Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Forbidden Chapter 14


 Five minutes after exiting the arena. Othello and her brutes arrive tot he stands. Taking her seat to next to Mihoshi, Othello and the other prepares to watch Okubi's execution. While everyone in the audience watches on in amusement. Lisa Alice, Carabia, and Anna look on with fear in their eyes. Now that's everyone is seated, Okubi's execution has official begun. As the battle begins, Okubi's tri color aura surrounds his body. Using his magic, Okubi create a rapier made of ice. Upon creating his rapier, Okubi runs towards Cordelia

Okubi: Let's see what you can do executioner. Try defending against my ARCTIC RAMPAGE!

Holding his rapier, Okubi unleashes multiple strikes towards Cordelia. Using her demonic reflexes, Cordelia dodges all of Okubi's strikes. Shocked by how easily Cordelia dodged his attacks. Okubi's facial expressions swiftly changes from confident to worried. Before Okubi could attempt to perform another strike. Cordelia prepares to strike with a powerful kick. Able to see that attack coming, but not enough to stop it. Okubi instinctively blocks Cordelia's attack with his rapier. As Cordelia's kick connects with Okubi's rapier. The weapon made of ice shatters. The impact of Cordelia's attack causes Okubi to crash to the ground. Now with Okubi knocked down tot he ground. Cordelia prepares to launch her own attack. Bringing her hands close together. Cordelia creates a colorful ball of fire within her palms. Once the ball of grows twice in sizes. Cordelia prepares to unleash her attack on Okubi

Cordelia: HANABI!

Unleashing her fiery attack towards Okubi. As Cordelia's attack approaches, Okubi quickly rolls out the way. Hanabi strikes the ground where Okubi once lay. Exploding into multiple and multi color pieces of fire. The audience watches on in absolute silence. Both Othello and Mihoshi look on with annoyance. As for Okubi's allies. They continue to watch on worriedly. Lisa Alice then realizes that Okubi could avoided Hanabi more gracefully. Lisa Alice then begins to shout at Okubi from the stands

Lisa Alice: What kind of bullshit was that? Why didn't you just open one of you portal?

Okubi: Thanks a lot you! I was planning on using it later. I know how to fight! Now be silent!

Othello: Yes do remain silent! Another outburst like that and I'll rip your fucking head off!

Carabia: What a total--

Mihoshi: Finish that sentence I dare you! Both you and your girlfriend can get zapped!

Anna: Lady Othello and Mihoshi, why are you two being meaner than usual?

Othello: Oh what's the matter? Little Anna doesn't like us yelling at her friends? Perhaps it's because you now regret bringing Okubi here? Because that foolish half demon decided to trust you. He's going to be executed! Good job my dear girl

Anna: Wha- wait no! That's not why I brought them here. You're making it sound like I set Okubi up

Lisa Alice: It sure fucking looks like it! I knew we shouldn't had trusted you, but NO! That idiot Okubi decided to go against my better judgment! Now he's down in the stadium, fighting for his fucking life! Weren't we suppose to be rescuing this Hellin chick? Isn't that the reason you brought us here?

Carabia: It most certainly was. However it looks like Ms. Pumpkin head lied!

Mihoshi: I fucking knew it! You told these fuckers about Hellin! Stupid little bitch! I'll kill you!

Anna: Am not a stupid bitch Lady Mihoshi! I just wanted them to know our situation. That's why Othello told me to bring them here. It's not as if you even like Hellin. Especially once Othello had chosen Hellin to be Babylon's future ruler. The more time we waste here. The more likely Hellin is going to be killed! Why doesn't anyone care about rescuing Hellin?

Mihoshi: Oh you dumb BITCH!

