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Forbidden Chapter 1

" The story of revenge and truth starts here" - Narrator


In the middle of a unknown forest. A middle age China man finds himself near death. Not to far from him lays a decease sage. The cause of this tragedy is by none other than the group of demons. While trying to protect the sage from the fiends. The man not only failed to save the sage, but himself as well. As blood leaks out from his body. The man is certain he will die

Wei: "I'm losing too much blood. At this rate I will die in a matter of seconds  I fail to protect this sage. Not only is she dead, I will be joining her. These cursive demons. Too strong for my magic to fight alone. None the...*COUGH* I... I can't just die like this. I must warn my comrades. I'm about to die anyways. I might as well use the last of my strength to warn my comrades at home. Hopefully when they encounter these fiends. They won't suffer the same fate as I had"

Laying helplessly on the ground, Wei look up at the demons. His eyes starts to glow in a white light. Using the last of his strength, Wei cries out a magical spell


Wei's eye are completely white. Wei uses his magic to show his comrades back at the agency of what has happened to him. The demons realizing what Wei has done. They become furious. One of the demons swiftly runs towards Wei and once in reach, decapitates him. Wei has been killed, but the demons too now been discovered. The demons grab the dead sage body and take off

Meanwhile In China

Back at the Daoji Agency. Wei's comrades are paralyzed in horror. Devastated by the death of their former comrade through his very eyes. After a few seconds, one of the agents let's out a scream. Many screams and outcries followed.

Maggie: AWWWWW!

Zhen: OH MY GOD! 

Chen: NO WAY!


Lorenzo: DECAPITATED! How cruel

Dong Fa, the commander began to worry how his agents will deal upon witnessing their friend's death. However Dong Fa notice one particular agent had taken Wei's death much harder. That agent was his youngest and superstar detective, Jia Xiaoyu. Holding her head down. Dong Fai could tell by Xiaoyu's expression she was very angry about what she had just witness. Out of all the agents, Xiaoyu was the closes to Wei. Like a volcano ready to erupt. As tears ran down her eyes. Xiaoyu unleashed a ear shattering scream


Dong Fa: Xiaoyu, please calm down this instant

Xiaoyu: DON''T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! Those MONSTERS just murdered my friend. To hell with your calming down. I'm going to find Wei's killers and make them pay

As Xiaoyu prepares to make her move. Both Lorenzo and Zhen stand in her way

Xiaoyu: The way I feel right now, I will kill the both of you. OUT OF MY WAY NOW OR ELSE! 

Dong Fa: Okay Xiaoyu you gone far enough. It's one thing to be angry, but I will not tolerate you threatening your comrades.

Xiaoyu immediately begins to approach her commander. Standing before him, Xiaoyu stares at him angrily. Like a snake ready to strike

Maggie: Xiaoyu, don't do anything you'll regret later

Xiaoyu: You stay out of this. You think I care at this point what happens to me? I want to find Wei's killer and exterminate them. I don't care about anything else

Lorenzo: Jia, it's is unprofessional for an agent to allow their personal feelings to get in the way of their job. Even if the commander were to allow us to travel outside China to find Wei's killers. It certainly wouldn't be you

Xiaoyu: You're absolutely right Lorenzo... I quit!

Dong Fa: Now hold up just a moment Xiaoyu. Aren't you being rather rash right now? This isn't like you at all

Xiaoyu: Don't act like you know me. None of you do. The only one who truly knew me was Wei. Now he's dead. Wei  was a dear friend to me. I couldn't forgive myself if I at least couldn't bring his killers to justice. Commander I'm begging you. Please grant me permission to leave China and go find Wei's killers. I promise to remain professional. Just give me that chance... please

Dong Fa: I cannot allow such a thing without enough information on this subject, We witness Wei's death ourselves. While it's obvious he was killed by demons. First we need to figure out why those demons killed him. Until then I will not grant you permission to leave China. In the meantime, I want you to go home and relax yourself. I will come to your home personally one we gather enough intel. Until then, I fully expect your cooperation. Do not leave your home until I arrive. Otherwise I will have you hunted down and punished to the full extent of the law. Do I make myself clear Ms. Xiaoyu? Do I make myself clear Ms. Xiaoyu?

