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Forbidden Chapter 15

Forbidden Chapter Fifteen- Arrival To Jazan! Rescuing Hellin Part One

  Chained within the torture room of Koga's Castle. Hellin sitting in her own blood. Her naked body covered in gashes and bruises. Had a weaker demon been in her position. They would had died long ago. Ever since being captured by Koga. Hellin has suffered hours of torture each and everyday. Not only has the Princess of Babylon endured days of torture. Hellin's days of living will soon come to an end. Upon her captured, Koga had told Hellin. If her mother, Othello the Queen of Babylon did not trade her life for her daughters. Koga would not only execute her, but Jazan and Babylon will enter war. Knowing her mother would never do such a thing. Along with her pride, Hellin would never accept such a trade. Either way Hellin didn't have much of a choice. After this day has past and Othello does not arrive. Hellin will be executed by dawn. A weaker demon would had already fallen into despair. Hellin however accepts her fate without sorrow. Her sole regret was failing her mother. Fortunately for the Princess, death is not her fate!. While her mother will not be trading her life for hers. The Princess will indeed be rescue. Not only by her servant Anna coming for her. The Treasure Hunter Okubi and his spirit servant Eligos. Along with Lisa Alice and her spirit companion Carabia. All sent by the Queen to rescue her. Course in order to rescue Hellin. Okubi and company will be force to face Koga Yukimaru, the Demon Lord of Jazan. Since his journey began, Okubi has faced many obstacle. From rival Treasure Hunters to facing his mother in a fight to the death. While Okubi had already encounter a Demon Lord in Othello. Okubi has yet to ever do combat against such a powerful demon. Even with friends by his side. Okubi greatly worries if they are enough to defeat Koga and to rescue Hellin? Despite of his fears, Okubi decides to move forward. Not because he is such a noble hero. The fact of the matter is... death is not an option! Knowing what is at stake. In order to save Asira, Okubi cannot fail. As Okubi and his companion travels through Sakuraso Forest. The group immediately senses another presence nearby. Sensing a rather violent aura approaching them. The heroes immediately ready themselves for battle

Lisa Alice: This is some powerful aura am feeling. I wonder if it's Koga?

Anna: Despite the power of the aura we're sensing. I can definitely tell you it's not Koga. Whoever this aura belongs too. It's very powerful... and angry

Okubi: Easy as it was to arrive to Jazan. I knew once we got near Koga's Castle. We would face opposition. I just didn't expect it to be within Sakuraso Forest

Eligos: Neither did I Master. I thought we would least get to the Castle first

Carabia: Considering what we already been through. Why would things get easier now?

Okubi: How unfortunately true that is. Either way we are prepare to fight

Anna: That's right! We didn't come all this way just to die now. I will not be satisfied until I rescue my Master

Lisa Alice: Well that being said. It's looks like our enemy is about to appear before us. Get ready everyone!

As Okubi, Lisa Alice, and Anna enter their battle stance. In order that they are not in the way. Both Eligos and Carabia vanish from the potential battle field. A tall figure approaches from behind the tree. As expected it's a male demon with a Japanese appearance. As the demon stands before the heroes. Holding a sword in his left hand. The demon's appearance consist of almond colored hair, flesh pink skin, amaranth red eyes, a open african purple haori, exposing the demon's hairy chest. Wearing black colored hakama with tabi socks and setta sandals. The demon swordsman stares down Okubi and company. After having a five minute stand down. Lisa Alice realizes something familiar about the mysterious demon

Lisa Alice: Haven't we met before? Isn't your name something Kita?

Instantly hearing his name coming out of Lisa Alice's mouth. The mysterious demon's ranging aura immediately disappeared. Upon seeing the mysterious demon aura dissipate. Both Okubi and Anna's aura vanished as well. Realizing the mysterious demon was not an enemy. Okubi and Anna decided to remain silent. Allowing Lisa Alice to continue her conversation

Isamu: I believe we have meet before... Martinique! By the way my name is Kita Isamu. I know it's been years since we last see one another. However I really dislike when demons forget my name

Lisa Alice: Oh I already knew your name my dear Isamu. I was just checking to see if you remembered me?

Anna: Martinique? I thought her name was--

Before Anna could finish her sentence. Okubi swiftly places a hand over Anna's mouth. Giving her a stern looking. Signaling for Anna to remain quit. No longer sensing any sort of danger. Both Eligos and Carabia reappear. Lisa Alice then continues speaking with Isamu

Lisa Alice (Ms. Martinique): How time flies. I haven't seen you for nearly two hundred and fifteen years. You have certainly grown since then. I still remember when you were a toddler. Crying because a slug demon stole your ice cream

Isamu: I also remember you beating up that slug demon. Forcing him to by both you and I some ice cream. Didn't you kill him afterwards?