Moving at demonic speed, Mihoshi moves to Anna and grabs her by her neck. Othelo quickly gets up and moves towards her daughter. Placing her right hand on Mihoshi's shoulders. Knowing her mother wants her to release Anna. Mihoshi removes her hand from Anna's neck. However before Anna could catch her breath. Othello wraps her hand wrapped around her neck. Okubi immediately notices Othello chocking Anna. Ignoring Cordelia for the moment. Okubi unleashes three fireballs towards Othello. As the fireballs come towards Othello. Othello cruelly uses Anna's body as a shield. The balls of fire strike Anna's back. Causing her to cry out in pain. While Okubi is distracted by Anna's suffering. Cordelia delivers a powerful kick to Okubi's head. Sending him crashing into a nearby wall. Still holding Anna in her grasp. Othello stares at Anna in a menacing manner

Othello: Didn't I fucking tell you not to tell anyone about Hellin? What fucking part about anyone you fucking misunderstood?

Anna: F-- forgive me your majesty. I didn't mean to disobey your orders. I just wanted them to know our situation. I know the princess if your daughter, but she is my friend.


Anna: That's not true your majesty! Hellin may not act like it most of the times, but I know she cares about me. I wouldn't be around this long if it wasn't for Hellin

Othello: Do you really think because Hellin had me purchased you from The Order! That my daughter gives a rats ass about you? YOU'RE A FUCKING SERVANT AND NOTHING MORE!

Lisa Alice and Carabia watch helplessly as Othello abused Anna. Having recovered from Cordelia's kick. Okubi's determination to survive had increased. Not only for his sakes, but Anna's as well. The same woman who wished him dead. Okubi now had sworn to save

Cordelia: Okubi! I don't think you are going to live much longer

Olubi: That's where you're wrong my dear abomination! An execution is going to take place here in this arena. Unfortunately it isn't going to be mine! Despite my earlier statement. I was indeed holding back. The thought of killing my mother's clone. Troubled me more than I wanted to admit. Despite how I felt centuries ago. I now know killing my mother was the right decision. Had I not taken action when I did. My friend Xiaoyu wouldn't had been alive today. Now as much as it pains me to murder you. In order to not only save myself, but my friends as well. I cannot waste anymore time fighting you. Time I get rid of you once and for all. Once I rid myself of any love or mercy. Nothing will hold me back from destroying you! I now use the magic technique HEARTLESS!

  Using the spells Heartless. Okubi's physical appearance becomes more demonic. His eyes changes from sapphire to crimson red. Surrounded by a sinister black aura with hint of crimson red. Staring directly at Cordelia with his menacing eyes. Okubi is perfectly ready to annihilate his executioner. Watching Okubi's dark transformation. Othello releases Anna from her grasp. The Queen along with her daughter take their seats. Once everyone had return to their seats. The focus once again was on Okubi's fight against Cordelia. However Othello's mood has drastically changed. Earlier on during Okubi's execution. Othello was certain of Okubi's demise. Now upon seeing his darker self brought into play. Othello began worrying about Okubi's survival. Seeing her mother's worried face. Mihoshi leans into her mother's eyes, whispering something wickedly wonderful. Having been reminded of her daughter's scheme. Othello quickly returns to watch Okubi's execution with utter satisfaction. 

Lisa Alice: Are you alright? Those burns on your back look pretty bad

Carabia: I don't know why, but I feel sorry for you

Anna: Well don't! After what my actions had lead too. I don't deserve any sympathy. As for my burns, they will heal. Not only am I too a half demon. Due to my father's reptilian heritage. My wounds heal faster than most demons. Am more upset about my friend Hellin. I fear the Queen maybe right about Hellin. Maybe she really doesn't care about me


Okubi: Time for me to put an end to you! I now summon the Five Portals Of Doom!

