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Forbidden Chapter 16

Forbidden Chapter Sixteen- Battle At Yukimaru Castle! Rescuing Hellin Part 2

 Thanks to the help of Lisa Alice. The heroes have gained a new ally in Isamu. Now about ready to enter Koga's Castle. Anna makes the final preparations for Hellin's rescue

Anna: Now that we're finally at the castle. I feel I should go over our plan just once more

Eligos: As if you haven't gone over it ten times already?

Carabia: Seriously Anna my dear. If Eligos can remember the plan. The rest of us know it front and backwards

Eligos: Still taking unnecessary jabs at me nancy boy?

Carabia: Just stating a fact my dear boy

Okubi: Will the two of you just shut up? Anna we already know the plan. Isamu, Lisa Alice, Carabia, Eligos and I will enter through the castle entrance. Meanwhile you will go and find Hellin. Boris knows I hope you don't get caught. Especially by Koga himself

Anna: Which is why the five of you will provide a distraction. My only problem should be the remaining guards you guys don't kill. Even so I have my potions and arcana warriors with me. 

Lisa Alice: Now that we gone over this plan for the thousandth time. Can we go and crush Koga along with his empire already?

Anna: Hold your horses. I want to make sure this plan is fool proof. Thus am adding another ally to invade Koga's Castle

Okubi: I wonder which of your Arcana summonings you'll be using?

Anna: Perhaps I should show you. I now summon Arcana Warrior Of Strength... ESTRILD!

As Anna hold her tarot card to the air. A muscular amazonian woman appears before the heroes.

Anna: Everyone meet my friend Estrild. Joining the five of you invading Koga's castle. Even with Koga's many Oni Guards. The six of you will be more than enough

Lisa Alice: You act as if Isamu can't turn into a demon triceratops

Anna: Even with Isamu turning into a triceratops. It will take all of you to defeat the Oni Guards.

Okubi: Indeed! Now that everything is plan out. It time for us to take action. On my command we shall enter Koga's Castle. I hope you're ready for a massacre Lisa Alice, Isamu, and Estrild?

Lisa Alice: Oh just give me a sec

Lisa Alice transforms into her vampire form

Lisa Alice: Ready when you are!

Isamu: I'm always ready for a good fight!

Estrild: (War Cry)

Eligos: Well due to being spirits. Neither Carabia nor I can actually be of help

Carabia: Speak for yourself! Better yet just follow my league. I'll show you what us demon spirits are capable of

Anna: Sounds to me you guys are ready. I must be going now. I refuse to make my Master wait any longer. Good luck to all of you. Thank you for helping my rescue Hellin. I appreciate each and every one of you. Anyways farewell for now. Please don't any of you die on me

As Anna prepares to leave her friends. Okubi reaches out and grabs Anna firmly by her right hand. Okubi then looks Anna in her eyes

Okubi: Don't you die on me either Anna. Despite what's at stake back in Asira. The only reason I came to Jazan was because of you. Now hurry and go rescue Hellin

Okubi then releases Anna from his grip. Allowing her to go and rescue Hellin

Okubi: Okay everyone it's time for us to strike! The fall of the Yukimaru Empire starts NOW!

Within the Yukimaru Castle. Demon Lord Koga currently enjoying a hot bath. While cleaning off his body. One of his Oni Guards enters the bathroom unannounced

Oni Guard: Lord Yukimaru! I have terrible news. Unknown intruders have enter the castle

Before his loyal guard can even speak. Koga immediately senses various demons approaching his castle. Despite the situation he now faces. Koga begins to smile sinisterly. Stepping out of the tube, exposing his naked body to his servant. As Koga reaches for his royal towel. He turns to his servant

Koga: You enter my private bathroom unannounced. How fortunate for you it was for good reason. Need not to be so worried. I too am aware of our unsavory guest. Now go and find Cameron, Eisei, & Momochi. Tell them that Hellin's rescuers have arrived.

