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Forbidden Chapter 2


Entering the Oak Forest, Okubi along with Eligos make their way to Silver Town. Prepared for not only the long journey ahead of him. As a Treasure Hunter, Okubi constantly puts his life in danger. Not only can treasure hunting take a hunter to dangerous place. Treasure Hunter also face rival hunters. In order to make less competition. Many Treasure Hunters will hunt and kill other hunters they see as a threat. Okubi has face this problem often and today shall be no exception. Lurking within the forest are three hunters ready to execute Okubi

Eligos: Master, we been have traveling for at least six hours now. Do you not need anything to eat?

Okubi: Thankfully due to my demon heritage. I can go without food for hours. Course as a former demon, you should had known that

Eligos: True, but you are only a half demon. The human part of you should need of sort of substance right now. Dumplings, fruits, dragon stew?

Okubi: Unfortunately we're not even close to a town that makes my desired dragon stew. Speaking of Dragons, I only seen two flying around since we started this journey. Do you think the dragons are going extinct?

Eligos: The way you eat dragon stew, I wouldn't be suprise

Okubi: Why did I even ask such a serious question to an idiot? Once we arrive to Silver Town. I'll hit the nearest bar. Even the lowliest of bars should have Shiokara. In the meantime...

Eligos: Master is eve--

Okubi: Cease your talking. Eligos, we are not alone in this forest

Eligos: I didn't sense anything

Okubi: What else is new? Come out now you cowards

Before Okubi, appears three individuals. Two very tall and muscular man alongside a woman with an amazonian appearance. The men wielding two giant battle axes in each hand. While the woman holds dark pink fire in each hand. Not making a move, Okubi stirs his enemies down as he prepares himself for battle

Eligos: Not again. Why won't these rookie hunters just leave us alone?


Eligos: Eek!

Eligos hides behind Okubi

Okubi: You know they can't hurt you idiot

Eligos: I know, but better safe than sorry

Okubi turns his attention back to his enemies

Okubi: How drool. Do the three of you truly believe you are a threat to me?

Lina: My name is Lina Obed. Alongside my husbands, Brute and Crush. The three of us plan to become the greatest Treasure Hunters to ever live. Unfortunately with hunters like you still around. We won't get the recognition we derserve



Okubi: *YAWN* You people are a waste. Nope! I'll take that back

Eligos: Really? I most certainly think they are a waste. Even less than that if possible

Okubi: Yes really Eligos. I just realize my meal stands right before me. There's nothing like devouring a human bite by bite. Eligos we will be moving past Silver Town straight to Gamboge. Lunch has just came to me

Okubi's face changes into a demonic appearance. Surrounding a body a tri color aura of red, blue, and black

Lina; You truly are a demon



Okubi: If you think for a second it will be me who dies here. Then I have bad news for you

Eligos: Prepare to be food for my Master's huge appetite

Okubi: You go find somewhere to hide and not be an annoyance to me

Eligos: Yes Master

Eligos fades away 

Okubi: Now then. Come at me if you dare


After a nearly four day journey. Xiaoyu and Apollyn finally arrive to Mayland. A vast country. that is three times the size of Asian. Many wonderful things reside within Mayland. However Xiaoyu did not come to Mayland to discover it wonder. The young detective has one goal and one goal only. To find Wei's killer. Along with that, to learn about the killings of Mayland's sages. Before leaving China, Dong Fa had told Xiaoyu about a detective name Malcolm Loiter residing in Gamboge. Xiaoyu plans to meet Malcolm in order to learn more about the demons she is chasing

Apollyn: Apollyn's so happy very long boat ride is over. Time to find something sweet to eat

Xiaoyu: Hold up for a second Lyn. We just arrive to Sapres. One of Mayland's five main ports. Luckily Gamboge is only a few hours away from here. Six to be exact

Apollyn: More traveling already? Apollyn can't take much more of this

Xiaoyu: Oh relax you. I hate to admit, but I need some rest too. First thing we're going to do is find a nearby hotel. One we get some food, a nice shower, and some rest. After that, then we'll get moving to Gamboge

Apollyn: Hooray! Apollyn can't wait to get something sweet to eat. I'm going to eat lots and lots of sweets

Xiaoyu: I believe the Sapres Hotel isn't too far from here. If I remember correctly, Lorenzo said they make the best Molten Chocolate Cakes with Raspberry Sauce

Apollyn: Then what are we waiting for? LET'S GO!