Stretching his right hand out. All five of Okubi's fingers light up like candles. Five huge portals appear all around the arena. Standing in the middle of the arena. Cordelia remains still as she anticipates Okubi's next move

Cordelia: I'm neither fazed by neither your powers nor appearance! I was created to be the instrument of your demise. It's is my destiny to destroy you. Nothing you can do will change that

Okubi: I heard enough out of you insignificant worm! It's time for you to die! Doom Portal #1 ACID GEYSER~

By Okubi's command. The portal on the north east side opens. Unleashing a gigantic burst of acid towards Cordelia. Immediately out of the direction of the acid. Having believe to had dodged Okubi's attack. Upon realizing the stream of acid is pursing her. Cordelia becomes somewhat shocked. Fortunately her reflexes had not betrayed her. As the acid is about to come down on her. Cordelia quickly creates a sphere shaded barrier around her. Successfully avoiding being melted to death. Unfazed by Cordelia's survival, Okubi activates the next Doom Portal

Okubi: Doom Portal #2 VACCUM TRAP!

As Cordelia survived Okubi's first Doom Portal. Not realizing that she had landed in front of Okubi's second doom portal. The portal opens up and begins sucking Cordelia towards it. Trapped within the force of the vacuum. Cordelia is completely at Okubi's mercy. From the stands both Lisa Alice and Carabia cheer on Okubi

Lisa Alice: Alright Okubi! You got that bitch good. Now finish her off!

Carabia: Mr. Okubi possess some truly horrifying abilities. None the less that Ophelia look-a-like is done for

Mihoshi: Believe or not bitches. This fight is far from over

Anna: Unless Cordelia posses any swift teleportation abilities. There is no way she is going to defeat Okubi

Othello: Here I thought you wanted the murderer to die?

Anna: I rather he survives this execution in order he may rescue Hellin.

Othello: Still on that bullshit? Just shut the fuck up already! Even if Okubi is strong enough to defeat Cordelia. The bastard will not emerge victorious

Lisa Alice: Exactly why is that?

Mihoshi: Let's just say there's always a Plan B! Now shut up and watch the fight

Lisa Alice: "I'm beyond sick of this girl's mouth. If she wasn't so fucking powerful. I would already killed her!"

Now having trapped Cordelia within his Vacuum Trap. Okubi makes his remaining portals disappears. Okubi begins channeling massive energy.Within the center of his palm. Staring mercilessly at the helpless Ophelia. Okubi prepares to finish her off

Okubi: Now that you're caught in my trap. It's time I finish you off once and for all! Now prepare yourself for total annihilation! 

The energy forming within Okubi's hand grows ten times in sizes. Okubi now carrying a giant sphere of water fused with darkness. As Lisa Alice, Carabia, Anna, and the brutes watch in amazement. Both Othello and Mihoshi look on with annoyance. As Cordelia remains helpless within the vacuum. Okubi is ready to unleash his ultimate attack

Okubi: DANAVA!

From his hands Okubi unleashes a gigantic sphere of water. A blast nearly as big as the arena. As the giant ball of water draws near Cordelia. The beautiful executioner closes her eyes as she faces certain death

Cordelia: "I guess Okubi was right. At the end it was I who was executed. Regardless of my fate am happy to have meet him. Even under these cruel terms. Fighting Okubi made me feel whole. My only regret is I couldn't enjoy a life with him. This desire to love and care for him. A desire I will never fulfilled. Either way am actually happy it is I who will die. A life a precious as Okubi should live on for eternity"

Danava strikes Cordelia without fail. Ripping the demon clone's body to shreds. Water splashing all throughout the arena. Wetting the onlookers sitting in the stadium Othello and Mihoshi's faces filled with anger. Danava continues to decimate Cordelia. Until there is nothing left of her. Having used his ultimate attack. Okubi collapses to the ground. Reverting back to his humane form. Okubi's skin burns red due to exhaustion. Okubi lays on the ground moaning in pain.Relieved that Okubi had survived his execution. Anna and the others prepare to run to Okubi's aid. Unfortunately before Anna and the others could aid Okubi. Mihoshi uses her technique Paralyzing Wave! Immediately stopping Anna and Lisa Alice from moving

Anna: Argh! I can't move my body

Lisa Alice: The fucking hell man! Okubi won! Let us go to him dammit!