Upon hearing his Master's command. The Oni leaves to find both Cameron and Momochi. Alone in his bathroom while getting dress. While still wearing a sinister smile. Koga then says to himself "I knew you wouldn't just let your daughter die Othello. It was only a matter of time before you sent assassins to retrieve her. Now the fun really begins". Successfully invading Koga's Castle due to hiding their presence earlier. Okubi along with Lisa Alice, Isamu, and Estrild begin fighting the hordes of Oni Guards. Summoning his ice into battle. Okubi slashes and behead the enemies before him. Okubi then burns them to a crisp before they can heal. In her vampire form, Lisa Alice brutally starts attacking the Oni Guards. From ripping them apart to burning them alive. Isamu transforms into his demon triceratops form. Goring any Oni Guards that dare stand in his way. Using her superhuman strength. Estrild combats the Oni Guards like a true amazon warrior. As Okubi and the other dwindle down the numbers of the Oni Guars. Both Eligos and Carabia are ready to make their move. Spotting a cowardly Oni Guard. Carabia knows the demon is susceptible to possession. The two demon spirits enter the body of the Oni Guard. Successfully taking over the Oni Guard's mind and body. Eligos and Carabia immediately join in the battle. Nearly finished with the Oni Guards. Okubi and the heroes senses a powerful demon approaching. Standing on the highest level of the castle. Demon Lord Koga makes his appearance

Koga: It's about time Othello sent assassins to rescue her baby girl. Here I thought she didn't have a heart. Well I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Never in my centuries of living. Have a group especially this small. Successfully entered my castle and slain majority of my guards. Course I expect nothing less from Queen Othello. Course even with the powers you individuals possess. It won't be nearly enough to rescue Hellin... or to defeat me!

Okubi: We shall see about that Demon Lord!

Koga: Oh it really is you Okubi. I never expected to see you back in the Underworld. Especially after you had murdered your mother

Okubi: Well it's not like I came back because I wanted too. As for my mother's death. That guilt trip won't work on me anymore. I have already received my mother's forgiveness

Koga: Oh how very Ophelia of her. Anyways neither your friends nor you will be rescuing Hellin. As a matter of fact. Each and every one of you shall be killed!

Isamu: Yeah fucking right! I refuse to die to a demon like you!

Koga: Exactly who are you? Not even in a thousand years. Would Othello hire such a rowdy assassin? What is your name boy?

Isamu: My name is Isamu Kita. The son of the man you murderer!

Koga: Boy I had killed many demons in my days. Majority of them weren't worth remembering. Perhaps giving me a name would prove helpful? The last thing I want is to be wrongfully blamed. For a demon I did not kill!

Isamu: Junpei Kita, The Mighty Nomad of Herodias! According to a letter I found of his. The next town my father planned to visit was Jazan. In order that he may challenge a demon from the Yukimaru Clan. Based on my instincts aline. I determine that demon must had been you! No one else around Jazan could possibly defeated him

Koga: Junpei Kita you say? Oh now I remember! It must had been at least fifty seven years since I killed him. Your father was a true warrior kid. Never had I fought such an honorable demon. Never had I felt so disappointed after a battle. Unfortunately I don't believe in sparing my opponent's life.I truly dread the thought of rivals. Something your father would had become. If I was foolish enough to let him live

Isamu: So you killed my father. Fearing he would someday become strong enough to defeat you? For a Demon Lord. You're a real fucking a coward!

Koga: Insolent boy! You know nothing of what you speak. In order to maintain this power. I cannot spare anyone who threatens my power. Allowing your father to live was too much of a risk

Okubi: That's rather ironic. Considering you kept Hellin alive this long

Koga: Only so I can lure rats like you in. Once I'm finished dealing with you fools. I'm going to then execute Hellin and wage war with Babylon

Lisa Alice: Wow talk about cocky. With the exception of my dear Carabia. I can't stand men with huge egos

Eligos: Your behavior is absolutely disgusting Lord Koga. Never should one as noble as you. Behave in such a ill manner. You are a disgrace to your title! Carabia: For once I couldn't agree with you more Eligos! As noble as you believe yourself to be Koga. You're actually lower than the demons you killed!

Estrild: (War Cry)

Koga: I grown beyond tired of your insignificant words. It's about time I punished each and every one of you!