Lisa Alice: I most certainly did. A demon that would steal from a child. Isn't a demon I could allow to live. Trash has no place in the Underworld anyways

After hearing Martinique's response. Isamu immediately breaks into laugher. Becoming impatient by Lisa Alice and Isamu's chit chat. Okubi interrupts their conversation

Okubi: If you two are finish playing catch up! We have a demon that needs to be rescued

Ceasing his laughter with Lisa Alice/ Miss Martinique. Isamu turns his attention over to Okubi

Isamu: Sorry if Ms. Martinique and I were boring you. Who the heaven are you anyways?

Okubi: My name is Okubi Vice. I was sent to Jazan. In order to retrieve a demon name Hellin. A few days ago Hellin was captured by Koga. If Hellin is not rescued before the end of today. Koga will execute her by dawn. That's why I need you two to end this needless chit chat. Either state your purpose for being here or leave at once!

Isamu: I don't much like your tone. I find it needlessly demeaning

Okubi: I could care less about how you feel about my tone! I didn't come all this way for mindless chit chat. Now either state your purpose or leave! Otherwise I shall become very cross with you!

Boiling over with anger. Isamu contemplates if he should attack Okubi. Sensing Isamu's frustration. Lisa Alice and Carabia move over to the young demon. Patting Isamu gently on his back. Lisa Alice begins to speak

Lisa Alice: There there Isamu. My friend just been through a traumatizing experience earlier. He still a bit testy... testier than usual. Moving on to my next question. What exactly are you doing in Jazan? Don't you live in Herodias?

Isamu: Herodias? I haven't lived their for almost three years. I been traveling and sleeping in various parts of the Underworld. Ever since I learned about my father's killer. I first began my journey in order to train myself. Preparing myself for the day I face my father's killer. Upon learning it was Koga Yukimaru who killed my father. I completely abandon my old life. Now I'm here to exact my revenge. Unfortunately it's seem like yours friend and you have the same agenda. My quest for vengeance seems meaningless now

Anna: How would going after Koga make your revenge meaningless? If you wish to kill Koga, that's fine by us. We mainly came here to retrieve my Master Hellin

Okubi: As a matter of fact. Why don't you join us in taking down Koga?

Isamu: You guys want my help?

Lisa Alice: Why not? Considering how strong you have become. The five of us together cannot only rescue Hellin. We'll also defeat and assassinate Lord Koga. So my dear Isamu. Are you interesting in working together in bringing down Koga?

While Isamu takes a moment to make his decision. Lisa Alice being her manipulating self. Walks over to Isamu and uses her Persuasion Kiss on him. Upon being kissed on his lips by Lisa Alice. Isamu energetically volunteers his services. Aiding their heroes in their quest. Isamu begins leading them towards Koga's Castle. While Anna and the spirits maybe unaware of Lisa Alice's actions. Okubi knowing exactly what she did. Grabs Lisa Alice by her arm

Okubi: Martinique! What did you just do to that boy?

Lisa Alice: Nothing really my good sir. Just an innocent kiss to lead our boy into the right direction

Okubi: More like you forced him to come with us. I thought you cared about Isamu. Have you any idea of the danger we're about to face?

Lisa Alice: Is this the same Okubi that didn't mind dragging me into this mess? Yet you feel concern for Isamu's safety? Okubi you are just too much sometimes

Okubi: It's not about Isamu's safety. I personally don't care if he survives or not. It was wrong of you to steal his free will. Had Isamu agreed on his own. We wouldn't be having this conversation. You're no better than that slug demon you killed.

Lisa Alice: Were you trying to make me feel some kind of way? We're going up against a fucking Demon Lord! Just so we can rescue Hellin. The daughter of the bitch who tried to kill you earlier today! Therefore we need all the fucking help we can get. Even if that help didn't choose on his own. I known Isamu since he was kid. Never I imagined him to become so strong. So if you think for a second. I would just let him leave. You got me fucking twisted! Not only do we have you, a powerful half demon. We now a have a powerful full fledged demon in Isamu. Our odds to take down Koga just increased ten folds. The sooner we rescue Hellin and assassinate Koga. The sooner you can get back to your friends in Mayland. After all isn't that the reason you came all this way? In order to rescue Hellin and bring her back with you? So that she may aid your and you against Mastema's cronies? That's all that should matter to you Okubi. Isamu's free will being robbed is of little consequences. The ends justify the means. Rescuing Hellin and killing Koga is top priority. Now fucking else matters! Now if you're done being all uppity. Release my arm and let's get going

While anger by Lisa Alice's justification for her actions. Okubi knows Lisa Alice speaks the truth. Immediately letting go of Lisa Alice's arm. Both demons follow Isamu and Anna towards Koga's Castle. Both Eligos and Carabia traveling alongside their respected companion. Now having added the powerful Isamu to their ranks. The team is now prepare to take on Koga. In hopes of killing him and rescuing Hellin.

Anna: "I don't know what game Lisa Alice and Okubi are playing. One thing is for sure. Hellin will be the one to kill Koga! After what he has certainly put my Master through. It is her right to return to favor!"


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