Mihoshi: You motherfuckers aren't going anywhere! Did you bitches already forget about Plan B?

Anna: Cheaters! Okubi won fair and square. It isn't his fault your precious clone couldn't compete

Othello: You have a lot of fucking mouth for a servant Anna. One that serves the Babylon Kingdom none the less. Anyways the match isn't over. That why my lovely daughter paralyzed you fools.

Carabia: Not over? The woman is been turned to scraps for goodness sakes. Okubi is clearly the winner despite of his current condition

Othello: Okubi hasn't won shit and I'll show you fuckers why. Mihoshi now!


Using the technique Illusion Break, Mihoshi reveals a dark truth about the demon spectators of Gore Stadium. Having originally believed the spectators of Okubi's execution. We're high ranking demons throughout the Underworld. Only to discovered they were actually lower class demons. Each and everyone of them. Possessing a sacrificial mark on their foreheads. Including both of Othello's brutes. Realizing they too were pawns in Othello and Mihoshi's schemes. The Brutes stare with a terrified expressions on their faces

Othello: Sorry boys nothing personal. My dear Mihoshi unfortunately didn't gather enough lowly demons for us to sacrifice. Thus I had to make do with what was available. Oh please don't look so hurt. After all you're serving a wonderful purpose. One the pleases me oh so very much. Now any final words before you die with the other marks? Matter of fact don't say shit! Just fucking die for your Queen!

A quick snap of her fingers. Excluding Okubi's comrades, Anna, Mihoshi, and herself. Everyone in the stadium possessing the sacrificial mark. Souls are forced out of their bodies. Making their way towards the remains of Cordelia. Both Othello and Mihoshi smiles in a sinister manner. Watching as Plan B take in effect. Thanks to the many souls sacrificed for her. Cordelia's body reforms itself and thus resurrected. Now even stronger than before. Cordelia stares down at Okubi. Ready to finish him off. Still exhausted from using Danava. Okubi lays helplessly on the ground. Unable to force himself to keep fighting. Realizing the dirty trick her Masters had pulled. Anna immediately begins to shout her disdain for their underhanded tactics

Anna: No fair! You resurrected Cordelia by sacrificing all those demons

Lisa Alice: You bitches are determine to see Okubi fall one way or another! Queen Othello you truly are an evil bitch!

Carabia: This is going too far even for a demon. Queen Othello you should be ashamed of yourself!

Othello: Just be grateful I didn't sacrifice you fucks. Now be still... oh wait your paralyzed anyways. Well then shut up and enjoy the show. Okubi's demise is just seconds away. Don't ruin this fucking moment for me or else!

Anna: Well I hope you're happy Queen Othello. The only one who could possibly save Hellin, but you rather kill him instead. I hope you're proud of yourself

Othello: Shut up already you fucking broken record

Unable to move and barely conscious. Okubi watches as Cordelia walks towards him. Despite the sorrow Okubi feels in his soul. In order to give Othello less satisfaction than already received. Okubi himself not to shed a single tear. Instead he lays on the ground calmly. Ready to accept his cruel fate. Cordelia only inches from standing over him. Eligos suddenly reappears before his Master. Having sensed his Master in grave danger. Eligos could no longer remain hidden as ordered

Okubi: Just for once in my miserable existence. Can you do what I said exactly how I said it!

Eligos: Please forgive my routine incompetence Master Okubi. I just couldn't remain hiding anymore. Not while my beloved master is about to be killed!

Okubi: As much as I appreciate your words Eligos. That's all they are "words". The love you have for me alone won't change my fate

???: Then perhaps mines will

Okubi: Mother?

Eligos: Lady Ophelia?

