaoyu: Sending Nara to do? I thought he was entering the Devilry Combat Qualifications tomorrow?

Nara: Yeah what fucking gives? Scared I'm going to become future ruler of Mayland?

James: As if you really pose a threat against Onyxe? A joke like you would probably be eliminated in his first match

Nara: Oh really? Wanna try me for yourself then bitch?

James: Oh I got your fucking bitch motherfucker!

Now with James and Nara ready to scrap. An anger Onyxe quickly puts a stop to that

Onyxe: The both of you calm the fuck down NOW!

Feeling the intensity of Onyxe's anger. Seeing the King's frightening aura dance around his body. Both James and Nara decide to cease their arguing. With both men back into their chairs. Onyxe's aura dissipates and returns to his calmer self

Onyxe: Back to what I was saying before. Xiaoyu I'm leading you in charge of finding the remaining Children of Ruin members. I don't expect for you to find and kill them all. Just enough so when you find the Children Of Ruin's main base of operation. There will be less members for your friends and you to kill

 Yura: Onyxe is there anything I can do?

Onyxe: Yura, my beautiful and reliable Leading Lady. I do indeed have an assignment for you. While the threat of Mastema's arrival is Asira's number one potential threat. Another evil has nearly awaken in Japan. That evil being an tengu by the name Raikou, The Savage Thunder! 

Hearing the name of the second threat Onyxe has named. Hisako immediately respond with anger in her voice

Hisako: Raikou! There must be some mistake Onyxe. Raikou the Savage Thunder was sealed away by Kagemori many centuries ago

Ann Marie: Are you talking about your sword, Kagemori?

Okubi: No! Hisako is referring to the actual samurai name Kagemori. The very samurai spirit that's resides within her sword. I too remember tales of Kagemori having sealed away a tengu. Three tengus to be exact. 

Onyxe: That's indeed true. However as time moved forward and Asira's landscaped changes. The seal Kagemori had sealed Raikou with has greatly weaken. Nearly enough for Raikou to release himself from his sealing. I want a team consisting of Naznim, Kira, Oriana, Hisako, and yourself. The five of you will travel to Japan. Go to Mount Karasawa and destroy Raikou before he's released 

Hisako: Well as much as I appreciate the help. I can handle that on my own

Onyxe: Well unfortunately for you. I call the shots here

Hisako: Like I need your fucking permission? I don't even know why I'm following you in the first place? It's not as if I asked to be resurrected. Especially so I could just end up serving you! If I decide I'm going to Mount Karasawa by myself. Well that's exactly what I'm going to do. I don't need anyone's helping destroying some demon

Onyxe: Well if I recalled correctly. Wasn't Raikou the very beast Kagemori sacrificed his own life to seal away? If you really think I'm sending you off on your own. Then you have another thing coming missy. As I already said. I'm sending Naznim, Kira, Oriana, Yura, and you to Mount Karasawa. If you won't do it for me Hisako. Then do for the safety of the citizens of Japan. Unlike Angelina who couldn't care less what becomes of Japan. I know if would eat you alive if something were to happen to your beloved country. So tell me my dear. What's it going to be?

After a few seconds of intense silence. Hisako finally gives her answer

Hisako: Let's do it your way King Onyxe

Onyxe: I knew you would come around. Okay with that settle. The five of you need to prepare for your mission. Also just to remind you five. Once you have completed you mission in Japan. Make sure you five immediately return to the castle. No pit stops along the way and back. I'm already taking a huge risk sending three of the four divas to Japan. However I know Hisako nor Yura can handle Raikou alone. Should he managed to break free from his seal. Now getting back to Xiaoyu and her group

Nara: Yeah about that. I fucking refuse to be apart of this crap

Xiaoyu: It would be my pleasure if you stay behind Nara

Nara: As if I'm doing it for you. I'm sorry all this bad crap is happening. I came here to enter a fucking tournament! Nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps after I secure my spot in the tournament. Maybe I'll help out. Until then the Devilry Combat Qualifications is my only concern

Onyxe: Okay then fine. If you wished to be a King of a ruined world. By all means be my guest. Because should Okubi, Yura, Xiaoyu, and the others fail. There won't be a fucking Asira for you to rule Nara. If that isn't enough to change your mind. Perhaps this will. Should you and I ever engage in combat. I would fucking devour you in a matter of seconds. As of now, you don't even posses one tenth of the power to defeat me! However should you aid Xiaoyu in eliminating some of the Children of Ruin members. Along with rescuing fellow descendants like yourself. That may perhaps earn a place in the official tournament for my crown. Three months from now. However if that's isn't enough to convince you otherwise. The two of us can step outside and fight for my crown now? Should you defeat me battle. Not only will you become Asira's new King. Dealing with the Children of Ruin and Raikou will be your problem. Allowing me to live the life I always wanted! So either fight me here and now or help me save our world? The choice is up to you Nara?

After having reverted back to his humane form. Onyxe patiently waits to hear Nara's response

Nara: Okay fine I'll help. After all I want these problems gone once I become King. Besides helping out with eliminating the Children of Ruin will be a perfect time killer

Xiaoyu: But wait a second. Isn't Nara too a descendant? Putting him in that kind of situation is very dangerouns

Onyxe: Not nearly as dangerous as him being by himself. Between your smarts, Apollyn's power, and both Angelina's smarts and power. The four of you should be able to managed well. Perhaps you'll even gain a new ally or two along the way. I'm quite certain we are not the only ones who want the Children Of Ruin eliminated

Xiaoyu: I guess you're right. "Traveling with Nara is going to suck... I hope"

Nara: "I'm so exciting to be traveling with such hot girls. Too bad the Xiaoyu chick isn't so nice. I really like her the most" This is going to suck so hard. At least my spot in the tournament is now guaranteed

Okubi: Now that's being taken care of. What about Abrafo, Ann Marie, and James?