Okubi: So you're finally ready to die then? Everyone prepares yourselves for a battle. I'm going to make a ice pillar. Taking us straight to Koga

Koga: Make such a foolish attempt and I'll strike you down! Do you really believe it would be that simple? Before any of you can face certain death by fighting me. In order to earn such a royal privilege, Each of you are require to eliminate one of my generals. Standing before you are three doors. One orange, one green, and one purple. Behind each door is a pathway leading to a general. Once you encounter your general. The fight for your life shall begin. Whoever defeat their general first will have the privilege to challenge me. Course knowing the strength of my generals. There will be none of you left to challenge me. However there is one problem. Their are five of you, but only three generals. I absolutely loathe unfairness in battle. Therefore I must eliminate two of you first! Now who should I choose? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....

As Koga begins to choose his targets. The Demon Lord's eyes glow a sinister ruby red. Okubi, Isamu, Eligos, and Carabia immediately begin to worry. Meanwhile Lisa Alice uses a technique of he own. Having finally chosen his targets. Koga is ready to eliminate them.


As Koga shouts out his attack. Both Estrild and the Oni Guard Eligos and Carabia posses explodes. Both Okubi and Isamu look on with terror. As the smoke settles around the heroes. Okubi is relieved to see Eligos is okay. Unfortunately Estrild had completely disappeared. Eligos immediately returns to Okubi's side. Carabia swiftly makes his way to Lisa Alice

Okubi: "I don't know if I should be relieved or worried? Unlike the rest of us here. Estrild was just a Arcane Spirit. I truly hope Koga believes Estrild was as real as us. Otherwise he might find out about Anna"

Koga: Okubi you look terribly worried despite your spirit servant's safety. Something on your mind?

Okubi: Perhaps just a bit concerned about your powers. Course I expect nothing less from a Demon Lord.

Koga: Well if you're lucky. My generals will kill you off instead! Now that there's only three of you to fight. Time to send each one of you to your executioner. First I shall choose the son of Junpei. You shall enter through the orange door. Once you reached the end of your path. The general you will be facing is Lady Cameron. Moving onto the vampire. You will enter through the green door. There you shall face off against my general Eisei

Okubi: Eisei? As in Eisei one of the Underworld's Deadly Swordsman?

Koga: You know about my general Eisei?

Okubi: While I have never meet him in person. Eisei is practically a living legend. Quite disappointed to here he serves you. I would had personally loved the privilege to face him instead. Regardless be very careful when going up against him... Martinique

Lisa Alice: Oh if this Eisei is as strong as you say. I will most definitely enjoy my inevitable battle against him

Koga: As for you Okubi. You will be facing an opponent who rivals you in both femininity and power. The door you shall be entering through is the purple door. Now I must bid you all farewell. Perhaps forever if my generals prevails. If one of you happened to survive your battle against my generals. I shall be waiting for you at the top of the castle. If you knows what best for you. Pray that my generals are the ones to end you existence. Otherwise you shall face utter annihilation if you challenged me!

Giving Okubi and his friends one final glare. Koga then takes his leaves. Leaving the heroes to go fight his generals

Lisa Alice: Okay now that Mr. Uppity Fucker has left us. Let's say we just go straight after him?

Eligos: That wouldn't be a very wise idea. Besides I think it's best if we kill off his generals first

Carabia: I hate to agree with anyone over you L.A. Especially Eligos of all beings. However if we don't take out his generals first. We will regret later on

Okubi: I agree with both of our demon spirits. As much as I want to kill that cur right away. I be a fool not to take out the help first! Anyways I'm going to enter through the purple door. Best of luck to both Isamu and you Lisa Al-... I mean Martinique! Let's go Eligos

Eligos: Right beside you Master

Having said his goodbyes. Both Okubi and Eligos headed towards the purple door. As they watch Okubi and Eligos enter through the purple door. Once Okubi and Eligos were out of sight. Lisa Alice facial expressions changed from pleasant to sinister. Both Okubi and Eligos out of the way. Lisa Alice can now do things her way! Like his partner Lisa Alice. Carabia's facial expression becomes sinister as well. Seeing the two demons with such evil looks on their faces. Isamu becomes greatly concern about his fellow demon's intentions

Isamu: Ms. Martinique... Mr. Carabia? Are you two planning on running off or something?