While busy having a heart to heart with Eligos. Neither Okubi nor Eligos notice Cordelia behind them. However standing behind them was not Cordelia, but Ophelia. The power gained from the sacrifice had not only resurrected Cordelia. The souls absorbed into Cordelia had allowed her to transformed into the actual Ophelia. While Othello's scheme was mostly a success. Othello gravely underestimated Ophelia's love for Okubi. Kneeling before her exhausted son. Ophelia places a hand upon Okubi's head. Dumbstruck by what she is witnessing. Othello's shock swiftly turns to rage

Othello: THE FUCK? How did my creation transform into that bitch?

Lisa Alice: Talk about a odd change of fate

Carabia: Certainly a change of fate for the better.

Othello: Mihoshi!

Mihoshi: Mother please calm yourself. Am just as pissed off as you are. However Dr. Jabez did say this would happened. Out of all the demons made to create Cordelia. Ophelia was the strongest of the bunch. Thus when we resurrected Cordelia. We gave her enough power to turn into what we're witnessing now

Othello: DAMN THAT BITCH JABEZ! Now both mommy and son are back together again. No matter this is the Gore Stadium after all. The rules of the stadium still applies. Either one kills the other or they both die! Isn't the right Ophelia!

Ophelia: Hello to you too Thalia. Still bitter towards me after all these years? This grudge you have against me. It made you go as far as to target my son? What has he done to you to deserve this?

Othello: He was born! Besides he took the one thing I wanted most. The pleasure of killing you!

Ophelia: Is that all? You're a miserable individual Thalia. It's pain me to see you like this

Othello: It pains me to see you period! However since you're alive. Mind killing your son down there? Or would you prefer he kills you again

Okubi: Mother don't! If you can have another chance at life. I it rather it be me to die here. Badly as I want to be by your side. I don't have enough hate to kill you again. At least if I die in this stadium. I know you will be alright. Just promise to take good care of Eligos. Be the Master he truly deserves. Now hurry up and finish me off mother

Ophelia: Okubi don't be a fool. I could never bring myself to kill my son. Rather I'm possessed by a demon or within the Gore Stadium. I will forever choose your life over my own. That's what a good mother is suppose to do. Nothing you can say will change my mind

Okubi: But mother I can't kill you. I don't have the strength too. Physically or emotionally. There's no sense in us both dying here. Unlike you am too exhausted to escape from here

Ophelia: Not for long. Besides Okubi you have to live. Not only because I want you too, but because Asira needs you. When I first died I saw many future events. Many of them being wondrous, but also horrifying. In the very near future. Both Asira and the Underworld will be threaten with extinction. Which can only be prevented by both you and your friends. Okubi my beautiful and powerful son. Your destiny is to be the savior of the worlds. That can't happen if you're dead. Now there's one more thing I want you to know. I never once hated you for killing me. Matter of fact I loved you more for it. While you were away training with your Sensei. I did something truly evil and paid the price. Due to my horrible actions. I had fell under the influence of a powerful evil. One that I wasn't able to overcome. Once the evil had taken over my being. It forced me to venture out to Asira. I ended up in China and began causing havoc. Killing innocents and spreading destruction. Had you not killed me when you did. I couldn't dare imagine how worst things could had been. My only regret was not only my family disowning you. That you carried the burden of believing to had murdered me. When in reality you saved me from myself. All those years you lived with hate in your soul. Having believed you were nothing more than a cold blooded killer. When in reality you were a hero. The very hero I knew you grow up to be. Now that you hear it from your mother's mouth. I pray you can finally relieve yourself of that burden. Okubi I never been more proud of you

Okubi: But mommy I... I

Ophelia: No buts Okubi. You did the right thing. No matter how wrong it felt

Okubi: Okay but if you were possessed. Why didn't you attack me?

Ophelia: I already told you Okub. I can never hurt my baby. Rather I be possessed or ordered by Thalia. Nothing or no one can make me hurt you

Othello: So does that mean I have to kill the both of you?