Xiaoyu: ...Yes Sir

Dong Fa: Lorenzo and Yumi escort Ms. Xiaoyu home. I promise I wil see you later once we gather more intel on Wei's killers

Xiaoyu: I'm holding you to that Commander

Lorenzo and Yumi walk over to Xiaoyu as they prepare to take her home

Dong Fa: The rest of you get back to work. I want Wei's murderers found. No one kills my agents and gets away with it "and no one makes Xiaoyu cry either" 

Sitting at home, Xiaoyu battles against the urge to leave her home. Trying to keep herself busy by helping her mother with choirs. Xiaoyu can't help but wonder why was Wei killed? What did he know or see that would lead to his untimely death? Xiaoyu could hardly concentrate on doing anything else. Many hours have passed without hearing back from Dong Fa. Xiaoyu started to think that they have already found intel on Wei's killer, but sent another agent to investigate. Xiaoyu was not about to let someone else avenge her friend's death.Disregarding her commander's warning.  Xiaoyu began getting herself ready to leave out. After getting dress and packing the necessary traveling material. Xiaoyu made a move to her door. Upon opening the door. Stood before her was her commander and a unknown woman

Dong Fa: Looks like I came just in time

Xiaoyu: Took you long enough. Come in. By the way who is the girl?

Apollyn: My names is Apollyn. Nice to meet you

Dong Fa: She will be traveling with you as your bodyguard

Xiaoyu: What?

Dong Fa: I'll explain everything. Now let us in please

While her mother is the basement doing laundry. Xiaoyu brings both her commander and Apollyn a cup of tea. Xiaoyu sips her own cup as she waits to hear what information Dong Fa has to tell her

Apollyn: This stuff is nasty. Do you have hot chocolate, milkshake, banana split, or all three?

Xiaoyu: My mother nor I keep such sweets in our home

Apollyn: I see she isn't going to be any fun already. Apollyn feelings are hurt

Xiaoyu: She speaks in third person? Dong Fa?

Hearing the annoyance in Xiaoyu's voice. Dong Fa quickly explains the situation to her

Dong Fa: Time to explain. Anyways this woman next to me as you can see is a demon.
Xiaoyu: I assume she has information on the demons that murdered Wei?

Dong Fa: That she doesn't, but I do. According to the intel we were able to gather. Throughout Asira, many sages have been murdered. Xiaoyu have you ever heard about the Demon Lord Mastema?

Xiaoyu: If memory serves. Isn't he the demon the Great Sages sealed away inside a book called the Forbidden? That was so many years ago. Way before my existence. Are you trying to tell em Wei found the book and that's why the demons murdered him?

Dong Fa: Not exactly. As you know, The Great Sages have descendants. Many of them alive today. According to the information we gather throughout other nations. These demons seem to be hunting down and murdering the descendants of The Great Sages. Over forty nine deaths have been thus far reported. The reasons we haven't heard about this is because none of the descendants live in China

Xiaoyu: Not even one?

Dong Fa: If they had. They most likely left long ago. Xiaoyu while we witness Wei's death. Did you not notice another body laying on the ground?

Xiaoyu: Now that I think about, I most certainly did. My God!Wei was killed because he tried to protect that sage?

Dong Fa: Exactly/ Wei would had most likely lived if he didn't do what any other good person would had. Wei sacrifice his life in trying to save that sage. Unfortunately both of them were killed. While I'm not certain. I believe these demons are either descendants or idolize Mastema. Sharing his beliefs of conquering Asira. Perhaps that why they are hunting down the descendants of The Great Sages. Perhaps getting rid of any threats to their master plan

Xiaoyu: Unfortunately for these dmeons. Their plans will be ruined once I find them and destroy them

Dong Fa: Who said you were going?

