Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Profile Hellin

Merciless Princess Of Babylon/The Clone of Onyxe


Name: Hellin Sandra Lola Srong

Age: 59

Gender: Female

Likes: Fighting, death, destruction, power, the colors dark sea green & coral, cooking, training, grave hunting. Hellin is a taphophilia, her mother, & Anna somewhat

Dislikes: Non demons of any species, socializing, weakness, the sound of someone crying "It irritates the fuck out of her", losing, sweets of any kind, especially cheesecakes, her elder sister Mihoshi, King Onyxe

Magic Name: None. While Hellin is capable of using various magic spells. Hellin does not study under any specific magical law

Powers: Common demonic abilities, specializing in fire based spells, necromancy, spell binding, becoming stronger with each life she takes, immunity to emotion based magic and poisoning. Resistant to paralysis spells, telepathy

BIO:   When a half demon by the name Vanessa gave birth to a baby boy. Order by a very powerful female demon. A group of demon scientist had tracked down Vanessa. After killing Vanessa and stealing her child. The demon scientist began experimenting on the demon infant. The child's father, the Grim Reaper himself had found the scientist. Killing them all, but two. The surviving scientist escaped with a portion of the infant's demonic force. Successfully bringing their client, Lady Othello.the infant's demonic force. After having the infant's demonic force placed inside her. Othello had ruthlessly murdered the remaining scientist. Five months later, Othello gave birth to a baby girl. Part Othello and part clone of the infant. The child was named Hellin. After murdering her husband Diablo and taking over Babylon. Othello had raised Hellin to be as ruthless as she was. Through the many years Hellin has lived. Hellin had fought against powerful demons, task with killing both the innocent and guilty, along with other skills needed for a future Queen. Unlike most demons and half demons of the Underworld. Hellin rarely ventured out to Asia. Especially once she learned of King Onyxe. The very man responsible for her coming into existence. While Hellin appreciated the truth about her existence. Hellin also felt natural inferiority when thinking of Onyxe. These feelings had caused Hellin to greatly despised Asira's current King. Even going as far as wanting to kill Onyxe. 

Currently held captive in Jazan by Lord Koga. While only a day away from her execution. Having failed to kill Koga, Hellin had already accepted her dark fate. Well luckily for Hellin, once Okubi finishes dealing with Othello. Okubi along with Anna and maybe Lisa Alice will be coming to Hellin's rescue. After all Hellin maybe the only who can defeat Mastema

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