Ophelia: Don't be silly Thalia. I will not allow any harm to come to my son. I already decided I will be the one to die. Unlike my precious son. My purpose in life has been fulfilled. In order to ensure the future of our worlds. Okubi must live

Othello: Oh bitch please! I really don't care about all of that. If you want to die in place of your son. That's fine by me

Finally receiving his mother's forgiveness. Along with learning the truth about his mother's rampage. Ophelia kisses Okubi on the head. Before he faints from his exhaustion. While both Othello and Mihoshi are distracted. Neither women realizes both Anna and Lisa Alice had regain movement in their body. In order to make sure they aren't paralyzed again. Anna pulls out a tarot card from her pocket.

Anna: Tarot Card Activate! Star Warrior Anpiel

Summoning the spirit Anpiel. Anna orders Anpiel to use his Harmony Light on Othello and Mihoshi. While Anpiel's attack does no harm Anna's master. Harmony Light prevents anyone it's use against to attack. Lisa Alice, Carabia, and Anna then make their way towards Okubi, Eligos, and Ophelia. Once reunited with Okubi, the girls immediately try aid him. Well Anna anyways

Lisa Alice: Okubi can you move at all? I seriously don't want to have to carry you

Anna: Don't be absurd Lisa Alice. While Okubi's body is healing. He's still far too exhausted to move


Anna: I'm Hellin's servant! I only answer to you due to her absence. Besides I did not attack either of you. I just prevented you from stopping me

Ophelia: You girls please get my son out of here.

Lisa Alice: Why don't you just escape with us?

Ophelia: Because someone has to stay so Othello doesn't kill you all. Besides I already traded my life for my son's. Now go and tell Okubi how proud I am of him. There is so much more I wanted to tell him. Unfortunately now not the time. I bid you all farewell and the best of luck. Also Lisa Alice, say hello to your mother for me. I truly miss hanging out with her

Lisa Alice: Will do Mrs. Ophelia. Thank you!

Carabia: L.A. are you crying?

Lisa Alice: Me crying? My eyes just a bit watery is all

Mihoshi: Mother those fuckers are going to escape! Want me to go after them?

Othello: No Mihoshi! Enough time has been wasted. Regardless of my personal vendettas. I truly need Okubi to rescue your sister, my daughter. Besides Ophelia still needs to be slain. Far as the others are concerned. I already read Anna's mind. Giving me their exact location

Ophelia: So it's just me and you Thalia? Or is little Mihoshi going to help mommy?

Othello: Annoying bitch! I will gladly execute you myself!


Having survived the emotional horror of Gore Stadium. Okubi fully recovered from his earlier battle with his mother. Arriving to Babylon, the heroes were greeted by King Onyxe himself. Having seen a vision of Othello's attempting to execute Okubi. Onyxe had left Asira to rescue Okubi. Upon arriving to the Underworld. Onyxe had another vision of Okubi surviving his execution. After clearing up his name thanks to Othello's schemes.  Onyxe remained with Okubi and company until Othello returned.
Upon the Queen's return to her Kingdom. Everyone but Onyxe was surprised Othello looked so battle torn. Okubi wanted to attack Othello on sight, but Onyxe managed to keep him tamed. Anna move to tend to Othello, but Mihoshi stood in her way.  Everyone else within Okubi's company stared at the Strongs women with animosity in their eyes. Ignoring their nasty stares. Othello sets her focus on the King of Mayland

Othello: What a surprise to see you here little Onyxe

Onyxe: Nearly as surprising as seeing you. Someone's execution didn't go as expected I see

Okubi: Exactly what had you done to my mother!

Othello: You mean the clone that carried a portion of your mother's DNA? That little bitch exploded herself once I was in range. Not only did she execute herself, but injured me in the process. While my wounds healed. My fucking 1,000,000 body suit is ruined!