Lisa Alice: Oh my dear silly naive Isamu. Why would we do such a cowardly thing? Besides both Carabia and I have better plans. Now with Okubi and his pathetic sidekick not around. It's time for the real fun to begin. Carabia darling are you ready?

Carabia: Always ready for some good o' mischief! If that mouthy Demon Lord really believed we'll be doing things his way. Then he's a bigger fool than he looks! Now my dear L.A. Time to use that spell we worked many years to master

Isamu: Exactly what spells is Mr. Carabia talking about Ms. Martinique?

Lisa Alice: Well I can tell you Isamu, but I'll much rather show you! Now step aside and do be quiet. I need full concentration in order for this spell to work Time to bring back a broken toy, making it better than before. I now use the spell Dark Revival!

Upon calling out the spell's name. Lisa Alice's body becomes covered in neon red tattoos. Along with her tattos. Lisa Alice eyes turn pitch black. Surrounded by a reddish black aura. Lisa Alice then begins to chant in latin. Carabia then joins Lisa Alice in her chant. The two slowly but surely begin resurrect the body of the blown up Oni Guard. Having successfully revived the Oni. Due to the effect of Dark Revival. The Oni's appearance have drastically changed. Transformed into a much more powerful demon. However a demon without a soul. Course that's where Carabia comes in

Isamu: WHOA! Talk about awesome! I never knew you posses such powers Ms. Martinique. Course as cool as the newly revived Oni looks. It's just standing their like a mannequin.

Lisa Alice: Well of course he's just standing there. Had I revived him with a soul. He would had just went back to serving Koga. What good would that serve me? Now with a body for my friend to posses. Carabia if you do the honors?

Given the green light by Lisa Alice/Martinique. Carabia enters the body of the soulless demon. Once inside the Oni's body. Carabia immediately gets a feel for the demon's powers

Lisa Alice: So Carabia, hows the body?

Carabia: It feels wonderful my good woman. Perfect to crush that cur Cameron with

Isamu: Cameron? I thought I was going to fight her?

Lisa Alice: Don't be so dense Isamu. You're going to help me take down Eisei. While Carabia goes and fights Cameron. Okay now that's settle. Let's go kill some generals

Swiftly grabbing Isamu by the hand. Both Lisa Alice and he head towards the orange door. Once Lisa Alice and Isamu enter through the green door. Carabia starts heading towards the orange door. Meanwhile having finally reached the end of his path. Okubi and Eligos stand before a door with flower decorations. Sensing a powerful demon on the other side. None the less Okubi is prepare for battle. Upon opening the door. Okubi and Eligos find themselves in a unique setting. Surrounded by many trees and flowers. Okubi and Eligos then spots a stairway. At the very top of the stairway stands a demon in a kimono. Had been anyone else. They would had easily mistaken the demon for a female. However not only did Koga's description give Okubi's opponents gender away. Like his father, Okubi can instantly know a stranger's gender upon meeting them. Having spotted Okubi as well. The demon removes his cherry red fan from his face. Revealing himself before his target

Momochi: Well well well! My prey has finally arrived

Okubi: Your prey? Must have me mistaken for some other demon. I'm no one's prey darling!

Momochi: What a nasty attitude for such a pretty boy. My Master did indeed send you here to die! Did he or did he not? Anyways allow me to introduce myself. My full name is Momochi Airi Ikasaba. The Beautiful Assassin Of Jazan! It shall be my utmost pleasure to destroy you!

Okubi: Destroy me? If anyone is going to be destroyed is you! So if you're ready to die now. Let's get this fight started! Eligos well I do not believe Momochi cannot harm you. I want you not anywhere near me during this fight. While Momochi is no Demon Lord. As a general, he's nearly as dangerous and unpredictable. So please my beloved servant... stay out of my way!

