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About Daoji Agency & Agents

About Daoji Agency

Daoji Agency is a highly organize police agency in Beijing, China. Hundreds of detectives from China along with other various countries  While Daoji agents mainly focus on China and other Asian base crimes. They sometimes are either asked or require to venture out throughout the rest of Asira, Many dedicated men and women who are willing to risk their lives to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Resides in the agency are a special group of detective. These detectives are the elite squad and the most proficient in their task. The man in charge of this group is Commander Dong Fa


1. Dong Fa: Former detective, now commander. Dong Fa is a kind, but very strict man. He takes pride in his job and detest any sort of injustice in Asira. In charge of running the Daoji Agency. Along with his fellow commanders. Dong Fa also leads a very unique groups of detectives. While Dong Fa posses no unique magical abilities. He is very good in hand to hand combat, a skilled marksman, and negotiator. While Dong Fa admires and cares for all his detectives underneath him. He holds a special spot in his heart for his youngest detective Xiaoyu

2. Jia Xiaoyu: The youngest of detectives under Dong Fa's supervision. Xiaoyu is very good at what she does, but sometimes makes the mistake of wearing her heart on her sleeve. Like her mentor, Xiaoyu despise injustice of any sorts. When not on duty, she enjoys tea and spending time with her mother. After witnessing the death of her comrade Wei. Xiaoyu heads out to the Maylands to find Wei's killer and learn about the murdering of the sages. Her magic is called XIHE Xihe allows Xiaoyu to manipulate light energy and skilled in the art of healing. Xiaoyu also a expert in the art of Wushu 

3. Lorenzo Germanotta: This very attractive and skillful detective was born and raised in Genoa, Italy. At the age of seven. Lorenzo solved his first crime and brought down a group of mobsters. Joining Italy's military at the age of seventeen. Lorenzo served his country for over seven years. After leaving the military, Lorenzo went to China. Originally went to China for pleasure. Upon learning the news of a mysterious serial killer. Lorenzo had decided to help find the killer instead. After finding the killer, Lorenzo fought and killed him. His involvement was known to none except Dong Fa who kept an eye on him since his arrival. After seeing his skills for himself. Dong Fa offer Lorenzo a spot on his team. Lorenzo gladly accepted. Lorenzo magic is called DUMAH Dumah allows Lorenzo to create doppelgangers of himself. He can also summon two fiery blades

4. Yumi Asuka: From Japan, Yumi Asuka had always aspired to be a model. Born into a good family, Yumi never wanted for much. Very good at school and loved by everyone who ever meet her. Life was great for Yumi all except one thing. Yumi always wanted to learn magic. Something her parents were strongly against. Thus Yumi began practicing magic in secrecy. She hope for one day to show her magic the positive side of magic. At the age of sixteen, Yumi snag her first modeling gig. While arriving to the show, Yumi felt something evil taking place/ Yumi discovered her fellow models were having their youth sucked out of them. Using her magic, Yumi rescued the models and stopped the evil men disguised as recruiters. Ever since that day, Yumi had no use for her magic. The next to years of Yumi's life was very boring and depressing. While she enjoy fighting crimes. Yumi was just not detective material. However all that change when she was discovered by Dong Fa and Maggie. Using her telepathy, Maggie discovered it was Yumi who rescued the models. Dong Fa wanted to recruit the one who rescued the models and now that he found her. Dong Fa made his offer and Yumi accepted. Yumi magic is called KODAMA Kodama gives Yumi foresight, summon mokujins, and bring forth heavy rain

5. Zhen: An elite detective from China. Ever since he could remember. Zhen had always wanted to be a detective. After many years of hard work and strong dedication. Zhen had accomplished his dreams. Now working under Dong Fa, Zhen works to help create a better world for Asira. Zhen magic is called PITOHUI Zhen can creates waves that causes paralysis and creates bombs of poison

6. Chen: A former police officer promoted to detective after countless successful missions. While Chen posses no sought of magic, Chen was born superhuman strong. Not only does his unnatural strength aids him on the field. Chen is very proficient with swords and can hit far away targets with knives. Chen also excels in gathering intel

7. Maggie Luisa Kong: Upon laying eyes on her. One would think she is too beautiful to be apart such dangerous work. However Maggie is no ordinary woman. In fact she a rarity upon Asira humans. Maggie is a telepath. Maggie is able to use her powers to read minds, create false memories, and put people to sleep with a mere thought. While Maggie's past is relatively unknown. Dong Fa has known Maggie since his college days. Once he was promoted to commander. He had promoted Maggie from secretary to field agent. While Maggie's telepathy is strong. She must be careful not to enter a mind of someone who will power greater than hers

8. Wei Chan: Like his father and father before him. At least one of the born Chan men duty was become a cop and serve his country. The oldest of three boys, Wei was chosen to continue that tradition. Unlike most kids destined to follow their parents footsteps. Wei actually like the ideal of being a cop. Course he wanted to learn magic as well. After college. Wei immediately join the police force. After many successful cases, Wei caught the attention of  Dong Fa. Wei was second to last of Dong Fa's recruits. Xiaoyu of course being the final  No surprise that Wei was the closes to Xiaoyu. Going on many assignments together. Unfortunately Wei was murdered by a group of demons while trying to save a female sage. Due to his action prior of his decapitation. Wei can make certain his killers will be found. Wei's magic was called The Sight. The Sight allows Wei not only full knowledge of his targets abilities and weak points. He also create burning red fog and shoot red energy bolts. Lastly he can share what he sees to anyone he desires.

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