Onyxe: Even after all these years. Lady Ophelia is still the bane of your existence

Othello: Don't tell me you came all this way just to make fun of me? Don't you have fucking sages to watch over?

Onyxe: I'm not staying for long. Am only here to make sure you cease your antics. I sent Okubi to you so that he may rescue Hellin. Not to be apart of your twisted games. What you just experience my dear was karma. I mean after all you put Okubi and his friends through. I fear Okubi may no longer be interested in rescuing Hellin

Okubi: As much as I don't want to do anything for Othello. I fully intend to rescue Hellin. Not because of her potential to defeat Mastema, but because Anna wants to save her. Anna is the only reason am going to Jazan. Unfortunately I only Eligos and I will be going with Anna to Jazan. After today's event, Lisa Alice no longer--

Lisa Alice: Oh screw it! I change my mind. I decided I want to help too. Like Okubi, am only doing this for Anna. Course if I don't get bored half way to Jazan. Otherwise I'll help rescue this cunt's daughter

Mihoshi: Bitch! Call my mother a cunt again

Onyxe: Both Othello and you are cunts. After what the two of you put them through. The fact that they still want to rescue Hellin. Shows their hearts in the right place. The two of you should be on you knees thanking them

Othello: Well that's never going to happen. Regardless I'm grateful that Okubi and company wishes to rescue Hellin. Despite my actions, I genuinely do love my girls

Okubi: You certainly have a funny way of showing it

Onyxe: Now that's settle I must get going. Ann Marie is showing me how to make strawberry mirror cake

Okubi: Don't you have chefs for that?

Onyxe: Yeah, but some of my best dishes I cook myself. Okay I must get going now

Anna: Oh wait! I mean I want to ask you a question?

Okubi: Anna now is not the time

Anna: No now is the perfect time. Mr. Onyxe is my father residing with you in your castle?

Onyxe: You're talking about James I presume? Yes your father and I have been together for nearly fifty years. While am fully aware of your father's past. I will not by any means abandon him. Am not asking you to forgive him, but to leave him alone. If you ever get the desire to come to Asira. You'll be most welcome to my Kingdom. However if you come ever looking to kill your father for his past sins. I will personally exterminate you! Do I make myself clear?

Anna: Peachy!

Onyxe: Okay now I really must get going. I have a message at 5:10 Clothes shopping at 6:24 and finally dinner around eight. Yes a very exciting evening ahead of me. Course it's only the afternoon down here. Plenty of time for you to rescue Hellin from Koga

Lisa Alice: The Emperor Koga? I think I will be changing my mind again

Okubi: Over my dead body. You're coming with us to Jazan and that's final!

Onyxe: Well okay then. Best of luck to you all. Toodles

After bidding everyone farewell. King Onyxe opens a portal and returns to Asira

Okubi: Now that's over with. Let us go get something to eat and I can use a cat nap. After all if Othello didn't rush to have us rescue her daughter. I don't see why we need to

Lisa Alice: Sounds like a plan to me

Eligos: You tell em Master Okubi

Carabia: That's my L.A. for you

Anna: Guys we already did that earlier

Okubi: Am merely kidding Anna. We're going straight to Jazan

Lisa Alice: Well that's unfortunate. Am certainly in no rush to deal with yet another Demon Lord

Eligos: I'm telling you now Carabia. Don't bother me through our journey to Jazan. I need to be on my A game. In order to ensure my Master's safety.

Carabia: Oh my little Eligos trying to do the impossible. A spirit as pathetic as you has no "A Game"

Eligos: Oh you take that back right this instant!