Doing as Okubi had instructed. Eligos creates space between him and his Master. Yet remain vigilant in case he Master may need him. Now with Eligos out of potential harm way. Okubi is ready to fight against Momochi. Creating a ball of fire in his left palm. Okubi prepares to unleash his furry upon Momochi


From his left hand, Okubi unleashes five fireballs towards Momochi

Momochi: What a cute attack, but nothing that can burn me. Now let me show you an attack with equal beauty and ferocity! SHIROIBARA!

Swinging his fan through the air. Momochi summons multiple white rose petals. Momochi's petals clashes with Okubi's flames. The two attacks cancel each other out

Momochi: Anything else you want me to counter? Or are you ready to die now?

Okubi: Damn you! I'll just have to get up close and personal!

Summoning his ice sword. Okubi charges straight towards Momochi. Running up the steps, Okubi gathers up energy. In order he may deliver a finishing blow upon Momochi. However unknown to Okubi. Momochi has prepared the ultimate trap for his prey. Nearly approaching target, Okubi prepares to strike

Okubi: Let's see you counter this! AECTIC FURY!

Momochi: SAKURA!

Holding his fan near his face. Momochi stands in a feminine position. Okubi impales Momochi's body with his sword. Only for Momochi's body break into pieces of cherry blossom petals. Having yet another of his attacks countered. Okubi's starts to become frustrated with his opponent. As Momochi reforms himself behind Okubi. Okubi decides to now go on the defensive.

Momochi: *Yawn* Haven't you heard the saying "beauty is meaningless without power?"

Okubi: Sounds like something only you would say. Either way I'm not losing this fight. Now show me what you got!

Momochi: Thought you never ask! Now for the finale... SAKURA SAKKAKU!

Another swing with his fan. Momochi summons multiple cherry blossom petals, The cherry blossoms immediately surround Okubi. Eligos looks on with horror. Watching the petals cover Okubi's body whole

Eligos: That word "Sakkaku" It means "Illusion" in Japanese. OH NO MASTER OKUBI!

After the cherry blossom petals had covered ever inch of Okubi's body. The petal then fall off of Okubi's body. While no physical harm has befall Okubi. Momochi's attack had left Okubi in a dazed!. Seeing his Master trapped in such a vulnerable position. Eligos immediately goes into a state of panic

Eligos: MASTER OKUBI! MASTER OKUBI! What have you done to him?

Momochi: Ha ha ha! Your precious Master had fallen under my illusion. Having been caught in my illusion spell. Okubi is utterly defenseless against me. While I could just simply kill him here and now. I much rather let my illusion do it's job

Eligos: Exactly how can an illusion kill someone?

Momochi: Silly spirit! My illusion doesn't just place an individual in a false reality. It places them in a nightmare. A nightmare that kills the individual it posses. Once Okubi has gone through his entire nightmare. Your Master's soul will be lost to him forever! Ha ha ha ha ha! So enjoy these final moments with your beloved Master. It's just unfortunate anything you say to him will go on death ear. How beautifully tragic <3


Meanwhile having finally found the torture room. The very place her beloved Master has been held. Having knocked out two Oni Guards moments ago. Anna is now ready to go and free her Master Hellin. Entering the torture room. Anna witnesses a very grotesque sight. Right before her heterochromia eyes. Anna sees Hellin all chained up and bloody. Having been tortured for days. Hellin's body is covered with cuts, bruises, and gashes. After calming herself down to a fair degree. Anna then approaches her tortured Master. Positioning herself beside her Master. Anna kisses Hellin's forehead and checks to see her vitality

Anna: Master Hellin... how are you feeling?

Hellin: Like shit Anna! What took you so long?

Anna: It's a long story Master. One you will not appreciate hearing

Hellin" My Mother procrastinating as usual? Can't say I blame her for waiting this long to rescue me

Anna: Master! Don't say such things? Never have you let Othello down until now. Koga was just a stronger target then the others. Still the Queen had no right to make you wait this long

Hellin: Speak ill of my mother in my presence again Anna. I will kill you! No expose your neck to me so I suck you blood. Using you blood to speed up my healing process. Then have you release me from my chains. Afterwards I'm going to FUCKING KILL KOGA!


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