Apollyn grabs Xiaoyu. Holding Xiaoyu in one arm and their bags in the other. The demon then runs as fast as she can to the Sapres Hotel

Xiaoyu: PUT ME DOWN!

Back in the Oak Forest, Okubi continues the battle against Lina and her husbands

Lina: Annoying demon. Stop dodging my attacks. Buffoons! Kill him already

Brute:Don't worry my love. I will end him with this move... SHARK STRIKE!

Crush: No I will my sweet. I'll end this punk with ALLIGATOR STRIKE!

Gripping their axes, the two giant men charge towards Okubi ferociously. Okubi in their sights, both Brute and Crush swing their aces at lighting speed

Brute: It's over demon!

Crush: Time to die!

Crashing down their axes, the impact causes a small, but strong tremor around the forest. Multiple trees fall to the ground as dust surround the hunters

Lina: Is he dead?

Brute: We shall see shortly my love

Crush: I'm quite certain he is though my sweet. Nothing in this world can survive our attacks.

Okubi: And that's your final answers?

Lina: WHAT?

As the dust settles. Appears a perfectly unharmed Okubi

 Brute: B--BUT HOW?



Okubi: Did I not warn you? Now you pay the price with your lives. BLAZING FROST 

With a movement of his hand, Okubi creates a powerful mixture of freezing and burning stream of wind. Okubi sends the burning and freezing attack towards Brute and Crush. The tall warriors attempt to defend themselves. Unfortunately for the giant warriors. The attack of a demon cannot be so easily stop. Both Brute and Crush are enveloped by Okubi's hellish attack. After a few seconds, Okubi's attack ceases. Both Brute and Crush had been burnt to death. Looking in horror of what she had witness. Lina remains silent for a few seconds. Tears of fear running down her eyes. After a few more seconds. Lina lets out a hellish scream


Okubi: Two down, one to go. Now do you wish to meet the same fates as your husbands or...


Holding her hands close together. Lina begins creating a dark pink fireball between her palms. The fireball grows in sizes with each passing second until it becomes as big a globe. Stirring at Okubi with absolute hate in her eyes. Lina prepares to unleash her attack upon the demon

Lina: If you think what you did to my husbands were bad. Then you ain't see nothing yet. I'm going to burn you into ashes. BEAUTIFUL METEOR! 

At a fast speed, Lina hurls the big fiery ball towards Okubi

Okubi: Oh I'm so scared... SHADOW CAPTURE! 

As the fiery ball heads towards Okubi creates a black vortex before him as it swallows Lina's attack

Lina: My attack? What happened to it?

Okubi: My Shadow Capture can engulf just about any projectile base attack imaginable. Do not fret for what my shadow takes is always given back!

Above Lina opens a black vortex. As the vortex opens, a fiery energy can be seen coming out of it. Lina looks up in horror as she realizes it's her own attack. Paralyze by fear, Lina is unable to dodge the Beautiful Meteor. Lina lets out a bone shaking scream as her body is brutally burned. Ten seconds later, Lina is completely burned to ashes
Eligos: She wasn't kidding about the burnt to ashes part

Okubi: Good for her. She's dead now. Unfortunately I cannot eat charred humans. So shiokara it is

Eligos: I feel so bad for this forest though. Having such unattractive corpses in it's occupance

Okubi: Perhaps a dragon may at least eat those two. Anyways let's get moving. We have a long journey ahead of us. Plus am starving.


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