Friday, December 19, 2014

Come Forth My DEMONESS!

The Demoness Of Forbidden

1. Apollyn

P.S.: Her hair  is baby blue. Unfortunately it did not scan as well. Also her skin is a darker color vanilla. While the design came out great. The colors in general could had been darker

  2. Lisa Alice w/ Carabia

Due to using darker colors. This came out perfectly, Lisa Alice is wearing leather skin tight blue jeans by the way

3. Angelina

Former villainess turned heroine, due to King Onyxe's help. I created Angelina's outfit with the thought of sheer weirdness.

4. Brutality

Unfortunately I had nothing unique in mind for Dela. I just wanted to include her with the other demoness. I love the end results none the less

5. Anna 

The daughter of James Del Soto and servant of Hellin/The Strong Empire. Green being her favorite and theme color. I wanted to draw Anna in a elegant dress. The dress is from a demon fashion company name HECATE!

6. Hellin

I had a rather difficult time when trying to come up with a look for Hellin. I ended up going with a tom boy, but not overly boyish look. While simple in design. This particular design is one of my favorites

7. Queen Othello

Going for a VERY revealing design for the Queen. A woman who has no shame expressing her sexuality. While Othello is never know for dressing conservatively. This is by far one of her move revealing attires. Wearing simply a G-String, Arm warmers, boots, heart shaped pasties, and a blue diamond necklace. Along with black lipstick. The Queen absolutely loves her look

8. Mihoshi

This is Mihoshi in her default/in story appearance. The older sister of Hellin and the second child of Othello, but the first to be acknowledged.Happily serving by her mother's side. Along with running multiple money making companies throughout the Underworld. Mihoshi resents the fact her younger sister Hellin. Has been chosen to become Babylon's new Queen should something fatal befall Othello. Unfortunately having lost in combat multiple times against Hellin. Mihoshi knows she will never be Queen of Babylon. None the less she will serve both Babylon and her mother without fault


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