Onyxe: Oh yeah I almost forgot. Both Abrafo and Ann Marie will remain beside me. Abrafo will make for a perfect temped bodyguard. Sending Ann Marie on any mission would be stupid. While she has common use of her magic. A fighter she is not. As for by beloved James. Like you Okubi, I'm sending James to the Underworld. James of course already knows what I'm sending him for. Unfortunately due to some of James's past actions. Unlike you Okubi who can travel within the open. James must sneak his way throughout the Underworld. So now that we all know what's a stake. I pray that you all are successful at your missions. Remember there is no "I" in team. Everyone must work together in order to accomplish our goal. The survival of Asira depends on your success. Especially yours Okubi. Even if the rest of us succeed. Should you fail. Everything else will be done for nothing

Eligos: Talk about "no pressure"

Onyxe: I don't mean to put everything on Okubi's shoulders Eligos. I just need him to understand failure is not an option. If only Okubi was another century or more older. Okubi would perhaps been strong enough to handle Mastema on his own. Sadly that is not the case. That's why he must successfully retrieve Hellin. First by going to Babylon and speaking with Othello. Now that''s settle. Everyone please come and say your goodbyes. Hopefully we will all see each other again soon  

As everyone prepares to deal with their assign task. Tears running down their eyes. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn approach Okubi. Like Angelina earlier the girls wrapped their arms around Okubi. Comfortably trapped between Xiaoyu and Apollyn's arms. The girls begin to speak to their dear friend

Xiaoyu: Okubi please promise me you will be safe. Promise me that you won't die down there

Apollyn: Just like Xiaoyu had said. Please be careful down there. Apollyn will be so sad if something bad happened to Okubi. After all these years of knowing you. Okubi finally became Apollyn's friend. Apollyn knew the day would eventually come. Now it makes Apollyn feel sad. Apollyn doesn't want to lose Okubi

Okubi: Wipe your tears Apollyn. I promise you I will be okay. As Onyxe already stated. I cannot afford to fail

Xiaoyu: That doesn't mean you can't/ You're not God Okubi. Just like the rest of us. You're capable of failing as well. What I'm trying to say is... I just want you to be okay

Eligos: I shall see to it the Master returns to Asira in one piece

Xiaoyu: I will hold you to that Eligos

Okubi: Girls if nothing else. I will make sure I return back here with Hellin. Not because the fate of Asira depends on. Because I too want to see my friends again. Until this point in my life. I never thought for one second I needed friends. Now I can't bare to be without them. Unfortunately you can't venture to where I'm going. While the Underworld is Apollyn's home. It would make me feel a whole lot better knowing she's here protecting you. Between Nara, Angelina, Apollyn, and you. I know the four of you will be okay. Anyways I time for me to get going The sooner I retrieve Hellin. The sooner I shall find you two. Then together we will hunt down the Children Of Ruin, Making them wished they were never born. Until girls I must be going. So please release your arms from around me

Having release Okubi from their grasp. Xiaoyu and Apollyn then gives Okubi a kiss on his cheek. Okubi then walks away from Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Making his way towards Onyxe

Onyxe: By the way Okubi. Do you still know how to open a portal to the Underworld?

Okubi: I could never forget it I wanted too

Onyxe: Okay then I wish you the very best of luck. I hope to see you real soon Okubi. While I see you facing a lot of danger during your trip to find Hellin. I also believe in my heart you shall triumph over any evil that you will face

Okubi: Thanks your Majesty. I appreciate your kind words. Eligos! It's time to leave

Eligos: Coming right away sir

Angelina: Goodbye Okubi. Best of luck on your journey

Okubi: Take care of my friends Angelina. Don't disappoint me

Nara: See ya later dude

Okubi: Goodbye to you too Nara. I pray that the four of you managed perfectly without me. Course know once I get back. I'm calling the shots you got it1

Xiaoyu: I'll gladly hold down the fort until you return Okubi. I love you

Apollyn: I love you too Okubi. Bye bye! P.S. If you happened to see my siblings or my mom. Tell them Apollyn says hello

Okubi: I love you both. As for the family thing. Don't count on it. Okay Eligos are you ready?

Eligos: More than ready. I'm excited. It's been years since I last seen the Underworld. Not that I missed it or anything

Okubi: You are so transparent. Well I certainly hope you enjoy this trip then. It certainly will be our last

Using his natural demonic powers. Okubi opens a portal and enters into the Underworld. Once Okubi has left Asira. Wiping the tears from their faces. Xiaoyu and Apollyn then approach Nara and Angelina

Xiaoyu: Okay everyone it's go time. We got evil demons to exterminate. So let's put our differences aside and make Okubi proud

Nara: Well excuse me. I didn't know we were doing this for Okubi

Xiaoyu: Oh why don't you shut up! Okay then everyone and Nara. Grab your belongings because we're heading out

Angelina: First we need to ask Onyxe where should we head to next?

Having heard Angelina's last comment. King Onyxe uses his telepathy. Entering the information in Xiaoyu's head. Realizing Xiaoyu's team will require a map. Onyxe walks over to them and hands Xiaoyu a map of Mayland. 

Onyxe: Now that you have everything you need. I wish the four of you the best of luck. I truly hope much success on your quest. Make sure to send any descendants you happen to meet to my castle. Anyways farewell for now

Exiting Onyxe's Castle fifteen minutes later. Xiaoyu and company begin their quest to eliminate the members of The Children of Ruin. As the sun finally sets. The fight for the fate of Asira has truly begun.


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