Okubi: Will the two of you knock it off! It's too soon for you two to bicker like old lovers. No make nice because we have quite a journey ahead of us

Othello: Yes you sure do. However before you leave. I have one more thing you must do Okubi

Okubi: Othello! I'm absolutely in no mood for you games. Now leave me be before I truly change my mind

Othello: Fine! I guess someone doesn't want to fulfill their mother's final wishes

Having heard what Othello said. Okubi knew he could not ignore her. Begrudgingly turning to face Othello. Okubi awaits for what she has to say

Othello: Now that I have your attention. Before having blown herself up. That mother of yours had a request with me. Normally I wouldn't do anything that woman said. However upon hearing her request. No way would I let such an opportunity slip from my fingers

Okubi: Exactly what is this "opportunity" you're talking about? If it's another one of your tricks. Hellin can rot in Jazan for all I care

Anna: Please don't let this be another trick

Othello: Oh it's no trick my dear boy. Something this hilarious could never be thought up by me. Now to tell you your mother's request. After realizing how exhausted you become after using DANAVA! Your mother has asked me to teach you the Seduction Posses!

Upon hearing what Ophelia had asked Othello to teach him. Okubi had made the face of someone about to vomit. Just like his Master, Eligos too had a disgusted look on his face. Anna simply had a stunned look on her face. Meanwhile both Lisa Alice and Carabia had burst into laughter!

Lisa Alice: The Seduction Poses? Imagine Okubi using a seduction pose... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Carabia: Someone as prudish as Okubi using seduction poses? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Absolutely comical!

Okubi: You must be kidding me? I would never learn such a vulgar magic! My mother would never make such a request

Mihoshi: Dude I was there when she said it. My mama ain't selling you no lie. Besides what's so vulgar about seduction? Oh don't tell me you're a virgin? How fucking typical

Okubi: I took an oath of celibacy since I was thirteen. I never cared for the act of sex nor marriage.

Othello: Well lucky for you, even a virgin can learn the seduction poses

Okubi: As if I will actually be learning such vulgar magic

Othello: Oh I won't force you to learn it. Course that if you're okay not fulfilling your mother's final wish?

Torn by his emotions. While a part of Okubi wants nothing to do with such magic. The part of that loves his mother dearly. Will do just about anything to please her. Even if that means learning the seduction poses. Having already made up his mind. However before giving Othello her desired answer. Okubi decides to ask her the reason behind his mother's request

Eligos: Master Okubi, I cannot believe you're even entertaining the thought of this? Seduction poses are used by harlots and jokesters. Such trashy magic is not needed in your repertoire of abilities

Mihoshi: Well that's your fucking opinion and you're dead wrong about the Seduction Poses. Despite it's obvious name. Not every poses in the Seduction Poses is meant to make your enemy horny. Some are actually beneficial to increase the power of one's magic dumbass

Eligos: Oh please! Like anything you two say is believable

Mihoshi: I can give two shits if you don't trust me or not! I just want you fuckers out of Babylon already

Okubi: This has gone on long enough. Othello just answer me this one question? Depending on your answer will determine if I partake in learning the Seduction Poses

Othello: As I had already mentioned.  When you used Danava on your mother back in Gore Stadium. That attack of yours was extremely powerful.  However after you perform that attack. It left you in a very vulnerable state. Now me being a master of the Seduction Poses. Your mother asked me to teach you. One of the strongest Seduction Poses. One that will help you use powerful attacks like Danava. Without causing you unbearable exhaustion afterwards.

 Okubi: That pose being exactly?

Othello: The Energizing Poses! A pose that requires the user to bend backwards with their legs spread out. Once in that position. A mass of energy travels through the users body. Energy the user normally does not posses on their own. After during this pose for a few seconds. The user is granted extra energy to aid them in battle

Okubi: Despite how vulgar it sounds. It would serve me well to learn it

Othello: You speak as if you were going to say no? Such a mommy's boy. Anyways come and follow me. It won't take long for me to teach you. After that go and rescue my daughter

As Okubi and Eligos follows Othello to her training quarters. Twenty minutes later upon mastering the Energizing Pose. Okubi and company head out over to Jazan. Will they make it on time to save or Hellin? Or will the princess of Babylon face her own execution?


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