Xiaoyu Fa: Commander please I beg you. Please give me this assignment. I promise to remain professional and not let my emotions get the better of me.I will make sure no lives are in jeopardy while hunting down Wei's killers. Just please allow me this opportunity

Dong Fa: Very will, but on one condition. Apollyn comes with you

Apollyn: Woohoo

Xiaoyu: Commander you have got to be kidding? This overgrown child will only compromise the mission.

Apollyn: Hey for a demon of Apollyn's age. I'm very mature thank you

Dong Fa: Rather you believe it or not. Apollyn's is a very strong demon. The perfect bodyguard for you to have on this assignment. Not only does she loves desserts, she can uses those very desserts in a very violent manner. Besides she is only the muscles in this mission. I'll leave the thinking to you. It's either that or I'll send Lorenzo and Zhen instead?

Xiaoyu: FINE! However if she gets in my way one time. I'm sending her back to the Underworld

Apollyn: It's true what my sister says about women with small breast. They are very mean


Apollyn: Oh I have breast. I just prefer to be flat chested because my boobs get super big when I use my powers

Dong Fa: Then it's settle. I will have everything ready for you to leave in an hour to the Maylands. That's where you should be able to find Wei's killers. I prefer they are brought to justice, but kill them if you must. Not only is this mission as personal one. These demons must be stopped before everyone in Asira is in danger

Xiaoyu: Sir I have one more question?

Dong Fa: Shoot

Xiaoyu: Is the king aware of any of this?

Dong Fa: King Onyxe? I honestly don't know. He doesn't deal with our agency directly. Even if he did. I highly doubt he would announce that. The last thing any king wants is to cause panic amongst his citizens

Xiaoyu: Or perhaps he's behind these attacks. After all it's no secret Asira's current king is a demon

Dong Fa: Despite many concerns. King Onyxe has proven himself time and time again to be a king for the people. Perhaps he does know and dealing with the situation his way. In the meantime we will deal with it in ours. Furthermore if the situation becomes too much. Please don't hesitate to call for backup. The last thing I want is to lose you too Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: Thank you commander, but I will be fine. I have Apollyn with meas well

Apollyn: Apollyn will protect small booby lady

Xiaoyu: Stop calling me that

Dong Fa: Anyways I need to hurry back and get everything ready for you Xiao. I will be back here in an hour. Then it's farewell China for Apollyn and you

Xiaoyu: And sir

Dong Fa: Yes

Xiaoyu: Thank you

Xiaoyu moves towards her Commander and gives him a hug. Dong Fa hugs Xiaoyu back then makes his leave

Meanwhile somewhere in Maylands

Inside a luxurious mulberry and gold colored mansion. A scantly clad man sits in his private library. While short, one can easily tell this man is no ordinary being/ In fact, this man happens to be a half demon. Holding a sickly green colored book in his left hand. The man stirs into it with his light, but sinister blue eyes. Flicking his dandelion hair, he places the book down on the table Standing up, the man opens his mouth

???: Come forth Eligos

At instant, a blue fiery spirit appears before it's caller

Eligos: Well hello again master Okubi. I assume you found the location of the Unicorn Blade?

Okubi: Not so much the location, but an ideal one. Based on the many books I read, one hundred twenty five to be exact. I strongly believe the blade can be found on Logus Island

Eligos: The dreadful place/ So you truly are going through with this? May I remind you what you are sacrificing?

Okubi: As you have said many times before and do not dare speak any further. I had made my decision and I wish for it to end. After all my reason for wanting to live forever has been lost to me for over three hundred years. Something no magic will ever bring back

Eligos: No magic anyone would dare to attempt anyways

Okubi: Cease your babble Eligos. My mind is already made up. Let me just pack a few necessities and we shall be heading out

Eligos: Oh well. Guess I can do nothing more, but enjoy the time I have left with you Master Okubi. I only wish there was something I could do to change your mind

Okubi: There is nothing you or anyone else can do for me. Now silence before I cast you away

Eligos: Forgive me my Master

Okubi: Forgiven now come with me

As Okubi prepares for his quest to find the Unicorn Blade. As Xiaoyu and Apollyn leave China to Maylands. These souls will find themselves directed by fate on an unexpected journey of revenge and truth

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